Kristen woke up slowly, stretching out her arms above her head and giving a large yawn, smiling as she thought of her previous dream. She was with a man, a tall man cloaked in black. He was very tall, the top of her head only came up to his shoulders. He had a pale complexion and his pitch black hair was slicked back, and poked out at the ends. His body was pressed up against hers and they were dancing to a slow tune, they twirled around, and he gave her a small smile. But what truly struck her about him was his eyes, his brilliant golden gleaming eyes.

They bore down into her eyes, staring at her softly. She smiled, he smiled back.

That was when she woke up.

Kristen ran her hands through her hair, pulling it up into a sloppy bun and then finding her slippers and delicately putting them on her small pale feet.

Kristen walked over to her mirror, looking at her figure. At age 17 she was on the short side, only 5'2. Kristen had straight brownish red hair that just went past her shoulders but had a brilliant shine to it. Her eyes were almost a crystal like blue color that were outlined with her long dark lashes. Kristen's whole body was covered with small brown freckles, crossing over her nose and to her cheeks, also going all the way down her arms. She didn't think of herself as beautiful or pretty even, but she was the kind of girl who tended to leave an impression.

But there was something else about the 17 year old.

She was still a believer.

Although most of her friends grew out of 'Santa' and 'The Tooth Fairy' she never did. These people know as the guardians would always hold a place in her heart.

During her childhood Kristen would always be eagerly awaiting the Christmas and Easter season. Every time she lost a tooth she would eagerly put the tooth under her pillow and attempt to stay up just to get a glimpse of the fairy, but she was never able to. Almost every night nothing but good dreams would comfort her at night.

But there was also the nightmare king. She'd never been threatened by him, well at least, never infected with nightmares. But she still believed, oh yes did she believe in the king.

She though him to be mysterious, and although she never thought of him scary herself, her friends all did. They were terrified by the boogieman, plaguing their dreams and turning them into nightmares, causing her friends to have a fitful sleep.

Kristen always wondered why the boogieman never gave her nightmares. She was always curious to know that.

But then there were also times when she would see something out of the corner of her eye.

A shadow move. A wave of the hand. A tall dark figure.

But nothing worse than that. She couldn't figure out if it was just her dreams or if the mysterious nightmare king had come to visit her after all.

Kristen smiled at her reflection and went over to her dresser.

She opened the doors of the tall dresser, searching through the clothes as she tried to find her favorite green blouse. Kristen frowned when it was no where to be found. "Hmm." She pondered. "It must be in the wash." Instead she settled for a simply white V-neck T-shirt and a pair of ripped blue jeans. She quickly got changed into her clothes, then went into her bathroom, going to get ready for the day.

Kristen released her hair and let it cascade down her shoulders and back. She splashed her face with water from her sink and then grabbed her toothbrush and put some toothpaste on her brush.

After she brushed her teeth she reached over for her hairbrush, but it wasn't there. She looked around in confusion for it, searching the drawers and finally giving up when she couldn't find it.

She reached in her drawer and instead decided to try her luck with the comb she had. She ran the old comb through the knots in her hair, hoping to at least make her hair look presentable. Finally after ripping at her hair with the comb she decided that it was good enough for her to have.

Kristen walked out of her bathroom, and slid off her slippers and put on her black flats.

"Kristen! Are you up?!" She heard her mother call from downstairs.

"Yes, Mom! I'll be down in a minute!" She called back.

Her mother gave her no reply as Kristen stuffed her notebook into her bag. She grabbed her phone and ipod, shoving them into her pockets and ran out her door.

She was about to run down her stair when she was stopped by someone calling her name. "Kris!" Kristen turned around as her younger sister came barreling into her with a tight hug. "Hi Lanie!" She said, hugging her back as Lanie wrapped her tiny arms around Kristen's neck.

"Hey kid, I gotta go to work, but I'll be back later." She told her, running her hand over her hair as she attempted to smooth it down.

Lanie was a young girl, only the age of 7 but in Kristen's eyes she was the cutest little girl in the world. Lanie had brown hair with natural blond highlights, that was just above her shoulders and had a slight wave to it. She had grey-blue eyes and was very skinny, but stronger than she looked.

Lanie frowned. "You promise you'll be back later." She asked hopefully.

Kristen nodded. "Yup, I'll see you later." Then the little girl released her and Kristen turned to go down the stairs. She ran past her mom, and gave her a hug, ran to the freezer and grabbed her lunch then went to go outside.

"Bye mom, see you later." She called over her shoulder, practically already out the door. "Goodbye sweetie, have a nice day." Her mother called back, turning towards the frying pan as she continued to make Lanie's eggs.

Kristen rummaged through her bag to find her car keys and took them out of the bag to unlock the door to her car.

She hopped into her car and started off towards work. Kristen worked at a small café, just out of town. It was small, but it was pretty popular. She got tipped good and paid decently too.

She turned on the radio and Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved came on.

Kristen couldn't resist as she sang along to the song.

I don't mind spending everyday

Out on your corner in the pouring rain

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

And she will be loved

She will be loved

Her melodic voice filled her car. She had a nice voice, and a large range, but it wasn't a booming voice, it was soft and light.

Then the music on the radio was overrun by static and she sighed as she was forced to change the station.

She continued to hum along when she heard Daughtry's What About Now come on.

Finally she pulled into the parking lot reserved for employee's and parked her car in her regular spot. Kristen jumped out of the car and grabbed her keys and bag to go in the building.

She suddenly gave an involuntary shiver as she felt like she was being watch. From the corner of her eye she was a black shadow moving towards her. Kristen jerked her head towards the movement and only saw the trees behind the café.

"Kristen" She heard a whisper of her voice, a British accent, a familiar British accent.

"Come to me, Kristen."

The voice was alluring, almost as if the owner was trying to put her in a spell.

She shook her head, hoping to clear the voice away, but it was whispering to her, not stopping, trying to pull her to the noise.

She held her hands to her ears, hoping to block out the noise, but to no avail, it seemed to be in her head.

Kristen looked up to the forest, wondering if that was from where the noise was coming. Suddenly the voice stopped whispering to her.

She took a step towards the forest, wanting to know who it was that wanted her.

"Kristen, just come to me, my darling, follow my voice."

She took a step backwards, but then gathered her courage, pushing her fear away and starting to walk towards the forest.

"That's it, come this way." Kristen continued to walk, suddenly reaching the edge of the woods.

"Just keep walking."

She turned back momentarily, looking towards the café and civilization then took a deep breath, turned back to the forest, and walked in the dark, dangerous woods.

"Don't be afraid. Just keep walking forwards, that's it, this way."

Kristen heard the crunch of a twig behind her and she jumped around, but found no one. Slowly she rotated forwards once more, wondering curiously who was calling for her.

"You have no reason to be afraid, just keep coming this way." Finally she reached a clearing, a circle of trees and then empty grass, that was browning. But in the center of the clearing was a broken down bed frame.

"Just walk up to the bed frame."

She cautiously took slow steps towards the bed frame.

Kristen looked down into the hole that was under the bed frame, not being able to see the bottom she backed away, feeling a slight tug in her stomach that she recognized as fear.

She backed up some more, hoping to get away from the place. But suddenly she was frozen in place as she backed up into a firm, warm body.

Two strong arms wrapped around her waist, holding her in place before she could run from what ever was behind her.

She screamed as her captor kept her pressed up against his body. Kristen's arms flailed as she tried to hit him, hoping to get the mysterious man off of her.

"I told you, you have nothing to fear." The voice said, this time in her ear. Then everything went dark and she was pulled into unconsciousness. The last thing she remembered was being picked up bridal style and pulled into a firm chest.

Hey guys. So I've lingered in this fandom for about a day, and I decided to try writing something for it. When I watched the movie I couldn't help but feel bad for Pitch, so I decided why not give the villain something to be happy about for once. I hope you all like it! Reviews would be appreciated, but please if you don't like it, don't say it, just leave it alone. Thanks to all, hopefully I'll update soon.