April 2nd , 2013

Dear Diary,

Life seems to be getting harder everyday. I live in a building with a variety of people but the ones that stick out to me are the three people on the floor below me. I live in Pasadena California. The three below me, Leonard, Sheldon and Penny, are all cool people. I'm glad I moved here to try my hand at acting even though Penny also wants to act. Actually, that's how I met Penny, we both work at the Cheesecake Factory. Now when I met Leonard and Sheldon, it was because I was doing laundry and Sheldon was down there. I was mildly surprised that I found a group of nerds that enjoy the same things as me. I talked with Sheldon for awhile until he was done with his laundry, we then said our goodbyes and he left. I always wondered about his mind but also his roommate, who I have yet to meet. I think I'll go visit Penny and see what's going on. That's it for now, until tomorrow.

-Honoria Lucine

I finished my diary entry as a knock came to my ears. I got up from my plush bed, the spring green comfort shifting as I pulled the ocean blue sheets away. I put my slippers on before walking out and through my small apartment. There was nothing special, it was similar to Penny's except it was decorated in different pictures of the places I've been and various shades of green and blue. I opened my door to see a soaked Penny with a concerned expression on Leonard's face and a blank one on Sheldon's. "Can I help you?" my voice spoke softly as my Native American accent was pronounced. "May we come in?" Penny spoke shivering. I nodded and opened my door wider for the trio to come in. "want anything to drink?" I learned a while ago, from Sheldon, that I should ask to see if one wanted to a beverage. "Do you have hot cocoa?" Penny spoke again as I grabbed her a towel. I smiled and nodded once again before turning to the two men in the apartment. They both shook their heads before sitting down, at least Leonard did, Sheldon had yet to find his spot.

"So if I may ask, why are you soaked to the bone Penny?" I had my backed turned away from them, my purple shirt shifting from side to side as I moved my arms while my blue shorts moved with my legs. "Well, guess what I decide to do on the roof?" her sarcasm was so prominent that even Sheldon caught onto it. "I wouldn't guess it even if I-" she cut me off as I handed her the hot beverage. "Well I decided that it would be a good idea to go star gazing, since you know that Leonard and I decided to start dating I just thought it would be nice I could get along with the guys better, and it started pouring and I had ran down to my apartment to find some towels, yeah I haven't done any yet and neither has Leonard or Sheldon!" Penny gave them the evil eye before turning back to me as I sat down in a chair next to the couch. I started to say something but she cut me off once again. "Also I decided that I wanted to get dry but I haven't done any laundry and decided to come see if I can borrow some clothes and a nice hot shower?" she finished as she turned to me with a smile.

I couldn't help but sigh at her stupidity but smile at my friend none the less. "Sure Penny, you know that you keep a spare of clothes here and I knew you would need them one day" I playfully rolled my eyes as she nodded and said thanks before leaving for the shower. "So Honoria..." Leonard began before I cut him off with a wave of my hand and a smile, "Honor, call me Honor" Leonard returned the smile as Sheldon found his spot next to me in the couch. "This will be my new spot" he smiled and I returned it as I looked at him. Something changed, at least it did with me, and it's something I couldn't describe. "How has it been working with Penny at the Cheesecake Factory?" Leonard continued as he grinned at Sheldon and me. I turned to him and shrugged. "It's okay, I really wish I could get back in school and study into Physics or Astronomy or Engineering." I seemed to have surprised them both as I smiled. I heard the water stop as I got up to make some more hot cocoa. "How come you're not in school, if you don't mind me asking Honor?" Sheldon spoke up, surprising both Leonard and me. I frowned as I turned away from him. "For one, money is an issue and two, I wouldn't be able to get a job anywhere that would let me go into one or more of those fields" my voice was quiet as my shoulders slumped.

I turned after pouring another hot cocoa in a yellow mug before sitting back down. "We can help you pay for it, it's not a problem" Sheldon spoke up again with a small smile. I returned it shocked, "Really? But I can't take your money like that. I appreciate the thought though" I smiled yet again, not my usual real smile but a fake one knowing that I won't be able to make it. I was also studying to be an actress but that's what my parents wanted me to do. Penny returned to the family room refreshed before I took a sip of my hot cocoa. "Feel better?" Leonard asked as he turned towards his girlfriend. Penny smiled and nodded before sitting next to me on my couch. "So Honor, are you thinking about going into acting?" Penny spoke softly even though everyone could hear her. I nodded but frowned which caused everyone else to frown. "Why such a sad face? I thought you loved acting?" Penny tilted her head, reminds me of a confused puppy, as she put her hand on my shoulder. "Acting is what my parents wanted me to go into, I rather go into Physics or Astronomy or Engineering." I put my head down as I heard Penny gasp in surprise. "I would have not tagged you as a nerd Honor, that's surprising" Leonard spoke up before Penny could put her foot in her mouth. I nodded before shrugging then noted the time. "I have an audition at nine tomorrow morning, I must get to bed. Have a good night everyone" I waved as they let themselves out. I sighed before walking to my room only to be interrupted by a knock. Knock,"Honor", knock"Honor", knock "Honor" I was confused on who that could be until I opened the door to see Sheldon.

"Yes Sheldon?" I asked politely even though I was tired as hell. "I know I'm not good at listening to people or keeping criticism to myself but I would like to watch you audition if I may?" I was surprised by his question before nodding. "Okay, you said you need to be there at nine then we must leave at least thirty minutes early to get there on time." I nodded before smiling as he bid me goodnight and good luck. What I didn't know was that Leonard and Penny were in the stairwell hearing our conversation.

Sheldon's POV

I woke up at my normal time to get ready before heading upstairs to Honor's apartment. It was 8 in the morning when I arrived up there. I did my usual knock and on the second time she opened up with a smile. "Good morning Honor" I smiled as she let me in. "Good morning Sheldon" I felt my heart skip a beat, something that has never done before. I didn't like and thought of every possible reason as to why it would do that. I guess I'll question Leonard and Penny when I get back with Honor. When we left, Honor was nervous. I could tell and I'm not one to catch onto things like that. We arrived at the building where her auditions were being held. I didn't realize was that one of the judges was someone I worked with. I smiled at the person as they also let me in to watch. Honor smiled as I wished her good luck. She smiled with a thanks before going up on stage. I didn't realize that I was going to be blown away.

Honor's POV

I was nervous when I went up on stage but relaxed slightly as I saw Sheldon smile. My heart skipped a beat again, there has to be some explanation for it, guess I'll talk to Leonard and Penny later. I was auditioning for a spot in a musical as a side character. I saw the surprised look on Sheldon's face as I sang the part of the side character and the main character. Once I was finished, I had a standing ovation. I blushed before the judges told me I got the part of the main character. My eyes widened and my smile grew brighter. I shook their hand and thanked each one of them. "Now do you work another job? If so you might need to have them put you on leave" one of the judges spoke as he gave me information on where to meet and the times. He gave me a packet of lines and another packet of things to know. I nodded gratefully as my acting began at ten am the next morning.

I walked over to Sheldon as he had this surprised expression gracing his features. I smiled as he got up and returned the smile. We walked out and left for home. I was telling him about everything that was needed and that I might not be able to see them as often as I liked. He nodded, a blank expression settled in his eyes. We fell silent and that's how the return home lasted.