Fire and flames

"Woohoo!" Arcee skated into the building. Able to stand at her full height, she hopped up and kicked off from the door, working her long legs back and forth and catching one of the two tall central pillars, swinging around in a long wide half circle by her hand. Her boots trailed sparks across the cement.

June was laughing and half startled out of her mind after she pulled the door shut, watching over her shoulder.

"Arcee! Omigawd someone will hear us!" She locked it from the inside.

Arcee's eyes glowed and she launched herself at June, sliding back over to her on her knees before shifting her weight and swinging neatly around behind her.

"No chance of that, honey." She whispered in June's ear as she passed. June giggled from the tickle.

"I canceled out the place with my null field the moment we came through the door." She crawled up behind June and swatted her butt. June gave out a squeak and turned to frown up at her as Arcee laughed and got back to her feet. Together they walked further inside, looking around the wide open space.

June could feel warmth emanating from Arcee for the warehouse was drafty at this time of night and for a moment she felt a little crestfallen that whatever was to take place between them tonight would happen in this cold place.

Then she saw they were walking up on a partially walled in area at the front of the building. A nicely carpeted spot furnished with sofa and chairs and a small board room table off to the side. Two empty ending machines. It looked like a lobby or make shift conference room, framed in on three sides by offices and storage rooms. The walls were even finished off with insulation and paneling.

"Ah-h-haa." June sighed, setting her backpack down and feeling snugger already as she walked in.

"All this makes it feel like being back at base." She said, going around behind the sofa and trailing her finger along the back. Arcee stepped into the carpeted area herself and sat down in her customary way, one knee up, her back to the open warehouse and leaning up against one of the pillars.

"A bit nicer than that. But that's why I chose it. This place was some kind of show room or something for fancy off road toys. I thought you might like it since they left this furniture when they closed up shop." She smiled.

"I don't get out to the base much these days." June smiled sadly as she looked around.

"Do you miss it?" Arcee asked, leaning over to set up a small work-lamp she took from the backpack. It gave off a glow like a campfire, dispensing even more of the chill. June finished coming around the sofa with a little smile.

"Not so much." She glanced at Arcee shyly. "This place is so nice I could slip my shoes off." she looked up and around, feeling herself growing excited.

"Go ahead." Arcee smiled, one arm resting on her knee. June did just that, unhurried and a little nervous. She set her sneakers aside and looked up to see Arcee staring at her in her direct way.

June walked over to her, and Arcee leaned over for a hug that June returned warmly.

"Thank you for bringing me here." June smiled as they broke away but she stayed close to Arcee, her eyes shining as she looked up at her. She reached over and placed her hand over Arcee's own. Arcee turned her hand up to take hold of June's, and slipped her free hand around June's left side.

"You look so lovely, Arcee." June said in a small voice as she caressed Arcee's slender arm.

"So do you." Arcee answered, her fingers trailing up and down June's back and brushing over her bottom. Arcee cupped June's firm butt and pulled her in a little closer, leaning down with her glowing cobalt eyes and nuzzling the side of June's neck. June sighed, her eyes closing and her head going back. Their hands parted and together they helped June out of her jean jacket and it fell to side unnoticed.

"I'm not wearing a bra." June whispered in Arcee's ear and in response Arcee helped her slowly worked her t-shit up, the tingling closeness of Arcee's body making her nipples stiffen even more. Arcee kissed her way down June's chest and June shuddered as those soft agile lips stimulated her skin.

With baited breath she waited as Arcee circled her smaller breasts with soft kisses and then her strong supple mouth closed around June's hard little dark nipple.

June sighed, bringing her arms around the sides of Arcee's head now as the former unclipped her own chest armor and shrugged out of it as easily as June had her jean jacket. June looked down, marveling at the thousands of tiny micro pumps and pads that made up Arcee's lips and soft warm mouth., suckling her ever so gently and coaxing her nipples to even finer points.

She traced the lines of Arcee's pretty face, Arcee with her eyes closed and moaning as she sucked and licked June's nipples.

June had never experienced such a sensation of having an erogenous zone stimulated on a microscopic level. Not before she discovered sex with a Transformer.

With machine perfect precision Arcee adjusted to the minute changes in June's arousal almost before she felt them herself. It was like Arcee was licking the next perfect spot each time with incredible results. June felt herself already moist down under her panties. Arcee began to alternate from one nipple to the other, reaching up and gently holding June's breasts together a little. She smothered them with kisses, cherishing them in her long smooth hands.

June gasped as waves of pleasure washed down through her from her breasts. She drank in the sensation of having someone kiss them, magnified by Arcee tenfold.

"Oh God, I love that." June sighed, cupping Arcee's face with both hands. Arcee broke away, opening her eyes and straightening up to bring her own bare breasts forward. Her nipples were always erect, the soft sensors glowing a warm pink from the center of her silky, light blue bio-fabric breasts. Personally engineered by Arcee when she became a sexual being, with feedback stimulus from her sexual protocols, she literally felt soft to the touch. June adored them.

The two women spoke not one word as they cupped their own breasts and leaned towards each other to brush their nipples together back and forth.

Arcee groaned and bit her lip. June's frowned a little in concentration, unable to hold back a gasp herself. Back and forth they teased each other, June's smaller dark nipples flicking across Arcee's pliable shining pink ones.

"Uhh!" Arcee gave up with a small bark and shuddered, letting go of her tits. June giggled happily and reached out to run her hands across them now. They were soft, and warm and she loved the feel.

"I win." She said lightly as she caressed them.

"You always win." Arcee replied with a sigh and a smile, her long fingers reaching under them both undoing June Darby's jeans. June permitted herself to be stripped, Arcee casually sliding her jeans down off her hips and tugging them down as June now closed her lips around Arcee's exposed nipple, leaning into the welcoming heat radiating from her living machine body.

Arcee's sweet little blue milk trickled into June's mouth and she sipped it gratefully. She too knew the effects of this bio-engineered sugar bi-product Arcee produced from her coolant that she turned into bodily fluids for love play. It was intoxicating to feel it's soothing taste in her mouth, vibrant and refreshing, smooth and sweet and warm like honeyed milk.

It didn't help that Arcee had her stepping out of her jeans, running her slender fingers up and down June's shapely leg and looking down to watch her nurse.

"I like the panties you've picked out." Arcee suppressed a shudder, her own breasts bringing her pleasure center alive in bright pink spikes of arousal. She never had bothered to lessen the stimulus. The feeling was as raw as ever and she loved it, seeing June kissing and licking the soft pliable sensors that were her nipples.

Arcee was caressing June's hips with just two fingertips now, rubbing out small little cramps and hidden tension in a deeper way than any massage could have. A warm little spot of moisture had formed in the center of June's panties over the outline of her sex.

June broke away and pressed her own breast's back in again against Arcee's, continuing to knead them in her hands as she looked up, her head back, eyes lidded and heavy with desire. Arcee leaned down for a kiss, the second they shared tonight, at the same her two fingers slid up under the waist band of June's panties.

Gently she pulled them taught around June's waist and lifted up slightly, pulling June's own panties up against her excited pussy, the soft satin making her shudder from how it felt against her lips.

June's eyes crinkled with a smile as she continued the kiss, chuckling with her lips pressed to Arcee's, who started giggling in return.

Then Arcee took her thumbs and snapped her fingers, snipping off June's panties as neatly as a scissor.

June's arms came around her Arcee's neck at that, and Arcee slid down a little while lifting June up over her breasts with both hands, reclining so that she cold hold June up on her more fully. June's panties fell away and she continued to kiss as long as she could as together she and Arcee brought her up over Arcee's chest to sit there, her knees sitting comfortably on Arcee's shoulders with her firm little butt cheeks snuggled up against Arcee's tits.

"Okay?" Arcee asked softly as she lay back, getting comfortable and looking up.

"Yes." June smiled, delighted, her eyes twinkling. Both women kept their voices low and soft, the sexual tension around them like a warm blanket. June straightened up a little, taking hold of the pillar above and behind Arcee's head with both hands, making ready. Her smile was dazzling and her eyes were sparkling.

"You're still wearing your hat." Arcee giggled and June reached up a questioning hand.

"Leave it on! You look adorable." Arcee purred, going back to caressing June's hips and slender waist with her fingers.

Here is where the pretenses of gentle love play began to dissolve. June felt a rush of excitement course through in how she was sitting naked on Arcee's chest. It started deep down in her stomach like a stab of adrenaline and her heightened sex drive felt super charged. Her skin felt hyper sensitive and she was breathing faster, riding the rush, every little fine hair on her body standing on end. She had goose pimples now and she loved the closeness of Arcee's face between her legs. If anyone had seen them they would have known this meant only one thing was about to happen. June swirled her bare bottom a little against the soft seat of Arcee's bare breasts and Arcee's beautiful eyes were shining, cupping June's bare ass now not unlike she did that first night with Jack.

"So who do you need?" Arcee asked, starting the game.

"I need you." June answered.

"And what do you need?"

"I need you to taste me." June replied.

"Do you like it?"


"Do you want it?" Arcee reached up and ran a finger across June's nipple.

"Yes!" June squirmed, fighting to sit still.

"Are you a bad girl?"

"Uh huh!"

"What do bad girls wanna hear?"

"Something naughty!" June was rolling her hips, fighting for control.

"Do you want to know about when someone licked my pussy?" Arcee teased. June looked down at her.

Here's that moment, isn't it June? She heard herself in her head as she sat there on Arcee's chest.

Her chest was rising and falling fast and she thrilled at how she skirted around the edge of a taboo subject. She swallowed, her mouth a little dry and her lust soaring.

"If you want to tell me." She whispered and Arcee grinned wickedly.

"How about I show you?" Arcee's eyes glowed a deeper brighter blue. Behind June's back, Arcee had her own knees up now, her long, slender legs parted. Her bio-engineered pussy formed with a twinkle between her legs and a little sparkling trail of bright cum ran out of her in a soft drip to the carpet.

It glowed blue.

June refused to answer from where she sat. She bit her lip and shook her head violently at Arcee.

"Don't. Don't do that." She groaned.

"But you want to know, don't you." The hand that cupped June's ass was feeding stimulus up through June's skin. Her toes felt numb and she was almost dripping wet, hardly able to contain herself or think straight.

"You wanna know how it felt." Arcee prompted. "What he did to me."

June was gasping, her face tortured and flushed.

"Shall I show you? Hmmm?" Arcee purred.

"Yes!" June blurted out finally, grabbing her own breast with one hand, her eyes narrowed, her mouth open in lust.

Arcee wasted no time. She cooed silently as she brought her mouth up to June's hot wet sex and her strong tongue started licking her in long soft strokes against her lips, all the way up to her hard little clit. June moaned hard, titling her head to the side, squeezing her own breast even harder as she set her other hand on Arcee's helmet, steadying herself. Then Arcee's tongue penetrated her in one soft, warm, wet thrust.

June's went crazy. She barked out a cry, clenched down, and pushed forward involuntarily, hunching over and lost to the pleasure and unable to care at the moment how Arcee was teasing her about forbidden sex secrets with Jack.

"Show me! Tongue fuck me! Yes!" Her cries grew stronger as she pressed herself up against Arcee's mouth. She let go of herself and her hands shot out to grip the pillar, crying out with each wave of intense pleasure soaring up from between her legs and through her stomach, all the way to her breasts, and down her legs as well. June's numb little toes curled up, her knees clenched hard around Arcee's armored helmet as she rode her face.

The seems of Arcee's body glowed as she coaxed both of their sex drives to a peek, easily adjusting to June's rapidly increasing arousal and quivering sex, working her mouth and tongue inside her as she had against June's nipples. For June, Arcee's tongue always seemed to be right where she needed it.

But for Arcee the real prize was June's essence. Her taste. The vibrant healthy fluids of an adult human female in the prime of her life. The moment Arcee's tasted her and her body's core took it in and broke it down, the chemical rush and impending orgasm racing through her body felt subtly different and more vibrant than any brought on by Jack's secretions.

But the real heat came from the full knowledge of what she was doing. What they were doing. The forbidden. The new and exciting taboo. Modulating her body to June's and linking them closer than ever before was nothing compared to that rush. And each moment of unbridled lust from June was five times as much for Arcee.

Arcee had taught herself well. She was a slut and she knew it. Only now she welcomed it. Unnoticed by June, tucked snugly back in a section where two cross beams met up in the ceiling braces, a tiny little red lens glowed as it recorded everything.

Arcee smiled to herself as they continued.

With June's warm little pussy cupped entirely in her mouth, irresistibly, Arcee's tongue drove June wild as it reached places that made her groan with pent up lust. At just the right moment, with June moaning in wet heat against her mouth, clenching down on that incredible tongue hard, Arcee teased June subtly by shifting her head back a little and gently pressing her chin up against June's soft little asshole.

It was to much for Miss Darby.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck, yes! Yes!" June screamed, squeezing her eyes shut hard, head thrown back.


Arcee had slipped two of her own fingers into her exposed pussy during all this, fingering herself strongly and purring as she ate out June's heaving little sex in return.

Now she brought her hand up to June, who turned and threw her arms around Arcee's wrist and immediately started sucking the clear blue fluid off her fingers greedily, sobbing and gasping. In the moment June orgasmed in Arcee's mouth, this triggered Arcee's own.

Arcee, muffled, could only moan deep in her throat, her hips involuntarily rising up off the floor and her pussy squirting hard. June ground her hips against her face, the tips of Arcee's two fingers pushed into her mouth, hugging her slender arm to her bare breasts as her pussy spasmed around Arcee's tongue.

Finally...they both broke contact, collapsing together with relief.

June reeled back with a gasp, thrusting her breasts up into the air. Arcee caught her easily though in one hand, cradling her, amazed even now that this was demure little June Darby of the plain ponytail and pretty eyes.

Arcee licked her lips and sat up a little. June hadn't opened her eyes, her chest heaving, breasts up, little beads of sweat dampening the dark hair at her temples. Arcee grinned and gently reach up to run a finger across her soft little breasts.

"More?" She asked.

"Nooo. No, I can't." June moaned, her arms hanging limply at her sides, shaking her head with her eyes still closed. Arcee sat up higher and ran her fingertips across June's breasts yet again.

"But you'll take more, won't you? Because that's not enough, hmm?"

June's much smaller hands came up and gripped Arcee's own.

"No, please." She moaned again, while pressing Arcee's hand against her breasts.

Arcee turned June in her arms, scooting back up to a sitting position completely.

"Look there." She said and June opened her eyes, turning to look down to her right and saw that Arcee had prepared a surprise. Somehow, incredibly, she had gotten their special case free of their backpack and had opened it. What was more she had slipped out the custom made vibrator she had gifted June with and had clipped it onto her waist, just above her own sparkling wet pussy. It pulsed with a soft blue glow and June could feel the heat. She sucked in her breath.

"Oh, no. No, I can't. Not again." She turned back to Arcee, sitting up, her eyes wide. Arcee leaned forward and kissed her, murmuring against her lips.

"Yes you can."

"No. No, I can't." June moaned, kissing her back with wide eyes.

" can." Arcee broke the kiss and helped June step down off her lap to the carpet. June turned to face Arcee, standing between her knees with her hands clasped together over her bare breasts. She shook her head, staring at Arcee's attachment.

"You want to know ,don't you?" Arcee began again, sitting back on her hands. "You like being teased about him."

"No. This is wrong." June groaned.

"You already want more."


"You do. I can tell." Arcee reclined there, showing June what was in store for her. It was her turn to roll her hips suggestively, their private attachment jutting out strongly in the open now. They didn't have to hide it and they both wanted it.

Somehow this felt heady, powerful, and June's mock anxiety enticed her. Even now she shook her head again but her eyes never left Arcee's 'cock'.

"You know you want to. Let me show you how it felt."

June looked up, dropping her elbows and squeezing her hands together in front of her waist, wavering and dying to reach out for it.

Arcee's slow seductive smile spread across her face.



It was a good thing after all that they had that null field.

They needed it.