Gargoyles AU

By: Sayaalv

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"I'm out front right now." Chavez said smirking as she got out of her goddaughters car and locked the doors behind her. In less than twenty minutes Chavez, Fox, and David were on their way to Paris via helicopter as fast as Fox could take them.

Eliza was just getting back to the skiff when her friends awoke, all three of them immediately seeing that something was bothering Eliza.

"What's wrong Eliza?" Angela asked worriedly while Eliza merely sighed, mentally chanting several different curse words as she wondered how this would play out.

"I think I know why we were sent here. I met Demona and Macbeth on the streets earlier. Demona confronted me when I was on the phone too so we'll have company soon." Eliza said wincing slightly at the look on Goliaths face. She was right, he was starting to get protective and possessive.

"Did she hurt you?" Goliath growled like a wolf, a very big and very angry wolf.

"No but my godmother is likely to go into a murderous rage the next time Demona shows her face." Elisa said causing Angela and Goliath to look at her curiously and worriedly.

"Why?" Angela asked curiously as she looked at Elisa with her head tilted to the side in innocent confusion.

"I was talking with my godmother, who's a detective as well, when she walked up to me and did something unexpected on a dare from Macbeth." Elisa said wincing again when she remembered how protective her godmother could get when she wanted to.

"What did she do?" Goliath growled ferally, if Demona had hurt his human friend again she would pay with blood.

"Shekissedme." Elisa said quickly and hopefully wanting to get this over with as soon as possible.

"Um? Could you say it again, only a little slower this time?" Angela asked not understanding a word of what Elisa had said. Elisa took a deep breath and got ready to repeat herself when they were distracted by a shout from above them.

"Elisa? Where're are you at?" Fox could be heard calling for her friend on the bridge above them, causing Goliath to growl slightly.

"Behind the at Fox!" Elisa called back, grateful for the distraction at the moment although she knew Goliath would ask her what Demona had done later.

"Sounds like she's right below us." The voice of David Xanatos commented idly, earning a snort from his wife.

"No duh David." That was a voice that Goliath didn't recognize, that must be Elisa's godmother.

"Coming down Elisa! Watch out below." The unknown, to the gargoyles at least, voice called down before someone back flipped off of the bridge, grabbing the railing and flipping so that she landed on her feet on the walkway.

"I give that an eight Aunty 'Ria." Elisa commented idly while Fox and David merely walked down the steps calmly, Fox giving Chavez a small applaud for the flips.

"So 'Lisa. What's this I hear about a woman out to kill you, giving you a big ol' kiss in the middle of a Paris street in broad daylight?" Fox asked grinning, well, foxily at her friend whose cheeks heated up at the reminder of that.

"So where can I find this 'Demona' woman and give her a little 'lesson' on why she needs to stay away from my goddaughter?" Chavez asked, glancing at the gargoyles before shrugging and completely dismissing them, as she turned to Elisa with her eyes completely golden.

"Demona did WHAT?!" Goliath roared, his brain finally processing that Demona his ex-mate had kissed the woman he was considering taking as his new mate.

"You just caught on? I realized that about two minutes ago." Angela commented idly with an amused smile on her face.