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Damon slams me against the wall, his hands on my hips, and his mouth on mine. God, his tongue is fantastic. His hands travel under my tank top to explore the skin of my stomach, and I can't help but let out a moan. For some reason, he still has his shirt on, and my hands travel to the back hem of it and struggle to pull it off. Understanding what I'm trying to do, Damon releases me for only a second to pull the aberrant piece of clothing off, before attaching himself to me again. Not that I'm complaining. My hands wander all over his back, tracing his muscles and grabbing at his skin, trying to pull him closer. His mouth moves to kiss my neck, and I grind against him, instinctively pulling him to where I need him most. Damn this man and his perfect body.

Everything is frantic and fast and passionate, and I love every second of it. His body cages me into the wall and I feel so titillatingly free even though I'm trapped by his arms. He pulls on my left leg and wraps it around his waist, letting the bulge in his pants slam into my core. We both moan at the contact, and I pull him even closer with my leg while my hands travel to the button on his jeans. I get the button undone, but my progress is halted when his hand cups my bare breast. In all my haste, I hadn't noticed that he had pushed both my shirt and my bra up. Both of his hands feel me, and I impulsively press my chest into his big hands, completely in awe of the way we fit so well together. Before I can blink, Damon has grabbed my other leg and thrown it around his waist, and pushed me back into the wall again, so that he's at eye level with my breasts. He takes one in his mouth and rolls my nipple around with his tongue, making me cry out.

"God, Elena, you taste phenomenal," he whispers huskily. Even more wetness pools between my thighs, and the ache inside me deepens immensely. God damn, I need him right now!

Anxious, I grab at the waistband of his pants, trying to wrangle them down and finally touch him. His mouth keeps working magic on my breasts, and the feeling is so overwhelming that my hands are shaking and I can barely get them to move. Finally, I find enough space to reach into his boxers and encircle him with my hand. He hisses at the contact, and throws his head back. I'm still pressed against the wall by his body, and his hands are tumbling through my hair as I work him from root to tip.

I'm still wearing my jeans, and the lack of contact makes me want to explode. Damon rips my hands from inside his pants and kisses me. God, I love kissing him. His hands quickly rid me of my jeans and as his hips instinctively thrust into mine, I bite my lip to keep from screaming my head off. I'm so close to falling off the edge and he's not even inside me yet. Damon's hands make quick work of my tangled shirt and bra before pressing his bare chest to mine. He launches me onto his nearby bed and deftly climbs on top of me, kissing me again before I have time to breathe. His hands explore my naked curves, and then his palms land right next to where I want to feel him most. I can't take it anymore. My mind is spinning, and the only coherent thing in my head is Damon. Damon. Damon. Damon.

He lets on finger graze the lace on the front of my underwear. "Damon!" I shriek. His beautiful, lust-darkened, blue eyes bore into mine and he mumbles into my mouth, "Patience, sweetness."

I let my head fall back into the mattress as my back arches into him. His skin on mine feels so right and I've never been more turned on in my whole entire life. On a scale of one to ten, I'm at the one million mark. He makes me feel like no one has before, and he can play my body like a finely tuned instrument.

Before I know it, my panties are gone, and I feel his hardness pressing into my center. Gasping, I throw my head up to meet his, and he grabs me in a passionate kiss before pushing into me for the first time.

I sit up quickly and press a hand to my pounding heart. Jesus Christ, what was that?! I feel flushed, and I can still feel a throbbing ache between my thighs. Letting my body crash back into bed, I try to take deep breaths. Calm down Elena, it was only a dream.

Yeah, a crazy hot dream where I was about to have sex with Damon! God, it was so real! I can still feel the imprints his hands left on me, the heat of his skin, the velvet of his tongue, the hardness of him. Just thinking about that makes the pulse between my legs intensify. Why am I thinking like this? What's happening to me?

My inner monologue is interrupted by a familiar, sleep-laced voice. "Elena? Are you okay sweetheart?"

Matt looks at me with concern in his eyes and I instantly feel immensely guilty. How could I dream about another man, when my boyfriend is right beside me in bed? I take in his appearance, he's good-looking, sure, but he's nothing compared to the devilishly handsome Damon. God, Elena, get a grip!

I give him a reassuring smile and whisper, "Everything's fine. I just had a weird dream." Yeah, if weird meant amazing and sexy and phenomenal and oh so hot. "I didn't mean to wake you, you can go back to sleep."

"That's alright, babe. Come 'ere." He drags me to his chest and cuddles me from behind, instantly falling back asleep. I try and follow his lead, but my mind keeps drifting to my dream. It was just a dream Elena, don't think on it.

I push my consciousness into submission and try to fall asleep. Damon's your best friend Elena; try not to screw that up.


I throw Whatshername into my bed, and rip her shirt in half, revealing her bra clad chest to my feasting eyes. My hands move up her torso, stopping to rub her ribs, before cupping her breasts. She moans and whispers my name. Smirking, I pull down the cup of her bra and twist her nipple into my mouth. She writhes against me, and even though her lower body is gyrating into mine, I'm only semi-hard, my body stubbornly refusing to respond to get the release it needs. I groan. Shit, not again. Blondie misunderstands my groan of frustration with a groan of pleasure and smiles, so happy that she's making the gorgeous hunk on top of her lose his mind in ecstasy. She wishes, I smirk to myself.

She reaches into my boxers and takes a hold of my length, firmly stroking up and down. Little Damon still refuses to do anything remotely normal. Damn it. I can't have it going around town that Damon Salvatore can't get it up, so I do the thing that I've been doing for the past few weeks. The thing that I'm really not proud of. The thing that I should really stop doing.

I picture that the girl under me is Elena Gilbert, and that it's her hand that's stroking my cock.

And just like normal, it works like a charm. The image of Elena gets Little Damon revved and ready. With her hand still in my pants, she looks up at me and smiles with those big, brown eyes and I can't help but to kiss her. Her sweet little tongue enters my mouth, and my hands get rid of the torn shirt and the messed up bra. I leave her mouth and travel down her neck, dipping my tongue into her clavicle before circling her nipple with my tongue.

She writhes and trembles under me, and I fondle her other breast, loving the way she feels and the way she tastes. Her arms twine under mine, and her hands grab my hips, forcibly shoving mine into hers. I groan at the feeling, my cock twitching to be buried inside her. My lips and my tongue journey from her breasts down to her stomach, before licking along the waistband of her jeans. I still for a moment and I can feel Elena wriggling her hips against me, begging me to move. In a split second, her jeans are down her legs and discarded on the floor, and I'm back in position, placing kisses on the inside of her thighs. With every one, she gives off a breathy little moan that makes me even harder. I ease her underwear off, and blow on her sex. The second she feels the warm air, she legitimately skyrockets off of the bed, and I grab her hips to anchor her down.

Abandoning my earlier plan, I climb back up her body, unable to wait to have her. Elena takes my mouth in a passionate kiss, begging me to join us. With a powerful movement of my hips, I thrust into her, and we both gasp in unison. She moves to kiss along my jaw and my neck as we move closer to the edge, our hips meeting thrust for thrust. God, she is so tight. Being inside Elena is like nothing else. She finds her release, and then I find mine, burying my head in the crook of her neck as I'm hurled into oblivion. As soon as I can move, I roll off of her, covering my face with my hands. Elena. I reach for her, and open my eyes, only to be greeted by a blonde haired, blue eyed nineteen year old.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It wasn't real, Damon. It wasn't actually her. Disgusted with myself, I get up out of my bed and find the Blondie's clothes, harshly throwing them at her. She still has that star struck expression on her face, the one that girls get when they've just had the best sex of their lives. She needs to leave. Now.

I walk over, and haul her ass out of bed. "Get dressed; it's time for you to go."

I watch her stumble into her clothes, and then move her to the door, practically shoving her out of the house. She turns around on the doorstep. "You'll call me right?"

You wish. "Of course," I answer suavely.

"But you don't even know my-." Slam.

I walked back upstairs, took a shower, and changed the sheets before getting back into my bed. God dammit. I really need to stop doing that. I can't use Elena like that. Yeah, she's unbelievably attractive, but that doesn't mean that you can use her to get off. Get yourself together man. Staring at the ceiling, I feel more guilty than ever. God, if she ever knew what I've been doing, she would never speak to me again.

I try to get my mind to shut up, and focus on getting some sleep. Elena's your best friend, Damon; try not to screw that up.

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