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We made it home about an hour later, exhausted, more in an emotional sense. All I wanted to do was cuddle up on the couch, watch some sappy movie and eat a pound of ice cream. I knew that Damon would join me, starting on the opposite end of the couch, and ending with either his head in my lap, or his arms tight around my waist.

Damon unlocked the door and we both tumbled in the huge house. I was still in awe of it, it was gigantic, and could easily house twenty people comfortably. It made me sad to think, that with the exception of our annual trip and the cleaning lady that comes around once a month, the boarding house is empty. Giuseppe and Beth would have wanted at least four grandchildren racing around this house at any given time. However, they would probably also want their sons to be on speaking terms.

I could picture living here. Bringing the babies home, teaching them how to walk, and watching them grow up. I could see family dinners and birthdays, and prized quizzes on the fridge. I could see me braiding our daughter's hair, and Damon teaching our son how to throw a football, and…

No. You're with Matt, Elena. Damon is your best friend, nothing more.

It hurts my heart, and my head, to know that Damon will never be anything more than a friend to me. It hurts to know that the fantasies I have of our future lives together will never come true. He will go off on his own, banging different women each night till kingdom come. He'll be successful, rich, and well renowned. He'll take the world by storm with his dazzling good looks and his charm, and he'll forget about me. Damon says that he won't, he promises that I will always be in his life, but when I look at him, I feel so inferior. I feel like I need him more than he needs me, and that at some point, he'll find someone better to replace me.

I don't know what I truly want from him anymore. I've always wanted friendship, and the connection that we share. But recently, I've wanted to feel his muscles move under my skin, and to taste his lips, and to run my fingers through his hair. Do I want him for the long haul? Or will a one night stand be able to quench the desire that pools in my stomach every time I look at him? "Shit!" I heard Damon scream from the other room. "Shit! Shit, shit!"

I race from my spot in the foyer, the one that I've been rooted to for the past few minutes, towards the kitchen, where I'm just in time to see Damon pull his shirt over his head. I'm so distracted that I completely forget to ask what's wrong. All I can focus on are the muscles in his back, his biceps, and his strong chest. My fingers are itching to trace his smooth, warm skin.

His voice brings me out of my oogling. "Sorry, I put a pot of water on, and then I accidently knocked it over. Let me tell you, boiling water on your stomach kind of hurts."

He holds the now partially wet shirt away from him in distaste, and casually begins to saunter towards me. I know, rationally, that he's just trying to leave the room by the doorway I'm occupying, but my dirty mind is only focusing on the way his hips move. Suddenly, my mouth becomes dry, as I think about the way those hips could move while he was inside me. Holy fuck. I can feel my clit literally throbbing with anticipation, while my mind makes me even hornier. I can imagine myself licking the V of his hips, taking him in my mouth, letting his hands wander over my hair and coming to caress my breasts.

By this time, he's standing right in front of me. "I'm just going to grab a new shirt. Be right back."

And with that, he walks right by me. But not without letting his naked hip rub the skin of my exposed arm. I have to work hard to keep in a gasp when I feel how soft his skin is.

Damn it! This is not okay! He's your best friend! That's it!

I take a few calming breaths before I move into the kitchen to make some tea. Maybe that will help me calm down.


I make it to my room and close the door before I let myself even process what just happened. I'd been boiling water, and it spilled on me, and I yelled. And there, all of a sudden, was Elena in all of her sexy glory, racing around the corner to see what was wrong. And damn, did she look good. Cheeks flushed, and breathing heavily, her eyes filled with concern. I would give anything to have her look like that while she was sprawled under me, both of us gloriously naked. Except the 'eyes filled with concern' part. I'd take 'eyes filled with love' any day. Shit. I really need to stop thinking like this.

I quickly pull a new shirt over my head, and make my way back downstairs to check on Elena. She's standing by the stove in all of her sexy glory, hair pulled in a haphazard bun, and hips swaying to some tune on the radio. And all of a sudden, it hits me.

This is what I want.


I want Elena.

For all the ups and downs, through the good and the bad. My stomach starts to flutter, and a warmth starts pooling in my stomach and climbs up my veins. A smile stretches over my face and I realize.

I'm in love with her.

I always have been.

It hits me like a tidal wave, and everything clicks into place. My protectiveness. The anger I feel whenever Matt touches her. The way that I've been thinking about her body.

God. Elena. My beautiful, beautiful girl.

I want to touch her. I want to turn her into my arms and kiss her like crazy. But I shouldn't. I can't. I'll freak her out. I need a plan. A good one.

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