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Need Food

"Hey, thanks for coming with me." Bella called, running to meet Kate in front of their apartment building.

Kate turned around as she skidded to a stop beside her and replied, "No problem, I was also thinking of going grocery shopping anyway. I mean I don't know if it's a guy thing but Garrett's hungry like all the time!"

Bella giggled, her eyes sparkling in amusement and Kate noticed. "You know, I've never really seen you laugh before." She muttered, cocking her head to the side. Bella froze, her laughter dying.

"No! It's just…you look beautiful when you laugh." Kate reassured Bella when she saw Bella frown. "You should…do it more often." She nodded approvingly.

Bella smiled weakly in response.

"Umm...should we get going?!" Kate said excitedly, breaking the tension.

"Uh….Yeah. Sure!" Bella shook her head slightly and grinned as they walked to Kate's car. The nearest supermarket was fifteen minutes off campus.

"I really have no idea how they survived before we came." Kate laughed as she and Bella talked about Edward and Garrett's fridge. Well, Garrett's former fridge now. She thought warmly, thinking of her man.

Bella looked at Kate when she suddenly quieted, to find a tender look on her face. Bella smiled and looked away, letting Kate have her moment. Probably thinking of Garrett, Kate's so lucky. To have a love like that…

She sighed wistfully. If only it was the same for…everyone.

She closed her eyes and thought of random things including her going grocery shopping. She planned to go yesterday when she got sick of having cereal or, if lucky, eggs for breakfast and dinner for the last three days. Luckily, there was a café in the campus for her lunch and snack or she would have gone crazy. Which inner princess already did. Hey! Don't blame me! Eggs and cereal? Torture!

Bella shook her head at princess. She lived with her for years so she's kinda used to her. And she is mostly right and has always been the brave side Bella doesn't usually show. Bella was lost in her thoughts when Kate broke the comfortable silence.

"Sooo…..how's Edward?" She started trying to sound indifferent….but failing. Bella cocked an eyebrow at her in confusion. Huh? What about that Edward?

Kate looked at her and back to road, incredulous. "Oh, come on! Are you seriously telling me there's nothing going on?!"

Bella gaped at her before the thought established in her head. Her response?

"NO!" She all but screamed, looking disgusted. "I can't believe…I mean…..You really thought…Oh my God, Kate! No! Absolutely, not!" she exclaimed, waving her hands around.

"Okay, okay! Sheesh, calm down." Kate laughed at her antics. "I'm sorry, it's just…he's a guy, you're a girl. It won't be a surprise if something did happen." She sobered a little bit.

"No. Just, no." She looked at Kate dead in the eye, willing her to believe.

Kate shook her head at Bella in amusement. But she couldn't help but ask, "So if that's not the case, then what's your deal?"

Bella snorted with inner princess disapproving the unladylike gesture and looked sideways at Kate. "The truth?"

Kate shot her a 'duh' look. Bella shrugs and admits matter-of-factly, "We hate each other."

Kate turned her head abnormally fast with a surprise look on her face, "What? Really? Why?"

Bella pursed her lips, thoughtful. "I don't really know why. It just happened." She shrugged indifferently.

"It just happened." Kate repeated, amused and skeptical at the same time.

"Yep." Bella nodded, popping the 'p'. Then she squint her eyes and thought for a minute. "I mean, all of a sudden he hates me…and I hate him." She grimaced at Kate.

Kate nodded slowly. Then a thought hit her, "You know, there is a saying…that the more you hate the more you love. Maybe that's you and Edward." She said teasingly, smiling mischievously at Bella.

Bella looked unbelievably scandalized. Kate giggled wickedly.

Bella was standing in front of dozens of different chocolates, happily choosing her favourites. Hmmm. So what will it be?

Of course a big pack of M&M's…or two. She chuckled excitedly.

And of course, I would never forget Toblerone! She reached upwards to a 200g Toblerone. Then after a thought she reached up for another one. After putting it all in the cart, she proceeded to the other aisles when she saw a table of different kinds of Ferrero in the middle of the hallway. She left her cart to the side where she's sure it won't bother anyone, and went to the Ferreros. Should I buy one? Nah.

She was about to get to her cart when she remembered…..Oh yeah!

Bella sat on the couch writing on a stationary, Friday night, when Edward appeared from his room. He, of course, ignored her and went to the kitchen to eat. Which is wishful thinking, really. And there it is, the slamming of doors and mutters of profanities. The effect of an empty fridge.

Bella muffled her giggle on her hand. Edward reappeared on the living room with a sour look on his face. Poor baby…

Bella smiled at Edward cheerfully which deepened the frown on her roommate's face. He was about to walk off so…

"Hey, roomie! Wait a minute!" Edward sighed and turned toward her, eyebrow raised arrogantly.

"I'm going to the supermarket tomorrow…any requests?" Bella smiled at him expectantly.

Edward stared at her with a bored expression before walking off but then he stopped. Bella stared at his form with a quirked eyebrow. He seemed to be taking a deep breath from the way his shoulders were moving.

Was it really that hard for him to ask? Bella scoffed internally, inner princess rolling her eyes.

And then finally the git turned. Bella smiled at him expectantly and extra sweet. "Yes?"

He glared at her once before glancing away. He pursed his lips and stuttered out, "I…I need a box of Ferrero Rocher…and um…I like cookies and cream ice cream." And he finally looked at Bella, kind of sheepish.

Then he suddenly blurt out before Bella could answer, "Not that I'm asking you! I—" He shook his head while Bella stared, getting a whiplash from his mood swings. "You know what, never mind." And with that he stalked off.

Is he bipolar? Bella asked herself, genuinely curious. But then she recalled his request. At least he managed to ask, right? Bella shrugged. Whatever. She bent down and wrote the new required things.

Bella went over to the table and picked up a box of Ferrero, made sure it was Rocher and put it in the cart. She then pushed the cart to the frozen foods. She strolled down to her beloved chocolate ice cream, picked it up and into the cart. Then she looked for cookies and cream, no need to pick up a fight even it's his fault. After that she went to the dairy section and grabbed two cartons of milk and butter. She went on to find Kate and pay.

Kate was pushing her cart down the halls of the supermarket looking for Bella when she came across a magazine stand. She noticed a familiar face on the cover of Time magazine. She was about to reached for it when a voice called to her.


She turned and saw Bella heading towards her. She smiled widely at her friend, "You done?"

Bella nodded. "You?"

"Yeah." Kate replied.

"C'mon, let's go pay." Bella nodded towards the cashiers.

"Yeah….sure." Kate looked back at the magazine when it hit her. She turned to Bella who was about to go to one of the counters, "Hey Bella!"

Bella turned towards her expectantly. "Yes?"

Kate picked up the magazine and presented it to Bella. "Isn't this your brother?"

Alec. Bella looked at the magazine awkwardly, then at Kate. "Uh, yeah. Why?"

"Well, nothing really. It's just weird that your brother is in the cover of Time magazine and you're here talking to me!" Kate said excitedly.

Bella chuckled at her, blushing. "Silly. C'mon!"

"Okay." But before she followed Bella, she took one look at the magazine and placed it in her cart. I wouldn't mind reading it. Bella sure has one hell of a yummy brother.

After paying, they went home and Bella didn't even notice Kate took the magazine with her.