"Yes." One of the Dragoons laughed as they told stories of their past. They had dressed in rebel uniforms because they had gone s undercover. William Tavington had just accepted Captain Wilkins to be one of the Dragoons; he knew everything and everyone in this small town. They could get the information they needed easily and be on their way. The Dragoons had stopped at a local tavern in town. The music was loud, so were the drunken men and the drunken whores laughing at their side. They tried to hide their English accents the best they could, but most rebel men were so drunk that they did not even notice.

Tavington had a plan. He wanted to figure out what the rebels were thinking, what they knew about the militia, and the "Ghost". William cringed at the thought. His thoughts were interrupted by Captain Wilkins speaking.

"And there's Amelia Harland." He said to Tavington. It took Tavington a moment to spot her but once he did his heart stopped. She was breath taking. She had long platinum curls that she let loosely fall. She had on a very lovely white and purple gown. Tavington wondered what she would be doing at a place like this.

"Who is she?" William asked, breaking his eyes from the blonde beauty. Captain Wilkins chuckled.

"Once of the richest men in towns Daughter. " Wilkins said.

"What's her story?" Tavington asked, taking a huge gulp from his half empty beer.

"Well, when she was young maybe around five, her mother passed away. Her Father has raised she and her younger sister, Rebecca. But, she might look very innocent and good. But she is far from it. She hangs around the roughest crowd in town. We all feel terrible for the Father, tries best to tame her. Five men have tried to court her and she refused all of them. She is rude, and foul mouthed. I should know, I'm one of the five men that tried to court her." Wilkins said as he took a shot of whiskey. Most of the men laughed.

"So, she just runs wild?" Tavington asked, intrigued about the young girl.

"Absolutely, but she is a beauty to look at." Wilkins said.

"And her age?" Tavington asked.

"Sixteen, and her sister Rebecca is fourteen." Wilkins finished. Tavington glanced at the girl once more, only to find she was no longer there. William took another sip of his drink and began to wonder about the wild Amelia Girl.