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It was irritating.

The way everyone constantly stared at them, no matter where they went. Though the contents of the stares were varied, most of them settled on a positive emotion. Many of the villagers gave them nods and smiles as they walked through the market district. He smiled back, and waved where appropriate, as did the girl by his side.

She was much kinder than he was, happily smiling and waving, and sometimes stopping to make small talk with the villagers that they knew. All the while, he remained by her side, with a obliging smile on his face.

On the inside however, he was seething. He did not miss the looks of lust and desire from the many men of the village. Their eyes constantly straying to his beautiful blonde companion. He made sure to send them a look every now and then. They could look, but they best not touch.

For the girl beside him was one of the few things he treasured about this village. The other thing he cared about was in the form of his mother, and she was currently not by his side. Therefore he put all of his attention in driving off the wave of would-be admirers. His subtle glares and killing intent proved effective, as none of the males approached them.

He smirked, satisfied with the cowering form of a couple of civilian teens.

"Onii-sama," a beautiful melodic voice chimed from his left. "You shouldn't do that."

She was a beautiful girl with long, smooth blonde locks. With a perfect figure that showed off her budding body, and a gentle nature around her, there was no one that did not know who she was. But the endlessly blue eyes that stared up at him was his and his alone. The eyes that spoke of such love and devotion.

"Whatever do you mean, Narumi-chan?" He answered in a low tone, taking the moment to brush a free lock of hair back from her perfect face.

She pouted slightly, clutching his arms tighter. "You know why..."

He did indeed know why. But that did not mean he would stop what he was doing. Putting up with his constant facade was tiring, and he would be damned if he let any of the foolish boys entertain the thought of having a chance with his sister. She wasn't something that was attainable, and he pulled her tighter around her as an afterthought.

She blushed prettily, but did nothing to remove his hands. She of course, would never do something that was against her brother's will. "O-onii-sama... everyone's staring..."

He did not care, knowing the looks were not suspicious in the least. Everyone in the village knew that the Namikaze twins were very close to one another, with neither being seen without the other. If only they could see the way that his hands were steadily going lower and lower, holding her in a way that no brother should.

"Let them stare," he whispered huskily, his right hand messing with the ends of her skirt.

Narumi continue to blush as her brother's subtle touches continued to affect her. She was worried about the constant staring, and hoped that nobody would see the inappropriateness of the situation.

The sight of the academy caused Narumi to let out a silent sigh of relief, as Naruto's hands reluctantly removed themselves from her lower back. She smiled at him, and took his hands before leading him inside. All signs of the previous embarrassment missing.

Walking into the courtyard, they were greeted by many of the students that were also coming in. All of the students and instructors looked at the two with smiles and approval, knowing that the two of them were something to be admired.

After all, they were the children of one of the strongest shinobis in history, and their school records only reflected that fact. As well as being tied for the number one spot, the twins were very easygoing and ready to help. That fact only served to bring more admiration to them, as nobody in the academy could find a reason to dislike the two.

Nobody remembered a time where the Namikaze twins were not the upcoming prodigies that they were. It just seemed like the two were always there, a fact that was as steadfast as the ANBU presence in the village.

In fact, many had placed bets on how far the two would go, considering the fact that they had been personally trained by their mother; who was a S-rank shinobi legend in her own right. Everyone was eager to see the twins in action, even surpassing the anticipation and expectations they had for the Uchiha or Hyuuga heirs.

Nobody remembered a time where the Namikaze twins were looked down upon with scorn and hatred. No, those days were long forgotten, and those that remembered it shook their heads in shame.

Their assumptions must have been wrong. After all, how could a demon be so kind and loving to his family and friends?


Almost immediately after they stepped inside the classroom, they were swarmed. Naruto chuckled lightly, but did nothing to dissuade the girls of the class that were suddenly fighting for his attention. By now it was almost routine, and he made small talk while subtly moving the group to a position near the back, where he could take a seat.

He never let go of his sister's hand the whole time, a fact that nobody missed, but did not comment on. The Namikaze twins were never seen apart from each other, something that was a part of their charm. The twins were quite the sight together, and many in Konoha had quite the crush on one or even both.

Namikaze Naruto was a prodigy, and as a heir to two of the most prominent clans in Konoha, he had quite the reputation to uphold. And uphold it, he did. From the very first time he stepped into the academy, his skills had been unrivalled, getting top marks in every aspect of the courses. Even more surprising was his prowess in battle, with him defeating most of his opponents rather easily in spars.

All that served to catapult his already popular fame. It helped that he was also immensely handsome, at least, to all of the would-be kunoichis. He had bright blonde hair that fell in a messy pattern that gave him a wild look. Coupled with his unique whisker-like birthmarks, and cerulean eyes, he made quite the sight. He did nothing to dissuade the affection of his female peers, sometimes encouraging it with a well-placed smile and touch.

Narumi had her own share of fanboys, but they all knew better than to crowd her when her brother was nearby. The last group of boys who were foolish enough to do that almost pissed themselves at the look that Naruto had given them. To them, Naruto was the bane of their existence, for he was the best shinobi of their generation with very few faults. But the worst part was that he took all of the girls' attention. They couldn't compete with someone who was essentially perfect to the girls' eyes.

"Move out of the way!"

"I was here first, forehead-girl!"

"Shut it, Ino-pig."

"What did you just call me?!"

The two bickering loudly in front of him were the self-proclaimed 'number ones' of his fanclub. They constantly fought for their place by his side, and the resulting arguments and fights were rather entertaining in his opinion. They had such an intensity that the rest of the girls did not bother competing with the two when they were like this, lest they be drawn into the fight. Two excitable girls fighting for a boy's affection was scary enough.

It was his sister that broke up the building fight. "Ah, Sakura-chan, Ino-chan. Good morning."

They both blinked, seeing the smiling face of Narumi, before breaking away from each other.

"A-ah, good morning."

"Hey, Naru-chan."

She had an angelic smile on her face as she patted the two seats to the left of her. The two reluctantly moved to sit by his sister, knowing that they wouldn't be able to sit right next to him this time. He was seated by the window after all.

He ignored the girls as they tried to make small talk, trying to include him sometimes. He gave them an easy-going grin, before looking away out of the window, seemingly lost in thought. Nobody noticed his free hand rubbing at his sister's thighs, caressing dangerously close to her centre.


The bell rung suddenly, startling many of the sleeping students awake. Many of them yawned, before blinking themselves awake.

Iruka's eyes twitched as the students broke into loud chatter, showing signs of life that had been missing during his lecture.

Almost in unison, the majority of the students turned their heads towards the corner of the room as they wanted to see where the Namikaze twins were going to go for lunch.

They looked in surprise at the two empty seats, especially Sakura and Ino who blinked in shock, not knowing when the two had left the room.


"You've been such a tease... " He remarked, holding down a moan as the girl mumbled something in reply.

His beautiful twin would have replied if not for the cock that was lodged down her throat. She kept the long member down her throat for as long as she could before pulling out with a sudden gasp. He noted that she was getting better at holding her breath, and he moaned out loud this time as she licked and sucked around him.

"Sorry, Onii-sama." She said around his cock, suckling on the head while peering up at him with her beautiful blue eyes.

He could never get tired of those lustful half-lidded eyes peering up at him. Even on her knees and servicing him, she was beautiful. Ever since the two of them had hit puberty, he could barely restrain himself from caressing and touching her whenever he could.

She was so beautiful, so soft and smooth that it took a considerable measure of his will not to take her right there in the classroom. The best part of it was that she would let him. Of course, she would protest about being seen or discovered even with a high-leveled genjutsu around them, but she would let him take her, spreading her legs for him. She was his.

And he loved her for it.

"Mmm, kami you're beautiful," he moaned, suddenly thrusting into her warm and inviting throat. She moaned happily around his cock, sending pleasurable vibrations upwards.

He grasped her head, forcing her against him. Her beautifully smooth blonde locks were in disarray, but he thought that she looked more beautiful than ever. Narumi never looked more beautiful than when she was thoroughly fucked by him. He was reminded of this morning, where she woke him with a blowjob, happily drinking down his semen before reminding him to get dressed for breakfast with their mother.

The reminder of the morning gave him the push he needed, and he slowly brought his cock out from her throat, loving the sensations of her throat gripping him tightly as he removed himself. Leaving half of his length in her wet mouth, he caressed her cheek with one hand, staring deep into her lustful eyes.

"I'm gonna cum," he whispered throatily, almost blowing then and there when she gave him an impish look before swishing her tongue against his tip.

She picked up the speed of her servicing, determined to get his load into her awaiting mouth. She moaned and slurped around his cock, making messy sounds deliberately to entice her brother. It proved to be effective as she felt the tell-tale signs of his cock twitching before he came into her mouth.

Moaning loudly, she left just the head of his wonderful cock inside before pumping him with one hand. He grunted as he emptied himself into her inviting mouth, sending spurts of his essence down her throat.

Seeing that he had stopped cumming, she gave his head a final swirl with her tongue before releasing him with a loud pop. Her brother was slightly out of breath, and as he looked down at her with his lustful eyes, she opened her mouth for him. He groaned at the sight of his cum resting on her tongue. She smirked inwardly as his cock gave a twitch at the erotic sight.

She made sure to gulp down his load loudly, satisfied at the look he gave her. There was no way her brother was going to be finished after that little display of hers, and she was proven right when his cock barely went down at all. She happily took him back inside of her mouth, loving his taste that lingered around him. His semen was simply delicious to her.

"Enough," he growled, forcing her up by grasping at her hair. The action did not hurt her at all, as she was a kunoichi for a reason.

She felt anticipation build up within her as he led her to a bench where he promptly pushed her forward. Knowing what he wanted, she got down on all fours before him, angling her body down in a sign of total subservience.

And what a sight she made.

With her skirt doing nothing to hide her black-laced panties, he could see just how wet she was.

"You naughty little slut," he whispered from behind her, pressing his cock against her wam centre, stretching the fabric of her panties inwards. "Look how wet you are."

She whimpered at the action, pressing back slightly in an attempt to get more of him inside of her. "Please, Onii-sama... fill me..."

She arched her back as he suddenly pulled on her long hair, the action pained her but she was distracted as he began to caress her breasts through her white shirt. Her bra was promptly done away with by his skillful hands, and he took his time rubbing her sensitive nipples. She continued to whimper and whine as he teased her, lamenting the piece of fabric that was separating her from his wonderful cock.

"When did my little sister get so slutty?" He asked humorously, taking the moment to pinch one nipple tightly. He smirked against her neck, nibbling on the sensitive flesh there and loving the moan of sheer lust he got.

"O-only for you, Onii-sama- Mmm!"

She was silenced as he suddenly jabbed three fingers into her dripping pussy. Her loud moan of pleasure was music to his ears, and he left his fingers in their unmoving. She tried to thrust back against his fingers but couldn't as the angle he was holding her wouldn't allow it. He took his fingers out slowly, delighting in her shivers and moans.

"Onii-sama..." She whined piteously.

He smirked, bringing his drenched hands up in front of her, placing it so that they could both stare it. "Look how wet you are, slut. Look how badly you want my cock inside of you."

She stared lustily at his hand, at this distance, she could smell herself on it. "... I love your cock, Onii-sama... the wonderful cock that should be inside of me always."

He smiled at her words, kissing her neck lightly before moving the fingers towards her mouth. She opened her mouth without question, accepting the fingers that were drenched in her own juices. She moaned around his fingers, finding the taste of herself to be incredibly arousing.

Naruto seemed to share the same thought, as he finally relented his hold on her hair, placing her back onto the bench. He pressed down on her back, forcing her to place her cheek against the wooden bench. Stepping back a bit, he admired her beautiful ass, with her skirt bunched up against her back, and her black panties lowered enough to reveal her centre, she was simply a sight to see.

And it was all his.

He slapped her ass once, getting a moan of pain and pleasure from his twin sister, before he readied himself at her entrance. Her pussy was completely drenched and he sheathed himself in one smooth movement. As he reached her cervix, he stopped, sharing a moan of pleasure with his twin. Her walls clenched around him greedily, hoping to coax his load from him already. Taking a moment to steady himself, he pulled back, the action would have been hard considering the tightness of her pussy, but she was well-lubricated.

This time he plunged himself to the hilt. She screamed as his cock entered into her cervix, fitting almost perfectly inside. He moaned loudly, lost in the pleasure of being completely inside of his twin sister. Her body was perfect for him, almost being made for his pleasure. And it was, considering just how well they fit together. She would be lost to the world for a bit, lost in the orgasm that came with his entering her cervix. He knew her body best after all, and knew that this angle would give her a mind-blowing orgasm.

He sighed contently, almost satisfied with leaving his cock inside of her, where it belonged. But the pleasure was too much, and he moved back causing her to moan once more as he left her cervical walls. Soon he was thrusting in and out heavily, losing himself in the haze of pleasure that belonged to his sister's body.

He loved the sound of flesh meeting flesh each time he bottomed out, and the loud moans that came from his sister. She was trying to muffle herself, but the pounding he gave her wasn't giving her much room to restrain herself. His cock simply felt too good inside of her pussy, as if it was for it. It felt so good that she wanted to spend an eternity with him filling her, as she never felt as complete as when her brother was fully inside of her, cumming inside of her inviting walls.

"Kami, you're so tight, Narumi..." He groaned, trying to fight back the urge to cum just yet. He wanted to savour her a bit longer.

He looked down at their union, loving the sight of her small and tight pussy taking in his cock without trouble. It had been painful for her in the beginning, but now she wanted him inside of her almost all the time, even when they went to sleep. It wasn't something he minded obliging, after all, his cock felt at home inside of her warm, velvety center.

"I'm going... to cum soon... Narumi," he bit out between thrusts, and his reply was her tightening her walls in reflexive anticipation. She had long since stopped counting the number of orgasms she had around his cock, but she did her best flex herself around him.

"Y-yes! Onii-sama... Mmm! C-cum inside your slut, Onii-sama... inside!"

Her lustful shouts were all that he needed, and with grunt he sheathed himself fully once more before spilling his load. She moaned loudly as she felt him spill himself inside of her, her walls clenching tightly around him, hoping to contain his seed. Another orgasm rippled through her as he began to thrust himself in and out to try and prolong orgasm.

After he was all spent, he pulled himself slowly and reluctantly away from her warm centre. A single trail of semen spilled from her pussy, and he smiled at the sight. His sister never did look more beautiful than after he had fucked her thoroughly. In fact, the sight of her abused pussy contrasting with her pristine rear gave him another thought.

He rubbed his softening cock against her pussy, loving the whimpers from his sister at the stimulation of her oversensitive center. His hands caressed her butt almost lovingly, before making their way to her rear entrance. She gasped as he rubbed at her tight, unused entrance. It was incredibly tight as he forced a finger inside, wetted by her juices. She whimpered around the intrusion, knowing what he wanted from her.

Taking the finger out, he spread apart her cheeks and pressed his cock against her rear. Rubbing the head against the entrance, he looked down at her with lust. "Would you like me to fuck you in the ass, Narumi?"

She whimpered but did not move away. "Y-yes, Onii-sama, please fuck my ass."

She would do anything for him, that he knew. Though he had fucked her in the ass many times before, each time left her bow legged and unable to sit comfortably. That didn't mean she didn't enjoy it. No, she enjoyed whatever he enjoyed, and loved any moment he was using her body. That was her purpose after all.

With a heavy sigh of reluctance, he moved away from her rear entrance, patting her ass before moving towards her. "I wish... but lunch time is almost over... what a shame."

Narumi inwardly sighed in relief, as she knew that if he ravaged her ass, she might have to suffer some unwanted questions in class.

Naruto sat down by her head, and lifted her head. She turned around so that she could lie sideways on the bench, head resting on his legs. She felt his cock pressing against her cheek, and opened her mouth in reflex to take in the large member. It was soaked in a combination of their juices, and she happily suckled on it.

"Mmm, yes... better hurry, Narumi-chan, only five minutes before class."

She quickly took him into her throat, knowing that he wouldn't mind if they were late. She didn't want any more scrutiny after today. They still had a cover to maintain.

Naruto sighed in pleasure, smoothing his sister's blonde locks gently as she nursed on his cock. He wished that they could spend all day like this, but alas, they had an image they needed to maintain. Still, he painted the image of his sister sucking down his third load into his mind, and after she finished cleaning his cock, he got up and tucked his cock back into his pants.

His sister was panting heavily on the bench, her hair in disarray and her lips bruised. Her clothes were rumpled and there was still a trail of semen running down her legs.

She was beautiful.

He helped her sit up, finding her black-laced bra and putting it on for her, and doing the same with her panties. She let him dress her without complaint, and when he was finished, she got up with a flourish, and gave him the same smile as always.

"Thank you, Onii-sama."

Together, the twins walked back down towards their afternoon classes.