There was much excitement in the air as everyone in the classroom chattered and talked with one another, each of them awaiting their own turn. Today was a day that many of the academy students had been waiting for, though some were understandably dreading it. It was this day that determined if you could graduate or not after all. To some of them, they were notably worried, unsure if they could pass the exam and into genin-hood.

For Namikaze Naruto however, the whole thing was a joke. He knew exactly what they were going to test him for, they had shown that much over the year, focusing primarily on a few techniques. It was obvious to him that the exam would include the three ninjutsu techniques that the instructors had been emphasizing all year. Those techniques were things he and his sister had learned almost as soon as they could walk.

He found the entire system to be rather pathetic, but then again, the failure rate of successful academy graduate to genin was already low enough. It was obvious that this test was catered to those who did not have a shinobi background; the civilian population was a relatively untapped resource. If they made the tests too hard, then most of them would never pass, and somehow they thought that the 'potential' would be lost. Naruto thought that was rather foolish, as he could easily tell who had the potential to succeed among his class. Aside from the two or three anomalies, the civilian students had no chance of succeeding. He guessed that Konoha wanted to attract potential ninjas en masse in order to bulk up their forces. It was somewhat understandable, given what the war and the Kyuubi attack had done to their numbers.

On this day, he was in a rather enjoyable mood. After all those years of false smiles and fake conversations, he could now leave it all behind. He wouldn't have to be forced to talk to his admirers in the guise of socializing, and he could now afford to be out of the public eye a lot more. Surely the public would not think too much if the Namikaze heirs were busy training. After all, many expected them to go far, perhaps further than what their parents had accomplished.

"Naruto-kun," an excited voice called from his left. He turned his attention from the window to the excited blonde that had been beside him. Unfortunately, it wasn't the blonde he wanted to see.

"Yes, Ino-chan?" He asked indulgently, a smile on his face.

"How do you think Narumi-chan is doing?" Ino asked with a brilliant smile, happy that her crush was talking to her today. Usually he tended to space out while in class, and only Narumi could get him to join in on their conversations.

"She will pass with flying colours," He answered, inwardly rolling his eyes. "The test isn't so hard, Ino-chan."

She bit her lower lip. "I know, I guess I'm just worried about my turn. Narumi-chan will definitely pass easily." The blue-eyed blonde then leaned closer. "Neh, Naruto-kun, what will you be doing later? You know if you are free... then maybe..."

Naruto tuned out the rest of her words as he felt his eyes drawn to the rather sizable assets that were pressing onto his arms. Ino was rather gifted for her age, and she was definitely not afraid to show it. Her purple shirt was cut low, granting him a rather nice view of her cleavage due to his angle. The fact that she had bunched up the ends of her skirt while showing off beautifully long legs did not go unnoticed by him. Ino was a rather pretty girl, he decided, and he wouldn't have minded indulging the girl in some of her fantasies. Of course, if only he could do so without his dear little sister killing the poor girl.

Suddenly, a concentrated burst of killing intent enveloped the two, causing Ino to halt her rambling and shiver notably. Naruto on the other hand simply smiled as he spied the beautiful form of his little sister by the doorway, she had her narrowed eyes concentrated on Ino.

"I-Is your sister mad at me?" Ino's voice was quivering, having been cowed by the killing intent.

"Ahah, it might be my fault..." Naruto muttered, giving Ino a pat on the back as he walked past her towards the doorway. "As for my later plans, talk to Narumi about them." He waved offhandedly, ignoring the sighing of his 'fanclub' as he walked past.

His sister was incredibly cute when she was angry. She had a pout on her luscious red lips and she brushed an errant lock of hair back as he neared her. Her anger didn't last long as he reached her, gently cupping her cheek with his hand. "Is it my turn, Narumi?" He asked, absently caressing her cheek.

"Mmmm... yes," Narumi moaned into his touch, and closed her eyes reflexively. Her eyes fluttered open as he retreated his hand.

"Keep my seat warm... and don't scare Ino-chan too much, hm?" He patted her hair fondly as he moved past her, chuckling as he heard her huff angrily.

His sister was simply adorable.


The test was a complete joke, and he had to refrain from overdoing it somehow with the bunshin. Even holding back, he still produced several more bunshin than what was required, his control still needed more work it seemed. Still, not five minutes later, he was given a new headband that signified him as a brand new genin of Konoha. He supposed that most of the students would be filled with pride and joy at the piece of metal, but it was with a scoff that he wrapped the length of cloth around his left arm.

He had little pride for this village.

Walking back inside, he made sure his expression was all joy as many of his 'friends' cheered at the sight of the metal. He accepted the congratulations with a smile, and tediously made his way back up to his seat next to his little sister. She gave him a bright smile as he finally sat down, and he had to refrain from laughing at the blanched look on Ino's face, even as she offered her own congratulations.

"Welcome back, onii-sama," Narumi said with a smile, taking his left hand in her own. She had her own headband at the same place as his, and he had to frown as it clashed rather solidly with her white sundress.

"Mmm, we might have to recolour this thing," he told her, absently running a hand along her smooth shoulders.

She blushed as his hands lingered to caress her exposed neckline. "A-ah, well I think I'll only wear it on official missions... my shinobi clothes should be fine with it."

Naruto agreed with her, knowing firsthand what she looked like in her tight-fitting shinobi outfit. He suspected that she had purposely gotten a set that made her look as sexy as possible just for him. She knew how much effect her form had on him, and wanted him to stare at her even in the heat of battle. The little minx.

She almost let out a squeak as his hand dipped lower, dancing on the edges of her sundress, and caressing the soft skin of her thighs. Even as the classroom continued to be filled with the chatter of excited students, the two Namikaze twins were in their very own world. Only Narumi seemed to be concerned about the others around them however, and she was glad that Ino was in somewhat of a daze at the moment.

Sakura and a few other girls were trying to talk to Ino, who stared blankly at them. It would have been a humorous sight if not for the distraction of her brother's hand which was definitely going places best left untouched in public. She had to fight back the urge to moan gutturally as his fingers brushed her center. She gave him a half-lidded look of pleasure, even though she mouthed for him to stop. If he took it a step further, she might lose control of herself. In those radiant cerulean eyes that stared back into hers however, she found only lust and desire. How could she deny her precious brother anything when he looked at her like that?

Luckily for her, she was saved somewhat as Ino finally snapped out of her daze and began to try and involve the twins into a conversation. It was with reluctance that Naruto finally drew back his exploring hands, though he left it lingering on her thigh. For now they would play the part of open and sociable twins.

They wouldn't have to do it for long.


Narumi wished that her brother was here, even as she smiled warmly at the waitress and led the group of 'friends' to a table of their own choosing. The group consisted of Ino, Sakura, herself, and a few of the other civilian girls who she barely remembered the names of. Though they had all gotten headbands, she doubted that they would have them for long. Not with the amount of fantasizing they did about her brother.

Not that she was one to talk... her brother was always on her mind after all.

"Neh, Narumi-chan, where did you get that dress? It's simply adorable." A purple-haired girl who she vaguely recalled was named Ami asked with a wondrous expression. "Isn't it girls?"

They all nodded, all of them seeing just how well it fit her form, as well as the frills that added a certain amount of charm. "I agree, you must tell us where you got it from, Narumi-chan," Ino added.

She smiled, taking notice of the looks of jealousy in their eyes. They should be, as this kind of silky smooth material could not be found in Fire Country, it had to be imported elsewhere, like Suna. "It's a gift from onii-sama," she explained happily.

They gasped, and squealed in glee. "Wow, your brother is so nice!" Sakura exclaimed, and the other girls nodded as well. "It must have been expensive."

"Ah... I wish my brother was as thoughtful..." One of the other girls sighed, eyes lingering on the dress.

"Was it a graduation present?" Ino asked curiously, having seen the way Narumi had treated the gift. She knew that Narumi was fashionable enough, given how well she fit into every design, but she seemed to treat this dress with extra care.

Of course not. Her precious brother always showered her with gifts from time to time, he didn't need an occasion to spoil her, or so he said. Personally, Narumi thought that he just wanted the excuse to buy her skimpy outfits, not that she would ever complain. His gifts were always so nice, and it always made her heart flutter when he presented her with one. "Yes, it was," she answered happily.

That seemed to appease the girls, and they began to lament the fact that they had no one as thoughtful as Naruto. That line of discussion seemed to open up and the girls began to happily talk about the object of their desires. They talked about how he would be the perfect boyfriend, and how gentlemanly he was, with the way they took care of Narumi and his mother, from the few times they saw the family in public.

Oh if they only knew, Narumi thought with a hidden giggle. Her brother certainly took care of her alright, and she felt a pang of loneliness as she was reminded of the fact that he had gone home. While he was safe with the excuse of having to do something important for his mother, she couldn't brush off her 'friends' as easily. They were all girls after all, and she felt that she needed to keep up her image-at least to Ino. The other girls would probably not make the cut, and inevitably the rift between ninjas and civilians would be a safe excuse to distance herself.

"What kind of girl does your brother like, Narumi-chan?" Sakura asked with interest, immediately gathering the attention of the other girls.

"Ah... what kind?" Narumi mimicked awkwardly, unsure of how to answer.

"Yea, like you know, does he like the outgoing types, quiet types... long-haired or short-haired, that kind of thing."

What my brother likes huh... Narumi thought with slight chagrin. She knew that her brother loved her, and that he had only eyes for her compared to any other girls he had met. But she did not know what he truly preferred. She had changed herself to best satisfy his needs and desires, but he did not push her to do his bidding. He was satisfied with whatever style she choose, so long as she was happy. He told her she was beautiful in anything, even when she wore nothing but his shirt.

"My brother... prefers long-haired girls," Narumi answered quietly, in thought even as the girls broke into sudden discussion, one of them suddenly crying out how her short hair was holding her back.

That was one thing she knew for sure, Naruto loved long hair, and she liked to think her own was his favourite... but she knew better. There was someone else who held Naruto's attention the most in that regard.


She found her brother studying a scroll rather intently in his room. He did not look up as she entered the room, nor did he, when she draped her arms around his neck. She nuzzled herself against him, inhaling the familiar scent of her most precious person. He had to smile, and brought one hand up to caress her own.

"Welcome back, Narumi," he greeted softly, kissing the back of one hand.

She sighed into his neck, enjoying being in his presence. "Onii-sama..." she whispered, tightening her hold slightly.

He looked at her with concern. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing..." she murmured, still rubbing against him. "I just missed you so much."

He had to chuckle at that, and finally set down his scroll to lean into her embrace. "You're too cute... Narumi." He held her chin, and tilted her face towards his own and captured her lips with his own. It was a gentle kiss, but it only served to ignite the passion inside of her, and she moaned against him.

Breaking the kiss after a long moment, he stared into her eyes. "I missed you too, beautiful."

He grabbed her hand and steered her around so that she was in front of him. Without another word, she straddled his lap, happily hugging him closer to her. Her very own heart was pounding as she stared into his own eyes. She rested her forehead against his, enjoying the feeling of her brother's hands caressing around her waist and thighs. The way he made her feel was almost unnatural, but she wouldn't be complaining anytime soon. Not when his mere presence brought out such incredible feelings. She leaned in to kiss his neck and nuzzled into his chest in affection.

"Onii-sama..." She was rubbing against him now, causing him to moan lightly at the sensation between their legs. "I love you..."

His hands trailed along her thighs in a familiar manner, going under her sundress to dance along her silky-smooth skin. He had been denied earlier in the classroom, but there was surely nothing to stop him from ravaging his darling sister. Their mother wouldn't be home for another few hours, and they could have a moment of privacy to themselves.

"You're acting a bit more aggressive than usual," he mused, kissing the top of her head even as his fingers tugged at the ends of her panties. Black silkenly laced as usual.

"I- Ah! I... can't help it," she moaned loudly, back arching slightly as one of his hands slipped into her panties and began to caress her center. She was already soaking wet, and he felt her shiver as he dipped a single finger inside. "Mmm, onii-sama... yes... ah!"

"So greedy..." He smiled even as he added another finger, she was bucking against his hand, almost trying to ride him. "But that's okay, we didn't get to play this morning, hm?"

She moaned in disappointment as his wonderful hands slowed to a crawl, teasing her with slow, gentle caresses. She had been so close. "P-please... onii-sama..."

He was staring at her with pure lust, and she met his eyes with her own half-lidded ones. She wanted him so badly, wanted to be filled by him, wanted to be ravaged until she had her prize; his seed spilled into her womb. Some might have found these intense feelings she had for her brother odd, putting aside the obvious taboo nature of their relationship. But she couldn't help it, being with her brother made her feel complete, and truly there was nothing in the world she loved more than making him happy and satisfied.

"My dear little sister..." he murmured, giving her a deep kiss, wresting her tongue into submission and causing her to moan gutturally. She was still rubbing against his hand, despite how they were merely resting against her wetness. "How could I deny you of anything?" he whispered after breaking their kiss.

She was gasping now, almost at the edge of her release, yet she did not protest as his hand retreated from her panties in order to move downwards. She waited patiently, though still rubbing against him as he helped her remove the ruffled sundress from her. It was lifted and promptly thrown onto the floor, leaving her only in her matching black-laced bra and panties. She made no move to hide her form, rather, she jutted out her chest almost proudly at the look of desire in her brother's eyes.

His hands continued to roam her flawless body, and it was with a small chuckle that he noticed the wet spot where she had been rubbing against him. The area around his crotch was now completely soaked. "Naughty little vixen," he murmured, distracting her with a few kisses onto her bared skin.

She moaned against him, hugging him tightly against her even as he slowly got up from the chair he had been lounging in, her legs wrapped around his waist, still rubbing against him vainly. His dexterous hands made swift move of her bras and they joined her sundress on the floor. Her beautiful mounds were displayed openly, and she shivered despite herself, her nubs were as hard as ever from her arousal, and she gasped as he played with one sensitive nub even as he began to maneuver them towards the bed.

He reached the bed just as she was growing impatient, his dress shirt was tossed aside, and he almost had his pants off before she abruptly moved in his hold, causing him to become unbalanced. He fell softly onto the bed, his sister somehow still remaining perched atop of his waist. She was still rubbing against him.

"Onii-sama," she whispered, moving her hands along his chest, before slowly drawing herself up so that she could sit fully atop of him. She made for quite a sight, dressed in nothing but her drenched black panties. Her breasts moved in tune with her heavy breathing, and as she stared down at him with those lustful eyes of hers, he felt himself breathless.

"Definitely more aggressive today," he said with a light smile, letting his sister indulge herself atop of him. His hands continued to dance along her bare skin, resting along her waist to steady her.

She reached behind her and found his cock easily enough, it had been rock hard almost as soon as they hit the bed. Her smooth hands danced along the length, before gently cradling the crown. He moaned lightly as she rubbed against it, cushioning it between her smooth palms and her silken panties. "Onii-sama... let me take care of you," she whispered throatily, still staring deep into his cerulean orbs.

He wanted nothing more to roll over and force her under him in order to ravage her fully. But the slow, gentle way she was rubbing against him felt incredibly, and who was he to deny the indulgences of his dear little sister. Especially when it felt this good.

"Narumi," he groaned, thrusting just a little from his precarious position under her. She was moaning as well, and she seemed to be close to an orgasm from the way she was shaking.

" onii-sama..." she panted, before finally letting go of his cock, causing him to moan in disappointment. It was soon replaced by anticipation as his sister shifted just a bit so that she was now resting directly at the top of his cock. The only thing separating him from her wonderful warmth was the thin, wet material of her panties. Even then, it sent pleasure in waves as she rubbed directly against the crown of his cock.

She hovered above him, slowly gathering herself despite the fact that she was clearly on the verge of completion. "I love you... onii-sama," she whispered, meeting his eyes with a look that could only be described as absolute desire.

She reached down with one hand, pushing aside the fabric of the panties, revealing her dripping wet pussy, and then she sank herself down. There was a loud moan of pleasure from the both of them, and he had to steady her waist almost immediately as she lost control of herself. Her walls clenched him so tightly, and it was only due to how wet she was that he could even fit himself inside of her. As he fully sheathed himself inside of her, she finally came.

"Onii-sama!" she cried, her release finally granted. Her walls clenched around him deliciously as she came, and despite the fact that she wasn't even moving, he had to force himself not to come then and there. He hissed in pain and pleasure as she steadied herself by grabbing his chest, her nails drawing some blood from the force of her grip.

Her mind was dizzy from the amount of pleasure rippling through her, and though she had just had her release, the pleasure never really left. The throbbing length inside of her continued to throb and pulse, sending electric jolts of pleasure everytime she moved. He felt so nice inside of her, that she couldn't help but move almost as soon as she recovered, gently rocking against him.

"Narumi...," her brother moaned, still restraining himself for the most part. The way he gripped her waist was almost painful from the intensity.

"Hah... onii-sama," She started moving, gently at first due to how sensitive she felt, but gradually she began to move up and down, each time sending them into a haze of delirious pleasure. "Inside of me... so full..."

He thrusted upwards in time with her rocking motions, causing her to gasp as he sank himself to the hilt each time, his head kissing the entrance of her womb. Maybe it was the fact that it had been a while since his last release, or the fact that his sister was riding him; a position that she rarely offered to be in, but the pleasure felt much higher than normal. As he lied there, watching the beautiful figure of his little sister riding him, he had to clamp down on his urge to come immediately, she simply felt too good. With the way the light layer of sweat covered her body, only emphasized by the sunlight streaming in from the windows, and the way her wonderfully full breasts bounced with each thrust, she was simply a goddess in his eyes.

A goddess that belonged to him.

He was nearing completion, and she could feel it too, he was thrusting harder and harder. She felt her own orgasm approaching, and gasped as he reached downwards to lightly caress her clit. The moment he did, she bucked and had to refrain from letting out a scream, though he felt it anyway as her walls clenched him almost painfully. Yet, their coupling did not stop, though the pace had slowed just a bit.

"Onii-sama..." she called out to him, and he moaned back. "You know... that... mmph... t-that I would... do... anything..." She stared deep into his own half-lidded eyes, hands reaching out to hold one of his own, not slowing down her pace at the least. "Anything... for you... my dear... onii-sama!"

She clamped down. Hard.

He moaned as the clenching of her luscious walls became too much, and with one last thrust, he buried himself to the hilt and let his control go. She screamed his name in a haze of pleasure, feeling his burning hot seed fill her womb. The feeling felt amazing to her, even from the current position, and she felt her climax extend as his length throbbed inside of her. There was nothing quite as fulfilling as when she was fully filled by him. After several long moments, he was spent, and she finally collapsed against him, resting herself atop of his chest.

"Onii-sama..." she murmured sleepily, inhaling the his deep scent that was tinged by the musky fragrance of their coupling. When she felt his arms slip protectively around her, she sighed happily, and snuggled deeper into his embrace. This was what she had wanted all day

"Narumi," he whispered into her matted hair, gently smoothing her long smooth locks. His cock twitched inside of her, and he felt that he could have continued on ravaging his dear sister, but somehow he felt tired. Gently, he removed himself from inside of her velvety depths, getting a moan of disappointment from his sister. He smiled despite himself, she wanted to keep going even though she was absolutely exhausted.

Maybe there was something off about his sister, her love for him was obviously not what one could call normal in any sense of the word. Yet, he did not care... so long as she was happy and in his arms, he would not change a thing. His sister belonged to him, just as much as he belonged to her.

"Mine..." he whispered once more with closed eyes, tightening his hold around her. Narumi mumbled his name sleepily, sighing happily as he wrapped some blankets around them.


Kushina came home to a quiet house, and would have thought that her children were not home, if not for the telltale sign on their shoes by the entrance. All of the lights were off, despite the evening glow painting the house in its orange glow. She sighed as she took off her sandals after a long day out. It had been fun shopping around with Mikoto, but she forgot just how 'girly' her friend could be. Sitting around in a kimono shop for the better part of the afternoon was not very fun, although the delicious food at that restaurant sort of made up for it.

"I'm home~" she called out, absently flicking open the light of the living room. She looked around and could not see any of her children on the couch, nor were they in the garden out back. She was just about to ascend the stairs when her senses informed her of a familiar person coming up to her.

"Kaasan?" Narumi asked, then smiled upon seeing her. "Welcome back."

"Narumi-chan," she greeted happily, observing the form of her daughter. Narumi looked... odd, she was dressed in a single t-shirt that definitely did not fit her, and she recognized to be one of Naruto's. Her smooth blonde locks were in disarray, and they fell around her face in a messy manner. Her daughter appeared to have just woken up. "Were you sleeping?"

"Yea... I took a nap, with onii-sama." The blonde yawned, turning her tired gaze to the bags that her mother still head in her hands. "Did you go shopping with auntie Mikoto?"

"Mmhm," Kushina affirmed, still looking at her oddly. Her mind was drawing conclusions again... and it was focusing around what her daughter and son had likely done while they were alone. She couldn't help the blush that still creeped up her face.

We can continue this talk later... when you're ready.

"Uwahh~ you have to show me what you bought, auntie always buys the best stuff!" Narumi happily bounced to her, taking a peek inside of the bags, and making a fuss as she spotted the new kimonos that Mikoto had forced Kushina to buy. "Is this silk?"

"Ah... you can look over those later, what were you doing back there anyway?" Kushina tried to steer away from the topic of her purchases, not wanting her daughter to find out just what she had been forced to buy. It would be quite embarrassing to reveal the new undergarments that had somehow showed up in her bags after they had exited the store. Mikoto could be quite conniving sometimes.

"Oh! I was drawing a bath... I was feeling sweaty." Narumi wouldn't meet her eyes for some reason, and seemed to fidget with the ends of the long shirt she was wearing. "Ah, want to join me, kaasan?" she asked with a smile.

Kushina, who had been walking in the heat inside of her flowery kimono all day, found the idea of a bath to be rather perfect. "Okay," she agreed with a smile.

It had been a while since they bathed together, but it wasn't an uncommon thing, Kushina rather enjoyed it since she could spend time with her daughter while discussing anything that came to mind. Narumi was the same way, happy with the bonding, and they often talked for hours while doing each others' hairs.

Their bath was huge, it was big enough to easily fit a group of people in, and was probably more like a sauna than a regular bath. It was a large room, with beautiful marble finishings and decorated with bamboo and decorative tatami screens. In the center, was an in-ground 'bath', though it was certainly large enough to be a pool. The water was drawn with a very intricate sealing system that Kushina had invented herself, and the water was always at a perfect temperature.

Narumi took off her shirt and placed it over one of the tatami screens carefully, before removing her panties as well. As she carefully lowered herself into the pool, she let out a loud sigh of contentment, the warm water doing wonders for her. There were steps that substituted as seats around the edges of the pool, and she sat basking in the warmth while waiting for her mother.

The redhead had considerably more clothing than Narumi, and was taking her time in unwrapping the bindings that kept her kimono clinging to her body. When she was done, she joined her daughter in the waters, and let loose a sigh of contentment of her own. The water was incredibly soothing to her aching joints. They should have rinsed first, but the seals took care of most muck and impurities, constantly keeping a flow of clean, warm water circulating.

"So..." Kushina began, after several minutes of relaxing lounging. "I'm guessing you two passed the exam?"

Narumi pouted. "Of course, kaasan, how could you ever doubt us?"

"Hehe, you never know, Narumi, maybe Naruto-kun could've messed up a bunshin or something..." she trailed off as her daughter gave her a look of disbelief.

She snickered, and soon the two of them were laughing like school girls. It had been such a long time since they last unwinded together.

"But congratulations, Narumi," Kushina added after they were done. "We should do something to celebrate."

Narumi gave her a wan smile. Their mother was still largely unaware of just how little they cared about Konoha in general. Though she was sure that if she was aware, she still wouldn't really care. Their mother cared for them above all else.

"Onii-sama bought me a dress." She smiled, remembering how he had surprised her early in the morning.

"Oh? You have to show it to me later," her mother smiled back. "I seriously wonder how your brother affords all of these things though... he certainly doesn't ask me for funds," she muttered with a huff at the end.

"Mm, he doesn't tell me either," she mused. She had a fairly good idea of where his income was coming from. It wasn't like it was a secret just how good he was with sealing techniques. He had even surpassed their mother in certain aspects. It was an incredible feat, considering just how skilled their mother was.

For a moment they lingered in comfortable silence, enjoying the warmth of the bath as well as the accompanying steam.

"Neh, kaasan?" Narumi was the one to break the silence.

"Hmm?" her mother acknowledged, her eyes still closed in relaxation.

"Do you have any idea who will be our sensei?" she asked curiously. It had been irking her that she didn't have a clue who they would assign to teach them, even though her brother did not seem the least bit worried. She just wanted someone who wouldn't pry too much into their life, and definitely not someone who was a fan of their family.

"..." Kushina remained silent, though Narumi could see the minute twitch along her lip.

"...Kaasan?" Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly.

"Ahaha..." she laughed nervously. "Uhm... you'll just have to find out?"

"Mou..." She pouted unhappily, but did not press for more. Her mother was a terrible liar to the two of them, and she was sure that she could find out if she asked the right questions, but that wasn't in her nature. She would never do things that made her family uncomfortable.

They soaked in the bath for a long time, exchanging small talk and happily discussing the merits of a battle kimono versus a battle suit. It was when she was getting just a bit woozy from sitting in the steam that she finally made to get out.

"Ah, let me wash your hair, Narumi-chan." Her mother got out as well, and the two made towards the other end of the room. There, several full-length mirrors were placed and in front of them sat a couple of wooden stools. A small glass table held all of their needed haircare products.

Narumi sat down primly, and moved her wet hair towards her back. Though she was completely naked, she felt no need to cover herself. There was no need to be modest in front of her mother, who had been her best friend for as long as she could remember. Yet, when her mother sat down behind her and began to shampoo her long locks, she felt a foreign emotion stirring.


The woman behind her was undoubtedly more curvaceous than her. Namikaze Kushina was an incredibly beautiful woman, and some even considered her to be the most beautiful woman in Konoha. It was understandable, given just womanly her mother appeared at first glance, with her heart-shaped face, and vibrant eyes. Her hair... the waterfall of luscious red hair was always what drew people to her. They were so long that they came up to her knees, yet no one could say that they weren't breathtakingly beautiful.

She wondered who Naruto would say was more beautiful... her, or her mother. The thought made her feel self-conscious, despite how foolish she knew it was. Her brother loved her so much, it should have been enough.

"Narumi?" her mother suddenly whispered, and Narumi realized that she had spaced out.

"Ah, yes?" She suddenly realized that her mother was staring at her through the reflection of the mirror, and tracking the line of sight... she realized that her mother was staring at the red hickey at the base of her neck. She suddenly blushed, trying to cover it with her hands, but her mother had noticed already.

"Oh, Narumi..." There was a tinge of something in her mother's voice. "It's okay."

She continued to lather her hair with the shampoo, taking care to not miss a spot, knowing how well she liked to keep her hair smooth. "You know how much I love you... you and your brother."

Narumi felt her heart clench at the words. "Kaasan?"

"And so long as you're both happy..." Kushina gave her a smile through the reflection of the mirror. "Then I will support you all the way."

Relief filled her at those words, and she felt elated. Though she had never believed that her mother would look down on her relationship with her brother, the doubt had always been there, lingering. It felt wonderful to have the support of the one other person she confided in.

"Now, for a rinse!" Those were all the warning she had before her mother drenched her with a bucket of water.



She had a miserable pout on her lips as her mother finished rinsing her off with multiple buckets of water that somehow filled instantly. Soon she was finished, and had a towel around her hair to help dry it. Now she was sitting where her mother had sat, the roles now reversed.

Her mother's hair was beautiful. As she ran her hands through its incredibly long strands, she thought that she knew what her brother loved about them. It was what made her mother stand out, and Naruto had always loved them even when they were young, always wanting to play with them and to touch them. He had even thrown a fit when their mother had proclaimed one day that she needed a trim. She had never brought it up again after that.

She remembered being enamoured with her mother's hair when she was young as well. It had been the brightest thing to her, and she had wished that her hair could be as beautiful as her mothers. In a way it was, her blonde hair was certainly bright and colourful enough... but that vivid shade of red was lost to her. Though her brother said he loved her hair, she couldn't help but feel jealous.

Her hands finished lathering the long lengths of red, and she began the process of rinsing it off. She did so with a showerhead that protruded from the walls, and she took the time to wash all of the soap off. It really was a tedious process, taking care of such a long length of hair, but her mother never complained. Why would she? When Naruto's eyes lightened up every time he saw her, and his hands always tended to stray to her hair.

"Neh... kaasan?" she called out quietly, finishing off the rinsing before grabbing a towel. Drying her hair would take an even longer time, but thankfully she only needed to soak up enough water so that it wouldn't drip. Fully drying her hair could always be done by a jutsu if she wished.

"Hmm?" Kushina had her eyes closed in contentment as her daughter dried her hair. It was nice to be able to relax after a shower, as usually she spent quite some time fixing up her hair.

She was unprepared then, when her daughter suddenly hugged her from behind. "N-Narumi?"

Her daughter embraced her tightly, and she felt a blush creeping up at the suddenness of it. They were both naked after all.

"I can share... you know," Narumi whispered from behind, sending a shiver down Kushina's spine.


Her brother likely wasn't aware that she knew exactly what had happened during the 'talk' he had with their mother. It wasn't hard to piece together what had happened from the way their mother acted like a stuttering mess afterwards. She had gotten better after a few days, but the blushes on her face was almost just as obvious.

"Onii-sama," she confirmed, and Kushina felt herself freeze. "You want him as well..."

Kushina was embarrassed, not just because of how incredulous it sounded, her being attracted to her son of all people, but because that person belonged to Narumi. But she couldn't deny it, some part of her wanted her son... desperately. Ever since he had grown up, he was constantly on her mind, because to her, he was the center of her heart, in a different manner than her daughter. She could hardly explain why her heart pounded so hard whenever he hugged her or kissed her cheek.

"I..." she didn't know what to say.

"You deserve love as well... kaasan." With that parting statement, Narumi let her go, and began to get dressed.

Even as she finished up, and left the room, Kushina still sat there perfectly still. She was left alone, with her heart beating swiftly in her chest, and her mind whirling with thoughts.



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