Alone Together

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at Gormenghast-related poetry so please be gentle! This is told from Fuchsia's point of view as she muses about a certain former kitchen-boy . . . This is set around the time when she and Steerpike are meeting secretly. Enjoy!

I mistrust your eyes

Yet I would willingly drown in them

Icy storms of stone that look upon me

With something I cannot place

Your cold hand meets mine

Involuntarily in the darkness

But it does not withdraw

Neither does mine

And I swoon and shudder inside

I am afraid yet courageous

Flinging myself whole-heartedly into the moment

Into your arms

Twirling in the rain

I cry out

"I am me!"

Do you hear?

Do you understand?

Forsaking my attic, forest and imagination

To grow from a child into a woman.

You roam the deepest region of my heart

Always in my mind

As I begin to tread down the outskirts of that treacherous land.

My heart happily feeding on new emotions.

Why do you stir these feelings in me?

You seem so cold in my world of passions

But yet so warm

You guess my thoughts but do you feel my feelings?

Confused, but strong, wanting to hide away

Back in my attic of childhood dreams

The casket of wonder you rifled

When you wandered into my life

A daring adventurer to capture my imagination

And steal my heart.

Do you feel?

Do you know what I dream about?

And what of your dreams?

Am I a part of them?

You understand my loneliness

So we are alone together.

Does it equate love?

Is it enough?

To be alone together in the chasms of our hearts.

Yes . . .

As long as we are not alone . . .