You do not need to know my name. My name is not of concern. All you need to know is that I am, and always will be, a loyal servant of the galactic Empire. I am an imperial stormtrooper. We are the proud elite soldiers of the Emperor. We are unwavering in our loyalty and our determination to enforce his will on the galaxy. We have only one purpose: To live and die in the name of the Empire. We enforce only one law: Obedience to the Emperor. There is only one punishment for disobedience and failure: Death.

It was always my ambition to serve the Empire and our Emperor. I consider myself to be fortunate that I have been given the honour to serve the Empire as an imperial stormtrooper. It was the proudest day of my life to join the ranks of the Empire's elite. After so many months of hard training and dedication, I had at last achieved my childhood dream. I still remember how my mother wept tears of pride and joy as I stood on the parade ground with my fellow recruits in our new white stormtrooper armour when we pronounced our oath to the Emperor. It is a day I will never forget and a memory that is etched deep into my mind. It is also the last time I saw my mother alive.

I realise that my oath to the Emperor supersedes all loyalty to any other persons, including my parents. It was a sacrifice that I made with pride in my heart. And it was a sacrifice that my mother was pleased to make as a loyal citizen of the Empire. She had always encouraged me to join the Imperial forces. It was the happiest day of her life to give her only child in the service of the Emperor and it fulfilled an ambition that both of us had relentlessly pursued since my birth. But apart from that, I was glad to please her and put back a little bit of joy in her heart after the years of sorrow she had suffered since the death of my father.

Both my parents were loyal imperial servants. My father was a fighter pilot in the imperial navy, fighting for security and order which the Empire brought to the galaxy. My mother was a teacher who educated our children to become good and loyal citizens of the Empire.

From a young age my parents always taught me how our beloved Emperor Palpatine had brought order and peace into a galaxy. How he built the Empire from the ruins of the stagnant and decrepit Old Republic. How he had sent his forces to hunt down the deceitful and corrupt Jedi masters who used their power to oppress and deceive the peoples of the galaxy with their lies of liberty and democracy.

My father always regaled me with stories of the battles he had participated in. How he and his comrades had destroyed rebel and pirate ships. How our invincible imperial stormtroopers mercilessly crushed the traitors and criminals who dared oppose our great and just galactic Empire. Each night, I went to bed with dreams of glory. Either destroying fleeing rebel ships in a tie-fighter or cutting down cowardly traitors with my stormtrooper blaster rifle.

I was so proud to be associated with the strength and power of the Empire. It always filled my heart with pride and joy to hear about the victories of our imperial forces over those traitors and so-called rebels who opposed the Emperor's will. Nothing can stand in the way of our fleets or armies. I have never understood why the rebels could oppose the Empire. They are weak, both morally and militarily. And for that reason, they are doomed to failure and destruction.

Likewise, my mother always explained to me that the only way to live a decent life was in service of the Emperor. She taught me that devotion and loyalty to the Empire was the only true way to bring peace, order and prosperity to the galaxy. And to this end, all loyal imperial citizens must make sacrifices and all traitors must be eliminated.

I was only 9 years old when we were informed that my father had been killed in action against rebel forces. My mother told me I should not be sad as he had died with honour fighting the enemies of the Empire. My mother told me she was not sad and she was proud of him. But I know it affected her. She was never the same after his death. She was always full of sadness and sorrow and it was only when she finally saw me in in my stormtrooper armour that I saw her truly happy again.

But my mother was right of course. I refused to let myself be sad over the honourable sacrifice my father had made. But I vowed that I would kill as many rebels as I could to avenge his death. So with my mother's support, I dedicated myself to joining the imperial forces. Unfortunately, I did not have the skills to be a pilot. But I was delighted when the imperial authorities accepted my application as a recruit in the Stormtrooper trainee program.

Shortly after I shipped out, I was informed that my mother had died. I must admit it pained me greatly. But it made me even more determined to serve the Empire with the very fibre of my being. By doing my duty as an imperial stormtrooper, not only would I serve the Emperor, but I would also honour the memory of my parents.

Each time I put on my uniform and go out to perform my duty, I always remember my mother's words of wisdom as she kissed me goodnight each evening. She said, "Remember my child. There are only two types of people in this galaxy. Those who serve the Emperor well, and those who deserve to die."

My mother and father may be gone Now. But their devotion and loyalty to the Empire live on in me. I have a new family now. The Emperor is my father. The Empire is my mother. And my Stormtrooper comrades are my brothers and sisters. All others must learn to bow before us or die.

Today is a great day. Lord Vader has joined our ship and has taken personal command of an important mission. My comrades and I are greatly honoured by his presence and determined to demonstrate our worth to the Empire. We are to intercept and board an Alderaanian ship carrying rebel spies. We shall not fail him or the Empire.

We are imperial stormtroopers. We shall do our duty or die trying.