Orihime shot up in the bed.

It was a long moment before her eyes adjusted, before she could even realize where she was. She blinked rapidly, sunlight blinding her, and her mouth tasted weird. Her head was throbbing, like that time Rangiku gave her some kind of weird-tasting beverage on her eighteenth birthday.

"This is…" She whispered, her eyes widening, "The house!" She didn't say anything else, instead tore the blankets off. She looked down in utter astonishment—her nightgown was short, but in its rightful place and her bed was empty, besides herself.

She stared.

No man with dark amber eyes, no orange hair, no tongue stroking and licking and—

Her cheeks flared brightly, warmth traveling down to her neck. She clenched the sheets in her hands, her knuckles going white. Again, just as last night, her center throbbed, liquid heat forming in her stomach. She pressed her thighs together, sweat dewing on her pale skin. Slowly, she licked her lips.

"W-Wha…" She shook her head, eyes larger than usual.

Ring. Ring.

Her brow creased at the noise. The phone!

Without warning, she jerked from her bed. Instantly, she teetered, but managed to catch herself just in time. Her legs felt like Jell-O. Just another sign. She pushed the door out of the way, ignoring the creaks underneath her feet as she raced down the hallway, ignoring the darkness on her tail, and instead stumbled into the room.

Ring. Ring.

She snatched the phone right from the hook, clutching it like a lifeline, "Hello?"

"Inoue-san?" Came Ishida-kun's voice through the receiver. Her grip tightened frantically. "Are you alright? You sound out of breath."

She collapsed into the chair. The tears came without warning, trickling down her warm cheeks. It was silent on the other side. She tried to hold in the frightened sob, tried to hold in the panic she felt, but it burst forth like a waterfall of emotions, "I-I-Ishida-kuuun!"

Uryu balked, "I-Inoue-san? Are you alright? What's wrong? Are you hurt?"

"Ishida-kun," she cried, "I was…I was…this man! And he—he touched me, and I was moving around and I was making noises and my toes kept curling and…it hurt, but it felt…good."

Ishida inhaled sharply, "Inoue-san, please slow down. What do you mean? Did someone break into the house?"

Orihime wiped away the last of her tears, nodding vigorously, even though he couldn't see her, "I-I think…"

"Please, tell me everything."

"Okay, well, first: Oba-san called me last night and told me some stuff about exterminators. I went to sleep after that and it was really hard to fall asleep, but I did. And then, when I woke up, it was soooo hot! So, I thought about opening the window, but I heard a weird sound and it sounded really, really, really close. So I asked if it was Inuyasha-chan, or maybe Don-kun. But none of them answered. Just when I was going to go to sleep, BAM!" Ishida jumped from the other side, "He grabbed me and I was…moaning."

Her tone wasn't right, Ishida realized. She sounded like she was in awe. With a shake of his head, he kneaded his temples, "Inoue-san. This story sounds—"

"And orange!"


"Orange. Orange hair. A really pretty color. And sparkling eyes. Like a vampire. Or a nymph." She frowned lightly, "It made me feel like jelly. Honey jelly."


"That sounds good. Mmmm…Honey jelly."

"Inoue-san! Listen to me," He sighed when she fell silent, "I think…you may have had a…wet dream."

Orihime was quiet for a long moment, "Eh?"

"Um, it's like when you have a fantasy about, well…sex. And it makes you feel something." He cleared his throat loudly, lips in a firm line, "D-Do you understand what I am saying?"

A dream? Orihime's brow creased. It had seemed so real. The way his hands had wrapped around her hips, the way he spread her thighs, the way he flicked his tongue back and forth, giving and giving until she was a puddle of mess. She blinked.

And then squealed, "I-I'm a pervert!"

"Eh! Inoue-san, no, no, no! That's not what I meant! It's perfectly natural—"

"Ah! I need to wash away my dirtiness!" cried the redhead, eyes teary, "I-I have to go, Ishida-kun. Please excuse my perverseness."

"W-Wait! I'll come over and check it out, if you want me to. After all, that place is very creepy. I wouldn't be surprised if there was something roaming around. Maybe even ghosts…"

"Ghosts?!" Orihime jerked upright, eyes wide, "That's amazing~!" She glanced around the room, the hallway, and the fireplace excitedly, "I'm going to find one! I'm going to find the one who tried to take my innocence and bestowed that 'wet dream' upon me! Just you watch, Ishida-kun."

"Hold on, Inoue-san—" Click. "She hung up on me."




…Slap, slap, slap!

Orihime pressed her hands to her burning cheeks. Squeezing her eyes shut, she continued to bat her hands against her rosy face, as though to beat out anything perverted. She slapped her cheeks one more time before shaking her head.

"I need to wake up!" She gushed loudly as she walked into the dining room, "I need to clean and unpack and…" She looked down at her nightgown, frowning lightly, "And get dressed."

It wasn't long until she was doing just that—wearing a pale yellow sundress, a thin brown belt wrapped around her waist, and barefoot. The shirt was a little too long, covering her palms and low on her hips. She clapped her hands together, eyes shining with determination.

"No more dirty dreams~" She sing-songed to herself, "No more orange men with grabby hands and…" Her eyes dimmed, eyelids going heavy, "warm, warm tongues…" Without her consent, her fingers began to clench into tight fists. And then she jerked, as though electrocuted. Flushing a deep red, she shook her head again, amber locks flying around her shoulders, "No! No! Perverted! I'm such a pervert!"

She inhaled deeply, puffing out her pink cheeks, "Yosh! Time to start!" She began to open the curtains, and then sneezed as they exploded with clouds of dusts when touched. She decided taking them down would be the best solution, and lied them on the kitchen table when she gathered them all in the den, dining room, and living room. Now, the light streamed through the dirty, cobwebbed windows, and gave the illusion of some kind of life inside the dreary house.

She went to work at polishing them. And by time she was done with the first floor's windows, her arms were aching and sweat was on her brow. But, at least, she could see outside. She grinned to herself. Shortly after, she began to dust—wrestling with cobwebs when they stubbornly decided to tangle in her fingers and hair and yelling at the spiders when they scared her with their long legs and tiny, creepy eyes. The dining room was looking much better the next hour, and it looked safe enough to eat in.

She glanced at the Grandfather clock against the far wall. It was almost one. Ishida-kun should be close. With that thought, she went to work on the boxes in the living room, placing pictures over the fireplace, hanging up decorations where she thought they would be perfect, and even bestowing flowery plants in every room. After sweeping down the long, long staircase, she decided she would have to beat out the carpets and wax the floors before she was satisfied with anything.

Ding. Dong.

Orihime started, and then squealed, dropping her broom. She rushed towards the door, skipping the way there, unbeknownst of the dark eyes watching her from the shadows.

When she reached the door, she opened it with a bright smile, "Good afternoon~!"

Ishida blinked at her, "You're energetic."

"Yes," she chirped, "Come in, come in." He stepped inside and looked around, eyes widening, "Wow. You did this all in less than two hours?"

She nodded vigorously before smiling again, "Ishida-kun, it's just like you said! It must've been a wet dream because it gave me soooo much relief! It really did! I'm relieved. Like a hole has been filled."

Ishida stared at her blankly for a long moment before sputtering, turning a deep red. "I-Inoue-san, what—"

"And I don't even feel that dirty anymore, Ishida-kun. Actually, I feel…" She smiled brightly, "great."

Ishida balked. He stared, wide-eyed, at her before sighing heavily and readjusting his glasses, nudging them up his nose, "Y-Yes, well. I have heard dreams like that can do that to you."

"Eh?" Orihime cocked her head to the side, "You've never had one?"

He flinched away from her, "T-That is personal!"

She appeared even more confused, "It is?"

"Yes, very much so! And I would advise you never bring that up in a conversation, Inoue-san. As you said before, it is very perverted."

"…Oh. That's silly. I should be able to share my experiences with my friends and family."

"Well, not something like this."

"I guess that makes sense," She shrugged her small shoulders before looking down, "You have cake. Cheesecake. With strawberries. And frosting."

He started, looking down at the bag in his right hand, "How'd you know that?"

"Oba-san always told me I had a good sense of smell."

His eyebrow twitched as she eyed the bag curiously. That's an understatement. But, with a shake of his head, he smiled at her, "It's for you. I suppose you can eat it," Her face brightened, "after we're done cleaning," Her expression fell, "Don't look so crestfallen!"

"I can't help it!" proclaimed the amber-haired woman.

Rolling his eyes, he shook his head. He walked to the kitchen and was surprised to find it in mint condition, besides the old counters and cabinets. The floors were cleaned and mopped and the stove looked good as new. Even the fridge had been pushed back and plugged in, even though it was relatively empty.

"You did this all by yourself?" He looked over his shoulder at her.

She smiled blushingly, "Un! It was such a mess."

Uryu nodded, continuing to look around. His eyes came across a large picture hanging over the staircase. There was a young woman there—she was beautiful with bright brown eyes, small pink lips, and wavy cinnamon hair. She was smiling brightly in the portrait, hands clasped in front of her and dressed in an elegant gown. He had a feeling that the picture wasn't even from this era.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" Orihime chirped from behind him.

He glanced at her over his shoulder, "Yes. I suppose." He couldn't really think about things like that with women anymore—not after meeting the Inoue's. "I wonder who she is…" He thought for a moment, "Hm. We should probably just take it down. It takes up too much space and—"

"No!" Ishida looked at Orihime again, startled, "If you take her down, the little rainbow-men will be upset."

He gave her an exasperated look, "Inoue-san—"

"Nope. I like her, Ishida-kun. She's like a guardian angel or something. She keeps an eye on me." She frowned and then gasped sharply, "Oh! What if she saw me having that dirty dream?!"

Ishida, sighing, ignored her. He reverted his attention back to the picture. Without a word, he climbed the stairs, one by one, before stopping in front of the wall holding up the picture. Readjusting his glasses, he was able to see the little scrawl in the corner of the portrait.

"Masaki…" He read softly, brow creasing. Frowning, he looked up at the picture. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he stared at it. When he got closer, he could see the skin was sickly pale and was paper thin, as though she'd endured several days of starvation.

Orihime paused from her ramblings, frowning, "Ishida-kun? Are you alright?"

"Yes…" But his frown deepened before he turned towards her, "I never did like pictures like that," he jabbed a thumb over his shoulder. "One with those kinds of eyes."

Orihime tilted her head to the side, "Oh. You mean the eyes that seem to follow you," she glanced at the picture with a sweet smile, "I like it. Please don't take it down."

"I won't. It's your house, after all, Inoue-san." He took off his fancy jacket and then rolled up his sleeves, "I'll go look for paint. Rangiku-san said it should be in the garage, so I'll look there."

He was already heading away when Orihime called, "But, Ishida-kun! The garage is on the other side of the…house…" She pouted when she saw him vanish down the hallway. Her voice echoed eerily for a moment before she shook her head and turned back towards the den.

She began tugging out the rug from the room. It looked ancient, and probably leaking dust everywhere. It was heavier than she first thought it would be and when she began to pull it from the room, the dust went flying everywhere. She sneezed, eyes pricking uncomfortably. And then she lost her footing, stumbling backwards.

She thought she would hit the floor, but she felt herself collide with the complete opposite.

Before she had time to blink, she was resting against something hard and warm. But it wasn't just warm—it was complete heat, scorching behind her, melting through her clothes. She blinked again, rapidly, mouth running dry. She knew this heat, she knew this body behind her—long with wiry arms and tense muscles. She didn't dare move, she didn't dare make a sound.

Slowly, those arms wrapped around her. Tight and somehow comforting in her confusion.

And then she giggled, "Ah, I see. I must be d-dreaming again." There was no reply, "Or maybe Ishida-kun is playing a prank…"

No response.

"Y-You…" She swallowed, "You can let me go now."

The arms tightened. She nearly choked when she caught his scent—like the earth, fragrant and thick and all around her—and nothing like Ishida-kun's.

She felt her brow crease, her lips quiver. Her hands gripped each side of her dress, "…P-Please tell me you're Ishida-kun."

She felt him drop his head to nuzzle at her neck. Her entire body shook and her stomach curled. Something was throbbing in between her legs, just as the night before, and it made her thighs tremble. He inhaled, as though to commit her scent to memory before rumbling against the skin of her throat,

"I'm afraid not."

Before she had time to even gasp, she was spun around. She felt the startled scream clog her throat, but he was quicker. Her back was against the wall the next second and the dark amber gaze was staring at her. Their noses touched for a moment and she wondered if he would try to kiss her.

Was it wrong that she wanted him to?

Her hands had moved on her own and were now resting against his chest, the muscles twitching and tensing at her touch. Slowly, she looked down, only to see very naked flesh.

Warmth spread across her cheeks. And then she was shrieking, "Ohmigod! You're naked!"

He blinked at her.


Suddenly, he was moving again, crouched low in front of her. It kind of reminded her of a dog, the way he sat and growled warningly. As if protecting his owner. She snapped her head up to the hallway. She could hear Ishida-kun's steps, one by one.

"Inoue-san? Are you alright? I heard you scream." He was getting closer.

The man's growls grew louder, deafening and sharp. Quickly, she grabbed a hold of his shoulder, nearly falling to pieces at his feet when she felt his warmth. It was electrifying, overbearing. And she knew that he was the man from her dreams, from her nightmares, from her heart and from her very soul. Looking into his eyes, she felt something throb inside of her.

She swallowed again as Ishida's steps came closer, "P-Please, you have to hide! If Ishida-kun found you—"

Quick as lightening, he suddenly wrapped his arms around her again. Before she could bask in his scent and strength, his hands pressed into her bottom, lifting her up. Without her consent, her legs wrapped right about him and he was growling, or maybe purring since it didn't sound very threatening.

"W-Wait!" She stammered, a deep red, "I didn't mean to—Eep!"

In a blink of an eye, she was suddenly in a room. An unfamiliar room. However, she wasn't given enough time to look around before he was suddenly dragging his tongue across her lips. She gasped sharply at the sheer passion before his lips suddenly sealed over hers. A ragged breath left her, which sounded oddly like a whimper. Rather than pushing him away, her hands rested against his chest, nails biting into his skin. His kiss was like liquid fire, like she'd stuck her entire body in a volcano.

This should have frightened her, this should have made her scream and flail and run away from him, but instead she was opening his mouth to him and his kisses became fiercer, sucking her tongue wetly until she was writhing underneath him. When he was sure she wouldn't loosen her legs around him, he pinned her against the wall, one hand cupping her cheek almost tenderly and the other finding her hip, pressing his thumb against a sensitive spot.

Without thinking, a long, needy moan broke from her lips and her head tilted back. The onslaught between her legs became even stronger, hot and thick like the air around them. When her hips caught against his, he growled deeply in the back of his throat and she was gripping his orange hair in her hands, vaguely wondering how the littlest of touches could make her feel like she was on the brink of sanity.

He placed hard, quick kisses down her jaw, nipping the delicate skin, and finding the flesh of her neck.

"I need to taste you again," he murmured against her throat, and she shuddered at his gravelly voice. She didn't reply, just moaned helplessly, "Let me please you, Orihime-sama."


Before she could demand how he knew her name and why he added the surname, he suddenly went to his knees, meeting her eyes. The darkness in them had her gasping for air. He slid his hands up her calves, knees, and thighs tantalizingly slowly before he finally found her underwear. He paused for a moment and then there was a loud rip! and then he was right there and she couldn't find herself caring anymore.


He pushed her silky thighs apart and Orihime quieted herself by shoving her knuckles to her lips. She was almost afraid to look down, but he caught her eyes, keeping his dark gaze on her warm face. Keeping eye-contact, he pressed his tongue to her clit, watching her mouth fall open and her eyes close, tears pricking the corners of her eyes. his tongue entered her fluently, just as before, and he groaned deep in his throat at her taste. He grabbed her ass with both of his large hands, forcing her to his hot mouth.

He flicked his tongue up and down, creating a bolt of energy in her stomach, "Orihime-sama," he rumbled against her throbbing clit and she keened, tears spilling over and down her cheeks. He said her name affectionately, warmly, as though she was the only thing in the world.

It sent her heart in a frenzy.

Slowly, he brought one hand from her behind to join with his tongue. Using two fingers, he caught her clit and rubbed at it furiously before sliding it down and allowing the digits to enter her. It was rough and wet and overbearing and then he was forcing them deeper, faster, and her body felt hotter than the sun.

"Oh! Oh, right there!"

She was screaming now, bucking against his mouth and fingers, and gripping his shoulders in a vice-grip.

More. More. More.

Her muscles tensed, locking together so tight she thought she would burst. And then stars burst behind her eyelids and sweat broke across her pale skin. The energy inside of her stomach exploded into bright colors and warmth. She felt her limbs go limp, her toes uncurl, and her nails slowly detached themselves from his skin.

Somewhere in the back of her head, she knew she needed to find out what was going on.

…and find Ishida-kun and tell him it was not a dream.

Slowly, she looked down at the man between her thighs, watching as he removed his fingers from her core and licked them clean. And then he looked up at her, eyes dark and clouded.

"W-Who are you…?" She whispered into the tense air.

Before she could even blink, he was suddenly looming over her, one hand placed over her head, caging her there in his muscles, scent, and heat. She shuddered, licking her dry lips.

"I," he said, watching her small pink tongue, "am yours, Orihime-sama."



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