Author's Note: I wrote this over a year ago, decided to clean it up a bit and just post as is. No continuation possible because I wouldn't know where to even begin. Don't take this seriously, this is meant to be crack, though my sense of humour is a bit different from most people's. Same old disclaimer applies, I don't owe Naruto or Final Fantasy VII.

Okay now, this was just creepy.

Kakashi couldn't help but stare at each one of his students, one at a time, then feel the urge to go to the memorial stone and bang his head against it. Repeatedly.

It was an unusual feeling for him. As a member of ANBU and more recently a jounin, he had seen a lot of odd things out there in the Elemental Countries, but the last few days took the cake.

It was a well known fact among ninja that seeing your first death changed you. More extreme was your first kill. Team 7 experienced the both in that C rank mission to Wave. Still, the changes shouldn't have been THAT extreme.

At first glance, it looked like Naruto and Sasuke had switched personalities. Naruto talked less, brooded more and stared at the world with blue eyes that somehow seemed brighter than they were before. The bright smile, brash bragging, and ramen obsession were completely gone. At first Kakashi wondered if it was a good thing that Naruto didn't inherit Sasuke's old 'you-killed-my-entire-family-prepare-to-die' vibe but soon realized it had been one-upped by the 'I-carry-the-entire-world-on-my-shoulders' vibe.

Sasuke had a shit-eating grin on his face half the time, similar to the vulpine-grin Naruto used to have on his face. He was far chattier than before as well. And since when did Sasuke get so touchy-feely, with random arms around Naruto's shoulders that Naruto didn't protest, or arms around Sakura's waist. There were the pranks too, that Kakashi just KNEW Sasuke had a hand in, but had no real proof. (Most people would have expected Naruto to be behind the pranks, but Kakashi did do what he preached in "looking underneath the underneath' and was sure the blonde wasn't responsible for the pranks). Sasuke was now the outgoing one on Team 7, the one that dragged Naruto and Sakura out to restaurants to eat instead of the other way around.

And Sakura. Sakura was more serious about shinobi work now, which was one good change, especially the healing aspects of it. But he'd also seen her talking to the trees and the flowers around Konoha. That was...not so good. Kakashi resolutely ignored the fact that the local fauna seemed to be responding. Sakura has also started bringing homemade cookies, cakes and other pastries to team training days, which were always enthusiastically accepted by Sasuke and by Naruto with a grunt. Kakashi had never known her to bake, though in the past she HAD brought bentos for Sasuke, which had always been summarily rejected. But those were bentos! These were...different.

But the pastries and cakes were also really really tasty. And when did it get so hard to say no to Sakura? Especially when she was staring at him with those bright green eyes of hers...

So Kakashi simply sighed and resigned himself to having lost the bet to Gai for having the oddest genin team of the year. He couldn't even bring himself to care that Naruto and Sasuke were taking turns lugging around Zabuza Momichi's over-sized broadsword around.

Author's End note: In case it wasn't clear, Sasuke - Zack, Sakura - Aerith, Naruto - Cloud.