Normal POV

"Let go of me." Jinx whispers irritated while being held in place by Snake Eye's strong grip.

Snake Eyes hesitates to release his ninja apprentice, but does it eventually after giving her a rough tug to remind her to never do something like that ever again. The black ninja seems too disappointed in her to even talk, so he just watches her leave the room along with the young grey ninja who also is one of Snake Eye's apprentices.

When the glass door closes behind them, Snake Eyes walks towards Delta's doctor, Sara, and takes his phone out to communicate with her.

'Why did you let her enter?' He asks her, confused still as to why she let her enter so easily when there are strict orders that not anyone can enter that place.

Does she trust the enemy this much? Just thinking about Delta destroying the garden or maybe worse, getting hurt, makes Snake Eyes nervous.

"She was curious, that's all. Even though she was raised as a weapon doesn't mean that she's incapable of developing human-like relations later. Human emotions and actions are stronger than orders, so with this subject, such as her, you have to be careful." She carefully explains while having a calm look about her.

'Human emotions'

Sara nods, "Within time and without triggering that one effect that she has been taught to obey her master, she can slowly, but surely develop them."

'I see.' Snake Eyes thinks as he looks down. He's glad that he can save the girl, and there's something interesting about her that seems to catch his attention in no other way he has ever felt before. He doesn't know what causes this, but it's for some reason a good feeling that he hasn't felt in a long time.

"Can you make sure she gets back without destroying anything?" Sara asks.

'But you just said…' Snake Eyes starts, but Sara interrupts him.

"I know, I know," She waves her hand around. "But you never know with her, right?" She laughs.

Snake Eyes sighs silently and eventually nods. She's right. Snake Eyes agrees and heads towards the door leading into the big garden. As the door closes behind Snake Eyes, Sara returns to the room she was previously in and gives her co-worker an amused smile while he has an annoyed look on his face.

"Why did you let your patient inside the garden? You know that it's not any ordinary place." He says disappointed and looks out of the big window which has a nice view of the huge garden and its' beauty.

"I know." Sara starts and looks outside as well. "Don't worry, that's why I sent Snake Eyes after her."

"Wait, what?" He shakes his head confused at Sara and thinks for a moment. "Wait, you mean to tell me that she, of all people, will let her feelings out with him there just like you said? How exactly."

"Well," Sara turns to face him. "She is without armor and weapons, plus she is curious and confused, what do you think will happen?" She continues.

"Ah, that's right. That plant lets out a scent…" He ponders.

"Exactly." Sara smiles and taps her partner's shoulder as if she's proud of him.

"She got no choice but to call out for someone." Sara adds.

"You're evil." He laughs.

"Not really. I'm just helping both of them." She smiles and looks out at the memorizing garden.

Delta POV

This place sure is something else. It's nothing I have ever seen before. There's so much green as well as other exotic colors by all the plants, flowers and trees scattered around the place. Even the water in this place has a completely different color than the usual dark blue I'm normally used to.

The deeper I walk into this garden – or forest – I can't decide since it's so unusually big, the scent of the area seems to mix with the other good scents, but there is one sticking out in particular. It's weird, almost as if it's calling to me.

What's the worst thing that can happen anyway? Sure there might be poisonous plants, - now that I think about it - but they are easy to spot, so I doubt that those will be a problem. I shrug and follow the scent which is getting stronger and stronger by each step I take.

After walking through some tall grass, flowers, shallow water and climbing over a huge root, I arrive in front of a huge cocoon looking thing. It's at least 3 meters (9 feet 10.11 inches) tall and has strange roots coming out from under its' huge leaves.

"What the hell." I mumble and feel goosebumps creep up my body. I suddenly feel very nervous about this thing, but why? I have never felt this nervous before. I look down at my hands, nope, no shaking, but I still feel nervous. Is it because of the size of that thing and the fact that I'm defenseless without my armor and weapons? Maybe.

Suddenly I cover my mouth and let out a long yawn, quickly after I notice that I'm suddenly getting tired and weak all over my body. What's going on? I struggle to keep myself on my feet and I quickly collapse on my knees. It feels like my energy is being sucked out of me.

That's when I hear loud rustling in front of me and several of thuds and things break around me. I look up and see that the cocoon is slowly opening. It has bright colors inside and I can instantly notice that it's a giant flower with a big hole in the middle of it, which I assume is its' mouth.

With it now fully opened, it releases several of vines from its' body, quickly wraps them around me and raises me slowly up in the air. I try to wrestle of out its' grip, but it's too strong and the vines are tightly wrapped around both of my arms, legs and chest.

"God dammit." I curse under my breath and try again to get free, but it's useless like last time. I groan frustrated and feel that it's starting to hurt slightly in the places where the vines are wrapped. This can't be happening. I close my eyes shut and try my best to endure the sinking pain in hope for it to stop.

I hiss in pain, not wanting to scream and forces one of my eyes to look down at the living plant growling and moving its' vines amused. This thing doesn't want to kill me, does it? If it did then it would have killed me already. What's it waiting for?

I can feel my body getting weaker and weaker. The beast is draining my energy in some unknown way and it's cooing me to stop struggling and just give up. I let out a stifled breath and I'm feeling close to passing out until I feel the vines starting to loosen up.

Weakly I open my eyes and I hear the loud and obnoxious scream of the plant as some green goo emits from the base of it. Who's down there? Before I get to scout the area I feel myself suddenly falling down at a fast pace. I try to turn my body to face the ground properly, but instead I wince by trying and realize that it's no use, but then someone catches me just mere inches from the ground and lands safely on the ground.

The person got a firm grip around my numb body. It felt funny not feeling anything. Strangely nothing is hurting anymore. I try to open my mouth to speak, but there's no sound coming out and my voice is feeling dry. Same goes for my body, not wanting to respond at all.

The air around me feels heavy and my eyes are struggling to stay open. My sight is blurred and I still can't identify the person holding me. Desperately trying to stay awake, I try to look up at the person towering over me with its' head shielding the sun, but my eyes give in, and before I know it, I pass out.

Slowly I open my tired eyes and adjust my them to the annoyingly bright light shining down at me. While doing so, I notice that I'm moving. I hear long strides walk in the tall grass and the whole world seemingly bumping up and down. That's when I realize that I'm being carried.

I look surprised up at the black armored person carrying me. Of course it's Snake Eyes, who else. But why is he here? How did he find me? Strangely he has yet to notice that I'm awake. What a terrible ninja he is.

I really don't feel like moving for some reason. It's comfortable being carried in his arms while my head rests against his sturdy shoulder. Wait… why am I suddenly accepting all of this aid from him, it doesn't make sense… my whole body feels so relaxed and at peace.

Suddenly he stops and looks down at me, which catches me off-guard and I reflexively pull away from him, making me fall flat down on the grass, crushing it slightly beneath me. I straighten myself up in a sitting position and look up at him while trying to calm myself down.

He crouches down and quickly pulls his phone out. 'Are you okey?' He asks and gently touches my shoulder while inspecting me carefully.

I look distracted down at his hand and then up at him again while feeling a strange tingling feeling inside of me. I feel my cheeks getting hot for some reason while staring up at him. What's happening? I don't answer him, which causes him to sit down on one knee and lean closer to me with one of his hands sliding beside me.

Suddenly my heart skips by the closeness of him and I crawl quickly backwards away from him. He tilts his head confused at me while I release a long sigh and slightly shake my head. What was that all about? This feeling… The annoying drumming in my stomach and the intense beating of my heart… what has he done to me?

"W-what did you do with me?" I stutter, slightly surprising myself, but I shake it away with an annoyed huff.

He types into his phone and shows it to me. 'Nothing. What are you talking about?'

He closes on to me again and I push him harshly away with my face turned away from him, but he stays strong this time and has his masked face close to mine.

"Stop doing that." I say annoyed and slowly look up at him. "You're hurting me." I add with a mumbled voice.

'In what way?' He asks as he backs his face away from me.

"W-well…" I put both of my hands up to my chest, one at my stomach and the other at my heart. "My heart is beating really fast and my stomach hurts when you're near me." I almost whisper and look shyly away, but then I see him suddenly laughing by the way he moves and his chest heaves.

"What are you laughing at?" I ask him quickly, feeling very confused. He continues to laugh silently by throwing his head down and rests both of his arms on his knees. When he stops he types something new into his phone.

'You're blushing.'

I touch both of my cheeks and feel that they're still warm. "I am?" I ask him and watches as he nods while standing up, offering me a hand to stand up.

I hesitate for a moment, but eventually accepts it and gets on both of my feet, but I'm still feeling weak from the last encounter I had, and I'm about to fall down again, but Snake Eyes manages to wrap his arm around my waist and keeps me in place.

I look down at his arm and feel that the annoying pain inside my body is getting even stronger now. Well – it's not exactly pain, but it's not a good feeling to say the least. I just can't accept it, and it's really starting to piss me off.

'We should get you to your doctor.' He shows his phone to me.

"Just hurry." I say shortly after I give him a nod. He nods as well and starts walking with me closely beside him.

Why am I feeling so helpless all of a sudden? It can't be because of him. It can't be, because I didn't act like this when I was in the same room as Jinx and that other ninja. That plant must have done something with me. I shake my head frustrated at myself. That doctor got some explaining to do the instant I get a hold of her.

But first… I look up at Snake Eyes who's looking straight, busy leading the both of us out of this massive garden, and I feel that I'm getting weak and my stomach is starting to twist just like before. Quickly I look away to make the stupid feeling go away. I need to get away from this ninja as far as possible.