In a room two boys were playing World of Planes while two girls were watching

" AHHHHHH! Why can't I shoot you down Ryo?" said a young man with straight red hair and green colored eyes as his P-51 was shoot down out of the sky in World of Planes

"It's all skill Hayate" Ryo a quite tall dark haired and brown eye with eye glasses lad answered back.

"You really are good Ryo, Isn't that right Katyusha-chan" said a girl with long curly orange hair and green colored eyes smiling mischievously

"Y-Yes Hania-chan" Katyusha a girl with long dark hair and a blue and gold colored eyes slight red answered back with a slight Russian accent. She was wearing an eye patch over the gold colored eye.

Then Ryo said "I won so let's go mountain hiking" standing up from his computer with a bag and was apparently already prepared. The two other girls were already ready only Hayate was not.

"Ok, but I really want to watch the Championship of Panzerfahren" Hayate said making puppy eyes

"A deals a deal Hayate-Chan" Ryo replied back

"Let me get my things" Hayate said while slowly walking out.

After a few minutes they head out towards the mountain. There town was close to the shore which is the towns south and the mountains were in its north. While walking to the summit Hayate saw a flash of light that was probably from a mirror.

"Ryo look over there can you see the flash of light" Hayate said.

"Yeah why didn't we notice that before?" Ryo answered back

"It's probably because when we always hike its cloudy. It's the first time it's sunny" Katyusha said.

"Let's check it out" Hayate said as he ran towards the source of the flashing light.

The others followed Hayate. When they got to the source they found a strange plane. It was old,rusted and ,beginning to crumble. It was a very strange rotor plane with its rotor on its tail rather than on its nose.

"Woah! What kind of plane is this" Hayate said excitedly

"I'll call my dad he probably know what it is. Stay here my house is just a few minutes away" as Ryo said as he ran off to the direction of his house. After half an hour Ryo came back with his dad. "Could this be it!?" Ryo's dad said as he franticly pulled out a small notebook. "Ryo I need your help on this one" Ryo's dad said as he examine the plane.

"Looks like the hiking is cancelled" Ryo said.

Suddenly like a bolt of lightning an idea struck Hayate. He then runs toward the town while shouting "I'm off to Satoshi and Arashi."

"*sigh* Katyusha-chan follow me will be having tea together at my place" Hania said as she drags Katyusha with her.

"O-ok" Katyusha said disappointedly as she followed Hania

After Two days of back breaking work the plane was restored. It was a Kyushu J7W which his father nicknamed as Katyusha as a joke. Ryo then decided to visit Hayate because it was strange for Hayate not to visit him because Hayate usual challenge Ryo in World of Planes every single day. When he got to the house it smelled like there's a corpse inside. He opened it slowly seeing his friend Hayate passed out with Arashi and Satoshi. He was twitching and continued saying "Kampfflugzeug fliegenden"over and over again. What was he saying but more importantly he need to bring Hayate and the other two to the hospital.