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PSally:So, when's da new crew commander coming, Geoff?/P

PGeoff:Well, were not quite sure yet, she should have been here an hour ago./P

P*meanwhile Tania (the new crew commander) has just jumped out of bed to see that she is very late!*/P

PTania:Christ! I don't believe it, i'm late for my first day at work,bloody hell!/P

P*Tania pulls on sum clothes and jumps on her bike*/P

PTania:C'mon, hurry up*stuck in a traffic jam* wot on earth's goin on?*suddenly Blackwall fire engine E441 drives past,sirens blaring*/P

PHang on, weren't that my watch? Hey wait for me!/P

PAdam:Is she following us?*points out of window at Tania who is racing down the street after them*Pull over./P

P*Engine stops*/P

PTania:Oh thank goodness you stopped./P

PMick:Is something wrong,ma'm?/P

PTania:You're Bluewatch right?/P


PTania:Oh great, so i guess you must be Mick Callaghan, i spoke to you on the phone!/P

PMick:So you're our new crew commander ay, you're a bit late!/P

PTania: Sorry 'bout that*jumps aboard*/P


P*Bit later back at the fire station and Tania is in Mick's office explaining why she's so late*/P

PTania:I'm really sorry Guv, i overslept, i promise i won't do it again*gives Mick an extremely sweet smile*/P

PMick:Alright, you can go./P

P*The watch are cleaning the pump ladder when suddenly an old face returns*/P

PDAN BARRAT:Hi everyone, how ya doin?/P

PSally:Dan?Oh my God,it is you,well,how are you,what have you been up to this past year?/P

PDan:Well, i've been traveling as you know,and................/P

Pi've got engaged!/P

PGeorge:Oh yeah!,congratulations mate, is she a looker?/P

PDan:I believe you've already met her./P


P*Tania cums downstairs,whereupon she sees Dan and gives him a big snog*!!!!!!!!!!/P/FONT/BODY