London's Burning- Part three

*Adam and Tania have gone into the fire*

Adam:Jesus, we'll be lucky to find anyone in here!



Tania:*shouts*turn and run, now!

*There is a huge explosion(caused by a gas cylinder overheating),Tania and Adam are sent flying*

Mick:Oh my God, what just happened?*speaks into walkie- talkie thing*Tania?Adam?Are you guys ok?

Adam:Guv*urgent type voice* i'm o.k,but......

Mick:But what Adam?

Adam:It's Tania,she's trapped under a beam, I can't move it, we're going to need some assistance straight away!

Mick:O.k,don't worry Adam.*turns to the watch*Right, Sally,Frank,go help them,Craig,Charlie,you go and see if you can find anyone else in there!


Sally:You alright Adam?

Adam;Yeah,yeah i'll live.

Frank:We're going get this off you o.k Tania,Adam you keep talking to her,keep her awake.

Sally grab that end!

*Sally and frank lift the beam off Tania*

Frank:C'mon then lets get out of here.

*Outside, paramedics are seeing to Adam and Tania*

Charlie:*on walkie-talkie thing* no sign of anyone Guv,the fire's almost under control now.

Mick:Keep looking.

*Woman walks up to the house*

Mick:Excuse me madam,you can't come any closer.

Woman:That's my house!

Mick:It is, is anyone inside?

Woman:No, I live alone!

Mick:Charlie,Craig, it's o.k you can come out,no one's in there after all!

*Back at the station*

Mick: Are you sure you're alright Tania, you can go home and rest if you like.

Tania: I'll be fine Guv, don't worry about me.

Mick:I always worry about you, how can I not.

*Tania smiles*

*Meanwhile,in the mess, the watch are questioning Dan about his future wife*

George:So, Dan, who is she, you still haven't told us.

Dan:It's Carmen.

Sally:What, the Carmen you used to date Carmen.

Dan:That's the one.

Geoff:How is she and the kids?

Dan:Doing well, she's also...........

Funny voiceover man:What is Dan going to say next,hmmmmm.

Is there something going on between Mick and Tania?Find out sometime soon.