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The following is a rant which you are more than welcome to skip because I'm just nagging about the show:


Sorry about the lack of posting recently. To be honest, it's kind of difficult to find the inspiration to write when I feel the way I do about the show. I think the writers have completely ruined every single character and relationship on the show and killed off most of the best characters. I think they've made Damon completely pathetic and I didn't even see most of season 4, I'm just going by youtube clips. Like the Klaus/Hayley thing - what was the actual point in that? Just to ensure that Klaroline can never happen because he slept with the girl who was trying to steal Tyler from Caroline? Pointless and disappointing.

Whatever. I used to ship Daroline because I genuinely thought that it could maybe happen one day since a lot of shows have season 1 couples back together by the end and they always have such amazing screen chemistry, but I think Julie Plec will see to it that Damon and Stefan are going to be the doppelganger's slaves until the end of time (it's actually gone to ridiculous levels now, like she's obsessed with Nina Dobrev), so it's kind of hard to find inspiration to write.

I hope for Daroline but I've accepted that it's never going to happen now, so I've completely given up on the show because I hate Elena. I don't think she deserves anything but a stake in the heart and it disgusts me that they had her sleep with Damon because she already slept with his brother, you know? It's sad because in the books, Elena was innocent and even virginal. In the show she's a slutty bitch and I see no appeal about her at all. And giving the cure to Katherine? When Stefan/Rebekah/Bonnie's mom could have had it?

It's even worse because this show is watched by teens all around the world who are going to think it's alright to treat people this way.

Sorry. End of rant.

The Solution : Family Binds

Chapter 4

Bonnie and her family were exhausted, so they decided to stay at the B&B for the night and Elijah promised to drive them home the next day. He also insisted on sending in professional cleaners to clean up the mess at their home that Klaus made. Bonnie turned him back into an Original, but because he was already a vampire, he was still a baby vamp, just an Original baby vamp and she made sure that Damon's compulsion still held. Elijah was thrilled by that because he needed to still be strong and he was very thankful to Bonnie for doing it and Damon for encouraging it as Elijah knew that Bonnie could only make six Originals because there were only six daggers. Elijah presumed that one day Stefan and Caroline would also be Originals. Perhaps Alaric too. He wasn't sure, but the fact that Damon had chosen him for one of the spots made him very grateful and he hoped that maybe they could be friends one day.

Damon understood that Elena and Elijah were going to need some time to talk and figure out their future now that he'd turned back, that's why he'd asked Rebekah to go back to Italy with him. He knew that she would need someone to help her get through the deaths of her two closest brothers. She'd already dealt with Klaus' death but Kol's death would still hurt her and he figured that Stefan could do that. Damon knew that Caroline wasn't going to be best pleased about it but he thought that it was about time to work it all out considering Stefan thought that things might be permanent between him and Rebekah.

Damon and Rebekah managed to get a direct flight from Washington to Rome that evening, so Damon drove them there in the rental car then they checked in and boarded the flight. Damon had to compel her through passport control because she didn't have one yet and he made a mental note to tell Stefan to get her one. They mainly just slept on the flight then arrived into Rome at just after 6am. Damon picked up his Chrysler from where he'd left it then he drove them down to Brindisi as fast as he could. They pulled up at the house just after 8.30am, Damon grabbed his bag and Rebekah's suitcase then the two of them walked up to the door and knocked. Seconds later the door opened and Caroline threw her arms around his neck and he hugged her back tightly.

"I missed you." Caroline sighed in relief.

"I missed you too." Damon replied with a smile. "Invite me in?" He teased and she giggled.

"Come in." She invited with a smile then spotted Rebekah and instantly looked at Damon for an explanation.

"Why don't you two talk and I'll go find my kids?" Damon smirked then disappeared into the house and Rebekah bit her lip.

"Caroline… I am very sorry for how I behaved with you when we met. I care about Stefan deeply and I know that I do not deserve it but can we start again?" Rebekah asked her sadly and Caroline couldn't help feeling badly because she knew that obviously Rebekah had just lost her two closest family members and it was obviously hurting her and that's why she'd come with Damon. Caroline stared at her for a moment and Rebekah saw that she was thinking over what she said. Caroline thought that Stefan deserved some happiness and if that was with Rebekah, then so be it. She held out her hand to Rebekah and gave her a small smile.

"Hi, I'm Caroline." Caroline said and Rebekah cracked a smile in understanding and took her hand then shook it.

"Thank you." She said softly and Caroline nodded.

"Screw Stefan around and I'll be pissed." Caroline cautioned and Rebekah shook her head.

"I won't." She promised.

"Okay. Come on in then." Caroline invited stepping out of the way and Rebekah stepped inside then Caroline closed the door behind her and the two girls walked in to find Damon sitting on the floor in the living room hugging both of the kids looking happier than ever just to have them back.

"Did I miss anything, darling?" Damon asked Caroline.

"Conrad stood up again a couple of times but Sessily hasn't done it yet." Caroline answered. "So, you didn't miss anything that you haven't seen already." Caroline confirmed. "No, wait. Sessily said 'milk'." She added and he chuckled.

"Was Mama taking too long to get your milk, baby?" Damon asked Sessily then kissed all over her face and she giggled as did Caroline and Rebekah. "Shout, Stefan." He bid to the little girl.

"Seffa!" She called and Damon, Caroline and Rebekah chuckled at her being so cute. Seconds later Stefan appeared.

"What's up, Sess… Rebekah?" Stefan asked surprised to see her.

"Hi, Stefan." Rebekah greeted softly and he hurried over to her and gave her a hug.

"Let's go for a walk." Stefan suggested and she nodded then they left the house and Caroline went and sat next to Damon and gave him a kiss.

"You mad?" Damon smirked at his wife.

"No, I get why you brought her." Caroline denied. "Not delighted about it but I'm over the pissed feeling I had for her." She added and Damon chuckled then kissed her.

"Where is everybody?" Damon queried.

"My mom, Jeremy, Ric and Katherine went down to the village to get fresh bread and brioche for breakfast." Caroline replied. "I'm so glad that you're back." She sighed. "I've barely slept since you left." She admitted and he took her hand and kissed it.

"We're all safe now, baby." Damon assured and she nodded. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"I'm actually okay… which is weird." She replied.

"Remember Pamela said that you might find it easier this time because your body's already been through a twin pregnancy." Damon reminded her.

"I know. I'm only a tiny bit nauseated and my breasts are only a tiny bit sore. Well I still feel fatigued but without the throwing up it's bearable. Let's hope it stays that way." She murmured.

"You look exhausted though. Why don't you go for a nap?" He suggested.

"I will after I eat something." Caroline agreed.

"Do you want to find a weight councillor and nutritionist here since we'll be here for another two months?" Damon asked and she shook her head.

"Honestly?" She asked him and he nodded. "I know without a doubt in my mind that you love me just the way I am regardless of my size… The weight gain doesn't bother me anymore. I'm still going to exercise but I'm not going to put myself through the stress of counting calories this time or watching what I eat. I am going to enjoy being pregnant this time since it's my last pregnancy ever. The stress about my weight last time was probably the cause of my high blood pressure and I just want to chill out this time and eat whatever the hell I want when I want it." She said and he smiled.

"I'm really happy to hear you say that." Damon approved happily.

"That's just because you want me all curvilicious." She teased and he laughed.

"Damn right." He winked and she giggled at his expression. "But no, I just want you to be happy and comfortable with me." He said and she smiled.

"I am." She replied.

"Good." He responded pleased. "I so can't wait to get you naked later." He winked and she laughed.

"Yeah, same. We haven't had sex since the picnic. That's just wrong." She replied amused and he chuckled.

"Well, why don't we get Katerina and Ric to babysit tonight and go out on a date?" He suggested and she smiled.

"I'd love to but I'd rather not leave the kids on the first day that Rebekah is here. I want to see how she behaves around them." Caroline replied and Damon chuckled and rolled his eyes at her being ridiculous considering Stefan was a vampire, Ric a vampire hunter, Katherine an ex-vampire, Liz a badass cop, Jeremy a vampire – but she was worried that human Rebekah would somehow overpower them and hurt the kids?

"Fine, tomorrow then?" Damon asked amused.

"It's a date." Caroline agreed and he smirked because he was really looking forward to it.

"By the way, I was thinking about New Year and I really don't want to be away from the kids when the New Year starts." Damon started.

"I'm so glad that you said that. Neither do I." She said and he chuckled at the fact that they were clearly both just total saps.

"So, I was thinking that since we're in the middle of nowhere, why don't I go out and pick up a shit load of fireworks and we can have our own little New Year firework display and party?" Damon suggested and she grinned.

"I love that idea." She approved pleased.

"Me too. The others might still want to go to Naples, but I don't want to ring in the New Year without you and our babies." He said and she smiled then kissed him.

About fifteen minutes later, the front door opened and in walked Katherine, Liz, Ric and Jeremy and they were all surprised to see Damon sitting on the floor playing with the kids.

"Hey!" Katherine grinned and Damon chuckled then stood up and she gave him a hug as did Liz.

"I smell chocolate brioche." Damon said with a content inhale and they chuckled knowing that he clearly liked that.

"Who's is that's?" Ric queried pointing to the pink suitcase sceptically and Damon chuckled.

"Rebekah's." Damon answered and was highly amused by their shocked looks.

"You brought her here?" Katherine examined in disbelief.

"Two of her brothers just died. She needs Stefan. And to be honest, I figured that Stefan would find out about how upset she is and go home, so this way, he doesn't have to." He shrugged and they chuckled at his reasoning.

"Ugh. Just keep her away from me." Katherine muttered then looked around. "Where's your wife?" She asked and they were all amused at how much she loved Caroline considering the blonde was always her first thought.

"Kitchen." Damon replied and Katherine trudged off to the kitchen with the bags of bread and brioche. "What's up with her?" He asked amused.

"Doesn't like Rebekah." Ric answered and Damon nodded in understanding though he didn't know that story, but he figured that Rebekah had no doubt been unpleasant to her at some point.

"Did you hear that Sessy asked for her milk?" Jeremy smiled and Damon snickered.

"Mmhmm." Damon nodded amused.

"Sessy, say 'milk'." Ric said and she looked at him.

"No." Sessily said then turned back to her toy and they all couldn't help cracking a loud laugh at her one word denial.

"That's so funny." Damon remarked amused.

"Katta?" Conrad asked them and they chuckled.

"Auntie Katta?" Damon called and Katherine stuck her head out of the kitchen.

"Katta?" Conrad asked again and Katherine grinned then hurried over to him and he beamed at her and put his arms up then she picked him up and kissed him. Once she had him, she hurried back into the kitchen and Sessily frowned.

"Cone-ra?" She asked confused and they all grinned as she hadn't said his name yet.

"You want to go with your brother?" Damon asked her amused as he walked towards her.

"Daddy? Cone-ra?" She asked and Damon smirked then picked her up.

"That's so cute." Jeremy remarked smiling and they chuckled.

"You want to see Conrad?" Damon asked her.

"Cone-ra." She said again though it wasn't a question this time and he chuckled then walked into the kitchen with her.

They sat down together and had breakfast and it was a little quieter than usual because Rebekah was at the table. She didn't notice because she'd never been congregated with all of them before but everyone else noticed. After breakfast, Caroline went upstairs for a sleep since she'd barely slept the night before and Damon sat with Conrad feeding him a yoghurt and Liz did the same with Sessily.

"Think I'm going to take them down to the beach for a couple of hours." Damon remarked.

"It's too cold for them to swim, Damon." Stefan countered and Damon rolled his eyes.

"Yes, Captain Obvious, I know that." Damon replied and the others chuckled. "I just meant playing in the sand with them, showing them crabs and seashells and stuff." Damon explained.

"I'm in." Katherine said. "Care picked up a couple of buckets and spades the other day." She added.

"You'll have to watch that they don't eat the sand." Liz advised and Damon deadpanned at her.

"Yes, Captain Obvious Junior, I know that." Damon stated dryly, amusing them for saying that to Liz. Liz was highly amused by him too as he never did that 'kiss-ass' thing people normally did with their parents-in-law.

"Alright, alright, no need to get snippy." Liz smirked while Damon winked at her.

"What's everyone else doing?" Damon asked.

"I'll come to the beach too." Jeremy stated and Damon nodded.

"Want to go down to that antique store in Brindisi?" Ric asked Liz.

"Yeah, that would be great." Liz agreed.

"Yet we are the old ones." Damon quipped to Katherine.

"You kind of are a living antique." Ric teased Damon.

"Hey." Katherine defended annoyed considering she was even older and they sniggered then he kissed her cheek amused and she shot him an irritated look for the age jokes.

"Are you waiting for Caroline?" Stefan asked Damon.

"No, she's really exhausted. She'll probably sleep for a while, so we'll no doubt be back by the time she wakes up." Damon replied.

"Want to just stay here?" Stefan asked Rebekah and she nodded.

"I'm quite tired myself." She admitted.

"What are we doing for dinner tonight?" Ric queried.

"I thought that I'd pick up some fresh seafood down at the fresh catch place near the beach." Damon answered.

"Ooh, that sounds nice." Katherine agreed. "Though, Care and I can't have shellfish." She reminded and Damon shot her a look.

"What is it with everyone today? Do I have a 'stupid' sign tacked onto my head?" Damon questioned and they laughed.

"No, it was just really peaceful and snark-free with you in the States." Ric teased.

"Aww, you missed me, honey." Damon teased and they only laughed louder while Ric rolled his eyes.

Damon got the twins dressed in warm jackets and boots as the temperature would drop a little being down at the seaside then he buckled them into their car seats and he, Katherine and Jeremy were off to the beach. They arrived there quickly then he carried the kids down and Katherine set down a couple of towels on the sand for them to sit on while Jeremy carried the bags with the spades and buckets. They showed the kids how to spade the sand into the buckets and they were fascinated.

"So, why don't you like Rebekah?" Jeremy asked. "Did you meet her when you were human?" He questioned Katherine and she nodded.

"Rebekah was best friends with Tatia, who Elena and I are doppelgangers of, so when Rebekah met me, she was furious that I looked like her and was really horrible about it." Katherine replied. "The only one of the Originals that was truly nice to me was Elijah." She admitted. "Well, Finn was daggered, so I never met him."

"Horrible how?" Jeremy asked concerned because he liked Katherine a hell of a lot more than Rebekah.

"She just used to say crappy things and threaten to kill me and stuff." Katherine replied. Damon didn't believe that there wasn't more to it than that but he was choosing not to push while Jeremy was there, knowing that Katherine wasn't going into specifics because she didn't want to cause problems.

"You don't have to talk to her, Kat. None of us are going to let her say or do anything to you." Damon promised and she gave him a thankful smile.

"Why did you bring her here?" Jeremy asked sceptically and Damon shrugged.

"Because Stefan told me that he thinks that she's the real deal. I kind of wish that he'd go back out with Hilda but Rebekah is who he wants, so I thought that it would be better if everyone could be civil." Damon explained. "I don't expect you to like her or even be nice to her." He said to Katherine. "But I do expect you to be civil because I really am over all of the fighting." He stated.

"I'm not going to be friends with her, Damon, but I don't mind being civil for Stefan's sake." Katherine assured.

"I think that'll be the case with Blondie too. Does she know about Rebekah being a b-i-t-c-h to you when you were human?" He asked and they chuckled at him spelling it so that the kids wouldn't repeat it.

"No, I didn't tell her. I figured that she'd just dislike Rebekah even more." Katherine denied.

"She will. If you tell her that, she'll probably boot Rebekah out of the door." Jeremy teased amusing them as it was so true.

"She so would." Damon agreed amused and Katherine smiled because she knew that Caroline was just as protective of her as she was of Caroline.

"Was Elena okay?" Jeremy asked Damon who nodded.

"Mmhmm. I compelled her to stay in the house when I went to go kill Klaus. She wasn't pleased but I think she gets that sometimes she just has to sit things out." Damon smirked.

"So, Elijah's back to being a vampire?" Jeremy asked and Damon nodded.

"He's actually back to being an Original vampire." Damon said shocking them.

"How?" Katherine asked marginally appalled.

"Bonnie did it. It was a thank you for sticking to his word." Damon replied surprising them. "I think he's a decent enough person. He won't cause any trouble. Besides, I kind of like not being the only one." Damon muttered.

"But you're still stronger, right?" Katherine tested.

"Yeah, he's a baby vamp Original whereas I'm a 147 year old Original, but stop worrying so much, I made him swear to me that you would be left alone." Damon assured.

"You did?" Katherine asked surprised and he nodded.

"Obviously." Damon replied. "Can you imagine how much I would not get laid if I let something happen to you?" He joked and they laughed at him basically admitting how whipped he was…

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