When the dog looked up at him, Dean could have sworn that some witch had transformed his brother into his canine twin.

Big hazel eyes, check- tousled untidy chestnut coat, check- long skinny legs, check- head tilted up, staring at him with an identical endearing puppy-eyed expression as his brother's- check, check, check!

Just to be quite certain, Dean threw a quick glance over his shoulder to where Sam was throwing his stuff into the Impala.

He shook his head to clear it. Sam was still Sam, not a dog!


He gazed back down at the animal which hadn't moved from the spot and was still looking up at him with the goofy Sam expression in its eyes.

Dean felt an irresistible urge to pet it and he hunched down. "Hey there, boy! Where did you come from? You gotta have some of Sammy's freaky genes in there somewhere, huh!"

He hadn't yet placed his hand on the dog's head when a menacing growl made him look away. Surprised, the elder Winchester almost fell back on his ass as another dog came to stand beside the Sammy clone, pushing it aside and taking up an aggressive stance in front of him.

Dean felt goose bumps rising on his skin; this dog was smaller, his short-haired coat darker, with piercing green eyes and a set of perfect teeth, all of which were showing in the snarl that was being directed towards him.

He held up his hands, hoping in doggy sign-language it meant the same as in the human version, that he intended no harm.

He studied the darker dog, Dean would never have thought to compare himself to a mutt, but the aggressive animal that was still snarling at him reminded him of himself. It was protecting the Sammy dog.

How many times had he himself come to stand between Sam and a potential enemy!


"Dean," Sam said coming up behind him. "You ready to go?"

When Sam saw the two dogs, a huge grin spread over his face. "Hey there, guys," he said as he bent down to pet the animals.

Dean watched in awe as the darker dog, who until that moment had been baring his teeth in attack mode, started wagging his tail and bounded over to Sam allowing himself to be petted and played with by his lanky little brother.

While he was watching, he felt a wet nose rubbing against his hand. The Sam dog was nuzzling at him, obviously wanting to be petted too.

"Hey there, big boy." Dean leaned forward to play with the dog, rubbing its long ears while it continued to gaze up at him with big soulful eyes.

It was impossible, but he could have sworn he heard the dog telling him not to worry about his aggressive companion. That he was always like that with strangers. He was the biggest mother-henning doggy brother on the planet.

Dean could have sworn the animal rolled its eyes!

He drew back his hands as if he'd been burned. The life they led had made the Winchesters digest so many weird happenings but to run into two dogs who seemed to be the canine equivalents of him and Sam was just going too far!

Suddenly he found the Dean dog beside him again, though it seemed friendlier now. It growled gruffly at the Sam-dog and pushed at it with its head. The Sam-dog gave the human one last big-eyed glance before it walked off, with its companion one step behind.


Sam pulled himself to his feet, coming to stand beside his big brother.

"You know Dean, those dogs gave me a weird sensation of déjà vu or something. I can't quite place it," he said confused.

Dean cocked his head and stared up at him, a twinkle in his eye. Yup, identical to the dog! His own canine twin would have his hands full with the Sam clone, of that he was sure!
"Don't try to work it out, Sammy," he smiled." Just put it down to our crazy life!"

Sam's lip curled up in a lop-sided smile. Amen to that, he mused, as they made their way back to the Impala.