Note: I do not own any of the characters from Kick Ass. The only characters I own are Angelina and her parents.

Chapter 1

I was hanging out at Atomic Comics with my best friends Todd, Marty, and Dave. The four of us all chatting, drinking frappuccinos, and having a good time. Well, Todd, Marty, and I were anyway but Dave on the other hand, seemed to be deep in thought. I just shrugged it off and continued reading my Batman comic.

"How come nobody's ever tried to be a superhero?" Dave asked, out of the blue.

"Boy I don't know. Maybe cuz it's fucking impossible dipshit," Marty replied, not looking up from his comic, causing me to roll my eyes and Todd to chuckle.

"What? Putting on a mask and helping people? How is that impossible?" Dave asked.

"That's not a superhero, though. How is that super? Super is like, being stronger than everybody and flying and shit. That's just hero," Todd replied.

"As crazy as it seems, I think it'd be kind of fun to be a superhero." I shrugged, setting my comic on the table. Marty looked at Dave and I like we were crazy. "It's not even hero, it's just fuckin' psycho," he retorted and Todd nodded in agreement.

"Hello? Bruce Wayne? He didn't have any powers," Dave said. I snickered and held up my comic book. "Nope, but that didn't stop him from being one of the greatest superheroes of all time."

"Yeah Angelina, but he had all the expensive shit that doesn't exist. I thought you meant like how come no one does it in real life," Todd replied.

I let out a defeated sigh and ran a hand through my hair. Then I picked up my comic and began reading where I left off as the three of them continued their debate about someone getting their ass kicked if they became a superhero, Paris Hilton's tits, and porn.

My name is Angelina Thorne but I sometimes go by Angel for short. I am 16 going on 17 in a few months, 5'5 in height, and I may look and dress girly but hey, who says girly girls can't like comic books, play video games, and hang out with their best guy friends? Yeah, I've been told I'm a guy's girl. Oh, and I also live with my parents and Dave lives right across the street from me. Anyway, as I was saying….

I managed to snap back to reality when Todd said "Oooh, guess who." I looked out the window and saw a black Mercedes pull up. A boy about my age climbed out of the car. He was around 5'8 ish, had pale skin, and short black hair.

'And not to mention hot…' I thought before mentally slapping myself, yeah I was pretty geeky when it came to cute boys. It was then that I realized that it was none other than Chris D'Amico aka the richest boy in New York. However, he wasn't like most rich kids that acted like stuck-up bitches 24/7, he was sweet...

"Is it me or do you kind of feel sorry for Chris D'Amico?" Dave asked, looking out the window as well.

"Yeah, must be terrible to have a rich dad and everything you want. I wish you hadn't said anything because I feel like I'm gonna start crying," Marty said sarcastically as Chris and his rather large bodyguard walked in.

"In all honesty, I do feel sorry for him. Yeah he's rich and all but I think it sucks that he can't hang out with anyone." I frowned and glanced over at Chris who looked at us for about a millisecond before looking back at the comics.

"Hey Angelina, you should like, talk to him. See if he wants to hang out with us. I mean it's pretty obvious that you want to since you're practically drooling over him," Todd snickered. Yeah I'll admit, I had a small crush on Chris. Still, I never actually talked to him. I didn't know if it was because I was shy when it came to cute boys or that there was a possibility that his bodyguard would break me in half before I got the chance.

That's when Marty decided to egg me on. "Angelina should totally go. Come on Angelina, don't be afraid."

"Fuck you both…" I grumbled as I set my comic down and got out of the booth.

After taking a deep breath, I started to make my way over to the shelves. Chris looked up and smiled at me, I smiled back and felt my cheeks to heat up slightly. Just as I was about ready to speak, his bodyguard stepped in front of me and I ran right into him.

This pretty much caused me to fall backwards and land right on my ass. I looked up at his bodyguard who told me to "Fuck off." Then I looked over at Dave, Marty, and Todd. They looked like they were about ready to run out the door and leave my ass behind. Ugh, thanks a lot, assholes.

I got to my feet and gave Chris's bodyguard a polite smile even though I was very pissed. "Um, is there any chance of you stepping aside, King Kong?" I asked before mentally slapping myself again.'Normally I don't regret being sarcastic but in this case; I think those words are going to be chiseled on my tombstone…'

All 'King Kong' did was give me one of the world's scariest murder glares. I quickly turned around and was about ready to head back over to the booth when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around and to my surprise; Chris was there, smiling at me, "Don't mind him. I know he can be a little…. scary. Are you alright though? You looked like you hit the ground pretty hard..."

"Yeah, I'm fine. For a minute there I thought he was gonna break me in half!"

He just laughed and held out his hand, "I'm Chris by the way. Chris D'Amico."

I grinned and shook it. "Nice to meet you, names Angelina Thorne. You can call me Angel for short though. I like reading comics, playing video games, and watching horror movies. I've basically been told that I'm I guy's girl and now I'm starting to sound like I'm on an eHarmony website so I'm just gonna shut up now!" I laughed awkwardly and let go of his hand, feeling my cheeks turn red due to embarrassment. 'Real smooth Angel, you managed to make a fool out of yourself, AGAIN.'

However, to my surprise, he was laughing too and I started chuckling as well. Then, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, it was a text from Dave which said; 'Hey we're ready to go, you staying or coming?' I looked up to see all three of them outside waiting for me.

Then I looked back at Chris, "Hey, I've gotta run but I guess I'll see you around. It was very nice meeting you," I smiled and ran a hand through my hair.

He smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, same to you too."

Once I walked out of Atomic Comics, Todd, Dave, and Marty began bombarding me with questions like; "How did it go?" "Does he want to be friends?" "Did he ask you out?" etc.

"Well for starters, he's actually pretty cool. We introduced ourselves and I babbled like an idiot which he didn't seem to mind. Finally, we said we'd see each other around," I told them. Before I went home, I hung out with Dave for a couple hours and we began discussing superheroes again.

"Angelina, I think you and I should both become superheroes," he told me.

"Way ahead of you Dave," I said, pulling both my laptop and my credit card out of my bag. I had a feeling that my life was about to change for better or for worse.