Parent Trap

Summary: AU. Harry and Ginny were happily married, expecting their first children, twin daughters. Then something went wrong. The couple divorced and Harry moved to America, taking one of their daughters with him, while Ginny stayed in Britain with the other. Eleven years later, when both girls are sent to Beauxbattons by their parents to avoid them finding out, they meet and discover their parents' secret, plotting one of their own. Can Phoenix and Crystal reunite their parents, or will Harry and Ginny decode the parent trap?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor do I own the original Parent Trap. I only own Phoenix and Crystal.

Chapter One - Prologue

Bang. Bang. Bang. Flashes of light exploded all across the night sky as the bride and groom twirled around in the centre of the dance floor, set on the deck of the H.M.S. Shacklebolt. Each new Minister for Magic had had their own ship created in their honour, a millennia old tradition from the beginning of the Ministry of Magic itself, and Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt had chosen for Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley to hold their wedding on its maiden voyage.

The party was now in full swing, clusters of people ceremonially dressed in the Gryffindor colours of red and gold were scattered in groups across the deck, some leaning over the banisters to admire the sea view, some sitting at tables, some dancing around to the music, but all definitely enjoying themselves.

Harry and Ginny Potter, naturally, were enjoying themselves the most. The day they were sharing was one that they had been dreaming of for years, one dream which had finally come true, out of so many that had not done.

Suddenly, a young blonde boy appeared behind the couple, a large black camera clutched in his hand. For a moment, just a moment, Harry could've sworn that the boy was Colin Creevey, but knew immediately that it could not be, as the boy was one of those who had perished in the War, one of the first to fall at Voldemort's feet. However, Harry did know the person, and he hadn't been far off with his first guess.

"Dennis!" Harry exclaimed with happiness, shaking the young boy's free hand vigorously. "How are you?"

"I'm alright, I suppose, Harry. It's great to see that you and Ginny finally got married. I always knew that you would." Dennis smiled, his excitement and enthusiasm from childhood evidently not disintegrated, even after the tragic events of the previous year.

"Then you knew more than we did!" Ginny laughed, bringing the whole group to stitches. Dennis then piped up, speaking a little more nervously than he had been doing earlier.

"Um, Harry, Ginny, I don't know if you'd like to, but I know that, if Colin was here, he'd have been begging to take a photograph of you two. So-" he trailed off a little after that, considering how to phrase his question.

"Dennis, we'd love to." Ginny finished, answering the question the young man had yet to ask.

"That's great. Thanks!" he exclaimed, position his camera at the two, who were resting in each other's arms as they leant across the side of the ship. Seemingly having a better idea, Dennis charmed his camera to float out over the water, then snapped a picture of the two leaning over the edge. He returned it to him with a flick of his wand, the picture emerging from it with another, which he glanced at with a smile and a gasp, his eyes flashing with delight. "Wow! I think this is the best picture I've ever taken! Thank you so much. Hold on."

Dennis waved his mind just one final time, watching as some of the ink from the picture leapt into the air, twisting and turning before settling on the piece of parchment he had taken from his pocket. He refolded the paper, replaced it in his pocket, then turned to face his friends, placing the original parchment page in Harry's palm.

"Consider it a wedding present." Dennis told them, with a smile to return their own, before walking off to talk to Gabrielle Delacour, who had been standing alone, just a few feet away from Fleur and her baby daughter Victoire.

"It seems that we might need to purchase one of our own." Ginny laughed, her eyes fixed on the talking pair.

"Good. He deserves to be happy." Harry said, a little distant once again. Ginny saw this and took her hand in hers, turning him round to face her, taking the picture from his hand and placing it down beside them. She knew Harry so well that she could read his expression and know what he was thinking. She knew that he was thinking about all the people who should have been there, but weren't. She had done the same, of course, thought of Fred, of Remus, of Tonks, but had overcome the pain of loss, instead looking forwards, to the future. The future they would share.

"We all do." she told him confidently, that thought still in her head.

Harry didn't answer, only smiled, leaning over to capture Ginny's lips with his. Once they had broken apart, Harry turned them, leaning on the side of the ship with his arms around his wife's waist, cradling her against his chest as she leaned back against him, sighing in utter contentment.

"Yeah, we do." Harry agreed with a nod, pulling Ginny even closer to him. "I just hope it ends up that way."

As the fireworks continued to explode in the sky, colours bursting all around them and showering them in sparks, Ginny and Harry just rested, completely blissful in each other's arms. Behind them, the Muggle photograph that Dennis had taken for them laid on an empty table, the bride and groom's smiles illuminated, while the background of the ship was glowing a little in the reflected light.

Little did the happy couple know, the picture was already beginning to tear, and it wasn't long before their perfect new world would be torn apart just as much.

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