Realizing Rika
by Summer Dragonfly(aka J-chan)

A/N: Hey every1! Ok, this is a Ryo/Rika fic. I've decided to use Rika because ALL Digimon fans
will follow Rika but not all of us(i.e. American dub fans) will follow Ruki. Rika is 13 and
Ryo is 14. I've decided to use the American dub names for the tamers(Jenrya=Henry,
Juri=Jeri, etc.)

Anyway, this is my first fic after recovering from a little writer's block(try 8 months...hehehe).
I don't normally write anyother Anime except DBZ/GT but I've been a fan of Digimon for a long
time, and I thought why not? I recently became a fan of Ryuki romance, too.

Well disclaimers are that I don't own anything in Digimon at all, blah blah blah. Also, this is a
bit of a song fic(the song doesn't come on until later). It's the song "Naked" by Avril Lavigne
(the new punk rock diva! :)). No, it's not hentai you perverts. Heehee! The song is a reflection
of Rika. Well all I can say is that I hope I haven't lost it since 8 months ago...and enjoy all
you Digimon and Ryuki fans!


Rika was poking at her dinner, pasta with a sauce her mother made. It had been a month since the
D-Reaper incident, but she still couldn't get it off her mind. She realized how close she had
been to death. Wandering around in the Digital World...battling with Sakuyamon's
power to Justimon and Ryo...

Ryo. Her eyes flickered with a sense of remembrance. What was it that drawed her to him? Maybe
it was his braveness. But no! How can someone be so brave wonderful? Rika thought.
What was she thinking? Was she actually attracted to Ryo Akiyama? No way!

"Something wrong, Rika dear?" Rika's mom looked at her with concern.

Rika dropped her fork in surprise. "Nothing, mother. Nothing at all." Rika took a sip of water.

"Rika." Her mother said seriously. "It's come to my attention that I haven't gotten the time to
know you, with work and all. Tell me what's on your mind. I know the teen years can be tough,
especially for a girl with divorced parents."

Rika sighed. *I've softened up ever since I started hanging around with gogglehead and his
cronies. Sure, I love Mom and feel closer to her ever since she got me my new shirt,
but...I can't discuss this with her!* Rika thought.

"Mom, I appreciate your concern and all, but..." Rika hesitated. "Nothing, all right? Can't I just
put on a dress, spin around in it, and we'll call it a night?"

Rika's mother looked hurt. "Yes, of--of course. I wouldn't want to force you into talking to me."

Rika sighed again. "Look, Mom, I'm sorry. I'll talk to you about things, but...just not this
issue." She forced a smile. "Thanks for dinner."

* * *

Rika opened the door to her room and sat against the table. She just realized how weird and lonely
it was without Renamon around. *Too late. She's gone back to the digital world.* Rika still hung
out with Takato, Henry, Jeri, Kazu, Kenta and the others, but without Renamon, she was lonely
in a different way.

And Ryo. For some reason, she felt more close the Ryo than all the others, even Jeri, who she
had developed a bond with. *But now he's so busy with school, and he lives so much farther away
from the rest of us.* He only visited them once in a while. She wasn't sure what she felt for
him, but she had to find out.

Rika opened her closet and got out her beige coat. She scribbled down a brief note:

To Mom

Went out. No need to worry. I'll be back soon.


and left it on the bed. She popped open the window and leaped out of it. Five minutes later,
she was out onto the dimly lit street and walking towards the park.

* * *

Ryo was walking. No, sprinting, actually. He wasn't sure where he was going, he just needed a
walk to clear his mind. His mind was buzzing with the events of a month ago: the D-Reaper, powering
up the blade with Sakuyamon's power, Rika...of course. Not a day had passed since the defeat
of D-Reaper had he not think of Rika. That fierce wildcat. The image of her face brought a smile to
his. He had fallen in love with her.

* * *

I wake up in the morning

Put on my face

The one that's gonna get me

Through another day

Rika finally reached the park. She stared up at the moonlight sky, and at the twinkling stars
glittering up into the depths of space. That was where she saw her very first true friend, Renamon,
disappearing back into the Digital World. It had been hard for all of them, but especially hard
for her. Losing Renamon was one of the things that melted her heart.

Ryo came up to the park and saw a figure standing there, looking up. He immediately ducked into
a bush. *Who is that?* he thought.

Rika turned around. "Who goes there?" she called. Before Ryo could answer, a cat that he didn't
realize was right by him jumped out of the bush. Rika breathed out, and turned back around.
*Rika?* Ryo thought. He could always see those beautiful amethyst eyes, even through dark.
*What's she doing here so late?*

It doesn't really matter

How I feel inside

This life is like

A game sometimes

"I miss you, Renamon." Rika felt her eyes watering up, with hot tears threatening to fall. They
did, and coursed down her cheeks.

"Rika?" said a voice from behind her. Rika jumped and quickly wiped away her tears. "Who's that?"

Ryo stepped into the light. She immediately recognized his brown hair and red sweater.

"Ryo..." Rika didn't know why, but she just ran toward him and threw her arms around him.
"I'm so glad to see you..."

Then you came around me

The walls just disappeared

There's nothing to protect me

To keep me from my fears

Ryo hugged her back awkwardly, but was glad she hugged him. "Really? I thought you'd be thrilled
not to see my face again." Rika looked at him. It was obvious to him that she'd been crying.
He reached out to wipe away her tear. "You've been crying." Rika smiled and nodded. "Pretty
silly of me huh?" Ryo returned her smile. "Not at all. You've got a beautiful smile, Rika."
(A/N: At this point Rika gets starry eyes! ;D)"Thanks, Ryo..."

I'm unprotected

See how I've opened up

You've made me trust...

"I--I--I've missed you." Rika stuttered, sitting with Ryo on the park bench. "You have?" Ryo
looked at her surprise. "I thought I was a 'kid' you didn't want anything to do with." Rika
looked away from his piercing blue eyes. "Um, about that..I'm really sorry. I--I--" She gulped.
"I guess I was just so used to being 'Digimon Queen' that I couldn't stand the fact that the boy
who beat me was next to me." Ryo laughed. "There, was that hard to get out?" Rika smiled and
punched him playfully in the shoulder. "Shut up, Ryo. You're always trying to impress me."
Now Ryo adopted a serious look on his face. "Actually, Rika...It's time I told you. Ever since
I saw you in the Digital World, I kinda got a crush on you." Ryo coughed and turned away.
"Wha...?" Rika stared at him, shocked. *Ryo Akiyama?!*

And I've never felt

Like this before

I'm naked around you

Does it show

" have a crush...on me?" Ryo turned back at her. "I'm afraid it's developed into love."
Now he was blushing embarassed. Rika felt like she was going to faint. She got up and started
panicking. "No, Ryo, you--you can't! You're not supposed to love me!" Ryo felt like it had gone
far enought. "Says who?! Who says I have to deny my feelings for you?!" Rika's voice was breaking.
"No one but---this is not how it's supposed to turn out! You can't love me!"

You see right through me

And I can't hide

I'm naked around you

And it feels so right

"Rika, listen to me! I don't care how it's supposed to turn out! I've been denying it long enough!
You play tough girl on the outside but I know inside that the Rika I know wants to come out and--"
Rika turned on him, her violet eyes blazing. "Don't pretend like you know me! You can't even begin to
guess what I'm about!" Ryo scoffed. "Oh, can't I? We haven't known each other for long, Rika, but
I know you more than you know yourself. I see right through you! Why can't you just admit it?!"

Trying to remember

Why I was afraid

To be myself

And let the covers fall away

"BECAUSE--Because--" Rika began to cry. Ryo's eyes softened. He can't look at her cry and yell at
her. She began to run away from him. "Forget it. Forget I ever brought up my feelings then, right?!"
Ryo yelled. Rika turned around. "For once, you're right Ryo Akiyama. I'm sorry I ever met you!"
She started to run faster. "No, Rika, wait!"

Guess I never had

Someone like you

To help me fit

In my skin

Rika stopped and turned toward him, sobbing. She collapsed in his arms and mumbled some words.
"Shh.." Ryo said. "I never wanted to make you cry, Rika..." Rika looked up at him. "I--I love you.
And I don't care what you say, nothing's going to keep me from loving you, even though you
hate me, I'm going to love you forever and---" he was cut off by a kiss from Rika.

And I've never felt

Like this before

I'm naked around you

Does it show

Their lips parted, and Ryo was confused. "What? I thought--" Rika put her finger up to his mouth
to quiet him. "You were right all this time, Ryo. I don't know why I pushed everyone away and
kept my true feelings inside. Maybe I was scared--but that doesn't give me the right to treat
you the way I did." Ryo hugged her again. "What are you saying, Rika?" Rika laughed quietly.
"Don't you get it, Ryo? I fell in love with you,too."

You see right through me

And I can't hide

I'm naked around you

And it feels so right

Ryo laughed too. "Why didn't you just tell me?" He kissed her softly. "With Renamon gone, I
suddenly found myself sadder than usual..." Rika broke from his arms and looked up at the stars.
"Aren't they beautiful, Ryo?" He walked up to her side. "Rika, what does this mean?"
Rika didn't look away from the sky. "It means that I love you and you love me and...we both
love each other." They both looked up at the stars.

I'm so naked around you

And I can't hide

You're gonna see right through, baby...


Afternote: That's it! I know, I know, that was a really bad ending. I just didn't know how to
end it. But I think it was sweet, anyway. The song belongs to Avril Lavigne and it's the last
track on her CD, Let Go. Well I hope you enjoyed that! I'll be writing more Digimon fics in
the future. Well, just to warn you, they might be sappy...oh well! Thanks for reading, please
review and Ja ne!