AN: This is my first fanfic and I simply wanted to get a feel on how to set it up so the chapter is kind of short. Later chapters will be longer.

Naruto was running late to the Chunin exam finals and cursing at himself for his carelessness. "Shit, Sasuke and that Gaara better take a long time to finish their fight otherwise I'm fucked. I really don't want to get disqualified. Damn Gamabunta made me pass out the day before the finals and I was left to sleep-in in the middle of the forest."

The blonde gennin was approaching the arena at top speed and didn't show signs of slowing down as he entered the building to be very surprised. As Naruto came to a stop on the arena floor he saw not sasuke and gaara fighting but Shikamaru and the Suna fan chick.

"Oi! Why the hell are you two fighting? Did Sasuke already win?" the Knuckleheaded ninja exclaimed. Seeing that Naruto was disrupting the match Genma immediately halted the exams in order to deal with Naruto, but Shikamaru beat the senbon chewing Jonin with an explanation. "Sasuke never showed, so Hokage-sama pushed his match back for him to make some troublesome grand entrance, so yours was moved up."

"Great! Im ready to kick that Hyuuga's ass!" said Naruto as he flashed his trademarked fox like grin.

"It's too late, you were disqualified." At those words Naruto's fox grin disappeared and was replaced with utter shock. He looked up to the Hokage's box to see a visually distressed Hokage. Seeing his gaze the Hokage stood up and addressed Naruto, "I'm sorry Naruto, what Shikamaru said was true, you have been disqualified."

"Then why the hell was Sasuke-teme's match only pushed back? What the hell?! Never mind, don't answer that question. I'm sick of the Uchiha getting favors and handed everything on a silver platter while I am left with the scraps." Turning to the crowd Naruto then let his frustration out on them, "Listen up, all of you!" Naruto's commanding voice and clear rage caused complete silence. "Each and every single one of you make me sick! For too long I have taken your shit and abuse, for too long have I been alone only to be beaten and spit on for something I had no control over!"

Utterly confused Shikamaru asked, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm glad you asked you lazy bum, let me explain." But before he could the Hokage interjected, "Naruto, Stop! You know the law! Stop this foolishness before you regret it, its for your own good, please I don't want to see you hurt anym…"

"Shut-up old-man. You have already done enough today. As for the law I can tell however the fuck I please, it is my right! Plus it never worked, I have and always will be treated like shit!" Naruto then turned back to the crowd. "I have been treated like this because thirteen years ago on the night I was born the Yondaime was forced to seal the Kyuubi no Kitsune within me!" All of the younger generation looked on in shock, some turned to their Jonin instructors who simply nodded in confirmation, but before they could do anything else Naruto continued his rant, "My whole life I had to look over my shoulder for my next beating, scrounge in the trash for items people threw away, and was constantly thrown out of stores. You all thought that you were harming the Kyuubi but instead…" the blonde paused as tears started to roll down his face, "instead you neglected and abused a helpless child! As far as I am concerned you all can go to hell!"

After getting all of that off his chest Naruto did not hesitate to turn around and exit the arena. Silence hung in the air for minutes after Naruto left, Sakura had her mouth hung open and faced her friend Ino who seemed to have tears about to fall. The Hokage turned to a tree outside the arena where he knew Jiraiya was watching and simply gave a slight nod, he then returned to his seat where a single tear fell as the old man thought, "I am sorry Minato, Kushina, Naruto. I have failed you all."