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Naruto and Jiraiya (Two Weeks Later)

A hooded boy standing 4' 10" came running into the bar. The owner simply looked up and decided to ignore the kid. For the past two weeks this has been a regular occurrence. The masked 12 year old would always go to the same white haired man, whom he assumed was the kid's grandfather. Normally it was against policy for a kid to be allowed in the bar, but the man was one of his best customers constantly drinking and buying drinks for others.

"Ero-sennin! Ero-sennin! Look at this. I just mastered the second stage of the rasengan!" Naruto stood in front of Jiraiya panting trying to regain his breath. The blonde was in his usual outfit of black sweatshirt, mask, and blue pants. Only his eyes were visible, but that was all the Toad Sage needed to see the pride and self-accomplishment that Naruto felt. The sage had started to learn how to read Naruto's emotions from only the look in his eyes. To be honest it was actually quite easy. Naruto's emotions always have reflected from his eyes.

"Calm down and shut up gaki. How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? Especially in public. Now why don't you show me your progress." The sage simply tossed Naruto a rubber ball and took another sip of his sake. Taking the ball in his right hand Naruto began to pump spiraling chakra. To help speed up the rotation and add power Naruto had his left hand dart around the rubber ball. It didn't take long until there was a large explosion that sent a burst of wind throughout the room. Jiraiya was pleasantly surprised with his new apprentice's progress in mastering the rasengan. He himself took about four months to master the technique, but if Naruto kept pace the blonde will have it completed by the end of the week.

"Great job gaki. Now follow me outside and I'll show you the final step."

Naruto followed his sensei outside the village to their makeshift training grounds. There was nothing special about this place; just a small clearing in the forest about a mile and a half outside the village. During the past two weeks this clearing became one of the few places Naruto would spend his time. If Jiraiya didn't find the boy here then he would search the local ramen stand or back at the hotel.

"Alright Naruto, there is one final step finishing the rasengan. However, before I show it to you I am going to change your training schedule. Even when you master the technique you will need other skills that will allow you to get inside your opponent's guard to use the rasengan. Furthermore, I will not allow my apprentice to be a one trick pony. Your skill is a reflection of me. Do you understand?"

Naruto gave a quick nod. His facial expressions were surprisingly serious, but on the inside the blonde was practically drooling at the prospect of more justus to learn.

Jiraiya was impressed. Usually the kid would be jumping all over the place screaming to the world about how great a ninja he was going to be. Not wanting to press his luck the sannin decided to continue. "Good. Now the types of jutsu I can teach you right now is very limited primarily because we must ensure your identity remains secret. That means a great reduction of clones, no toads, and none of my jizo jutsu. No one in the elemental nations has your shade of blonde; well there is one but everyone knows I wouldn't be caught dead with him, so you would be the only logical person. I also want you to be able to hold your own in a fight as soon as possible so nature manipulation would take to long. These conditions make it very difficult for me, however I believe that there is something that can be very beneficial for you that once mastered even bijuu cant stand against."

Naruto's cool demeanor was quickly slipping. His sensei was really hyping up this new training. Jiraiya sensed this and decided to mess with the kid somemore. "Anyways enough about that. I'll tell you more about it this evening."

"AW COME ON! That's not fair. Pleeeaaaase tell me now! I want to know the cool awesome technique!" Naruto had fallen to his knees in an attempt to beg.

"Save it gaki. You need to get back to your training."

The blonde quickly got to his feet and crossed his arms deciding the best form of action was to pout, "FINE! I was really starting to consider calling you Jiraiya-sensei, but I guess you enjoy being called Ero-sennin."

Jiraiya simply responded by mumbling something about disrespectful brats. His teasing of Naruto had quickly backfired. "Anyways, back to your training schedule. From now on I want you to train until dinner and after that I want you to get back to the hotel before sunset for further training. I also want you to be careful not overexert yourself during your more physical training. Being tired is highly detrimental to your new training as it takes great focus and dedication of the mind. Am I understood?"


"Good. Now this next step will be the most difficult for you because it also takes great concentration and control." With that being said Jiraiya began blowing up a small balloon.

Later (Sunset)

Naruto walked down the hallway of the hotel with a full stomach. He had finished his training of the rasengan for the day about an hour ago. After only half a days of training Naruto could tell that the final step was going to be the hardest.

For the rasengan to be complete Naruto would have to find a way to contain the power of such a dense and rotating chakra. In theory it was easy, but the amount of concentration it took surpassed him.

Thoughts on the rasengan quickly left his mind as he neared the hotel room. His new training was about to begin and he was sure it was going to impress Kurama; anything that can take on a bijuu has to be powerful and Kurama respected power. Why else would the giant furball be constantly complaining about having a weak container?

Without a care in the world Naruto threw open the door to find Jiraiya sitting down and writing on a piece of paper concentrating completely on the task. "Hn. Ero-sennin probably writing his next novel of his pervy book." For once the blonde decided to be patient and sat on his bed waiting for his new form of training. Naruto's patience however quickly wore out, "Oi! Ero-sennin! Quit writing your pervy book and get to my training."

A tick mark appeared on the sage as he silently asked Kami why Naruto had his mother's loud mouth personality. "Would you shut your mouth you ungrateful brat. This isn't for my novel. I'm working on your training. Lucky for you I finished before you broke my concentration."

"Hehe. Oops." Naruto sctatched the back of his head and had a sheepish smile on his face. He just couldn't help himself. At this point in the blonde's life training and getting stronger was the only thing that he focused on. He only had five people he truly cared about: Irukua-sensei, Teuchi and Ayami-neechan, Ero-sennin, and Sakura. There were other potential precious people out there. Kurama was starting to warm up to Naruto and even Gaara seemed like he would be a good friend. The bijuu and jinchuriki got Naruto thinking. What about the others like us? There were a total of seven other pairs and it was Naruto;s goal to meet and befriend all the bijuu and their containers.

Jiraiya sat there studying his latest apprentice simply wondering what the blonde could be thinking. The sannin honestly had no clue what was going on in his mind because Naruto was completely unpredictable. The kid could be thinking about what kind of ramen he should have to how to deal with the mysterious masked man.

Having enough of the silence Jiraiya cleared his throat to grab Naruto's attention. "You may be wondering what kind of training you will going through. Before you get excited and start guessing I'll simply tell you; it's call fuinjutsu. Fuinjutsu is the art of sealing and was the Uzumaki Clan's specialty before they were exterminated by the combined forces of Iwa, Kiri, and Kumo." Naruto was wide-eyed. It took three of the great nations to take out one clan. He truly had strong blood running through his veins. "Now normally studying something as complicated would take months to make any progress; however, with your heritage I expect great things from you."

The blonde was beaming with pride. Naruto rarely got acknowledged if ever. This is what he always wanted, and it was what he always craved. "Both of your parents were sealing masters. Your mother was an Uzumaki so it was expected. Your father however was a surprise. I had started him off on the basics to sealing but he took to it like a fish to water. It wasn't long before he started to impress even Kushina. In fact your mother taught your father everything she knew, including the highly sought after Uzumaki style of sealing. Anyways I'm getting sidetracked. If my calculations are correct in a month's time I believe your knowledge in seals will be enough to use in battle."

Naruto exploded with excitement, "YATTA! In one month I'll be as good as tousan in seals!"

"Whoa Whoa Whoa…I never said that. I said you would be proficient enough to use it. In one month you will be a novice, which is actually quite remarkable for something so complicated. My plan is to have you understand some more advanced sealing scrolls that can hold ninjutsu that I provide. Which is great because you will be able to use high ranked jutsus while conserving energy, plus your opponent won't know which jutsu to expect. The only problem is that I am going to have to aim the jutsu at you when you absorb it into the scroll. I also want you to study each jutsu I give you so you are knowledgeable in its strengths and weaknesses and know when to use it."


"Good. Now fuinjutsu at its most basic form is expressed through paper and ink. Most people only study the bare minimum to create storage scrolls and exploding tags. When finally master fuinjutsu, which will take years even for a prodigy, you can begin to use it with hand signs. This makes it much easier to use in battle scenarios."

Naruto nodded in understanding. If his parents were seal masters then he too will follow in their footsteps, and one day surpass them.

"Fuinjutsu is about balance. Every symbol possesses meaning, and therefore you must balance it out with other symbols. The combinations are endless, so the limitations of fuinjutsu are non-existent. Now lets get you started."

1½ Months Later

The past six weeks for the blonde jinchuriki was busy to say the least. Every morning Naruto would wake up as the sun began to rise. There was just something that made the blonde want to constantly train. He would only ever stop for meals. His determination seemed to pay off because after three weeks of intensive training Naruto had finally mastered the rasengan. Although he had to have the help of a shadow clone in order to maintain focus and retain the powerful jutsu. The unique solution to the problem greatly impressed Jiraiya, however due to Naruto's secret identity the sage had stressed the need to completely master the technique in order to conserve the amount of clones the blonde produced.

Other aspects of training that Naruto underwent were taijutsu, chakra control, and speed/strengthening training. Once the blonde was able to form a completed rasengan Jiraiya had split Naruto's training during the day to incorporate other shinobi arts.

After observing Naruto use taijustu in a spar with one of Jiraiya's kage bunshin, the sage observed that Naruto was more of a brawler because he had no style. The jinchuriki devoted most of his efforts to attacking his opponents while leaving several openings for a counter attack. To solve this Jiraiya began to teach Naruto both Goken and the Frog Kata, but more specifically how to combine them. The Goken required quick and powerful attacks that centered around bypassing an oponents guard dealing heavy blows by breaking bones while providing a solid defense. On the other hand the Frog Kata requires deception and misdirection to land powerful blows that only a sage can provide. Even though Naruto is no were near ready for sage training Jiraiya believed that combining Frog Kata basics of deception along with the Goken Style of attack and defense would compliment each other nicely. Plus, once Naruto underwent sage training like Jiraiya planned the blonde would have a total of three strong styles to use against enemies.

Another aspect of training for Naruto was his chakra control. Due to several reasons Naruto's chakra control sucked, no matter how much work he has put into it. However a new form of exercise that Jiraiya developed for Naruto required the blonde to use chakra for multiple purposes simultaneously. The sage taught Naruto about a special homeland security division from Kiri called SHARK. These special ANBU focused on the ability on fighting underwater and because they couldn't breath they developed away to conserve oxygen by applying a thin layer of chakra to the lungs that filtered oxygen. This has two affects; one was a purer form of oxygen for the shinobi and the other was the decreased use of oxygen.

The trick was using the proper amount of chakra. Too little allowed for all types of air molecules to enter the lungs. Too much meant not enough oxygen would flow through and the shinobi would suffocate. Once Naruto had mastered the lung technique Jiraiya had Naruto attach himself to the bottom of the nearby lake for extended periods of time.

Naruto's speed and strength training was actually kind of easy for the blonde. After Naruto's first lecture in the art of fuinjutsu Jiraiya applied a special seal on Naruto called a gravity seal. Gravity seals are usually very dangerous for people to use, but Jiraiya explained how Naruto had two conditions that normal people did not possess. The first was that Naruto was an Uzumaki, and Uzumaki's are known for their longevity and increased recovery rates among other things. Second was the fact that he was a jinchuriki and channeling just a minute portion of Kurama's chakra increased the healing of torn muscles and broken bones exponentially. In just one and a half months and Naruto was already at twice his normal bodyweight. Even with Naruto's healing capabilities the blonde's bones can only support approximately 10x his usual body weight before snapping under the pressure.

Occasionally Jiraiya would combine all three forms training by sparring with Naruto on the lake bead. Sparring underwater provided resistance while Naruto had to focus on his chakra control and practice taijutsu.

In the evenings Naruto's fuinjutsu training was progressing marvelously. Truthfully Naruto was getting somewhat bored from his training in seals. It was not for a lack of interest in learning seals nor was it lack of talent. Naruto's boredom spread because all Jiraiya was having him study was storage seals. Storage scrolls were getting very tiresome but the blonde couldn't argue with the results. As of right now Naruto was carrying thirty different special storage scrolls filled jutsu of various ranks. Although the jutsus were powerful and useful Naruto couldn't wait until he would be able to preform them on his own. Carrying all those scrolls made him nervous; what if he picked up the wrong scroll on accident? Sometimes he would have nightmares of a fireball flying at him and instead of releasing a earth wall or stream of water a gust of wind would erupt from his scroll. When the two jutsus collided the fireball only increased in size and overwhelmed Naruto. Another problem was actually sealing the jutsu into the scroll; in fact it was a real pain in the ass.


1 Week Ago

Naruto stood about twenty meters away from his sensei. His knees were shaking a bit and his eyes were darting about in nervous anticipation. Why was the hooded blonde so hesitant? Well that was because he had to seal jutsus for later use.

"Are you sure about this Ero-sennin? I mean isn't there a better way?" Naruto just looked at the perverted old man pleading to just sit back down. Jiraiya, however, seemed to be greatly amused.

"Nope! Now shut up and quit complaining. Do you remember what I told you? When I fire this jutsu at you your timing has to be perfect. If you attempt to seal the jutsu too soon there will be a delay when you decide to use it. Decide to seal it too late and you get blasted. So don't screw up."

Today was Naruto's first attempts of this advanced sealing. Sealing inanimate objects without any chakra is easy. All that matters is getting the kunai into the scroll. The difficulty of sealing things with chakra like jutsu and living things is the delicate balance that must be maintained inside the seal. Jutsu for example consist of almost infinite combination of spiritual and physical chakra. Once the jutsu is inside the seal the chakra would attempt to seek equilibrium of 50% spiritual and 50% physical chakra. This process would either weaken the jutsu or nullify it all together. That is why it is important to include a formula into the seal to automatically adjust and maintain chakra ratios. Sealing living things is even more difficult because putting someone into a scroll is equivalent to putting them into stasis. It's easy to get them in but hard to get them out alive.

Naruto gave a nod to his sensei and dropped into a ready position holding an unrolled scroll. The blonde watched as Jiraiya flipped through some handsigns and slammed his hands onto the ground yelling "Doton: Doro Hōshi"

The ground in front of Jiraiya quickly turned into mud and now a gushing torrent rocketed towards Naruto. Naruto was surprised at the speed the jutsu moved at, and so he was ill-equipped to seal it in time. The result ended with Naruto being caught in the current and slammed against a tree. Remnants of the mud quickly hardened holding an unconscious Naruto against a tree seemingly muttering in his sleep.

At the sight of his apprentice being tossed around Jiraiya threw his head back and started laughing. Finally calming down he decided to have a conversation with the unconscious jinchuriki.

"You know what gaki? I think this training is going to be very thereputic for me. HAHA!"

Flashback End

The past week saw Naruto being the victim of doton and katon jutsus courtesy of Jiraiya. On top of that Jiraiya summoned several toads to unleash suiton and some futon jutsus on the blonde.

As of right now the two both shinobi were walking down the road nearing a village called Tanzaku Town. Jiraiya had gotten a tip on his ex-teammate's location from a man that was able to win 500,000 ryo off her. Some things just never change, and because of that Jiraiya was hoping to get her drunk and play some strip poker.

It was an hour later and the two just entered Tanzaku Town, but something was wrong. People seemed to be in distress and smoke arose from a hill surrounded by several walls.

"That's strange."

Naruto looked up to the sage, "What do you mean Ero-sennin?"

"It's just that there should be a castle used to be up on that hill. Something happened and I don't like it. Come on…we should find Tsunade and quick. If she is not here then we should move on. I want you to make 100 shadow clones, henge them into random people, and search for these two people. Have them focus on bars and casinos." Jiraiya pulled out two separate photos. One was of a blonde woman in her early thirties with twin ponytails, amber eyes, and a purple diamond on her forehead. The other picture showed a dark haired woman with eyes that matched her hair. The woman appeared to be in her later twenties and was carrying a pig.


Naruto put his hands into the familiar cross sign and a large puff of smoke appeared in the street. When it cleared the moderately crowded street became heavily congested, but within seconds the new arrivals were hopping off in random directions. Naruto was about to join his clones but before he could run off Jiraiya grabbed the blonde's shoulder and shook his head. "I need you to stay with me. You're gonna tell me where to find her."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Just be patient gaki. You'll know what I'm talking about when it happens."

For the past ten minutes Jiraiya had been keeping a close eye on his young apprentice. If Tsunade was in this town Naruto and his clones would find her with little trouble. Moments later Naruto seemed to stiffen and turned his head to the East side of town taking a right down the next available street. "ha. The gaki doesn't even realize what just happened with his Kage Bunshin. He just accepts that he knows where Tsunade is as fact. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing."

It didn't take long for both Jiraiya and Naruto to be standing outside a local bar. Before they entered Jiraiya thought he might have one last lesson with Naruto before entering the lions den. "Now remember your name is Kenji. Whatever I say as your backstory you go along with. Got it?" The blonde nodded in acceptance. "Also, can you explain to me how you knew where to find her?"

"What do you mean? I saw her enter the bar with the dark haired lady." It was only after he said that that Naruto realized how stupid that sounded. He had been with Jiraiya the whole time, so how did he know where to find Tsunade? Jiraiya saw the gears turning in the blonde's head and decided to give him a hint. "What was the last thing you remember when you saw Tsunade walk in the bar?"

"Well after I saw her enter I remembered I was supposed to dispel….wait! My kage bunshin saw her, but how do I remember?"

The white haired sannin chuckled at the boy's ignorance. "The kage bunshin was originally designed for infiltration/information gathering missions because the caster gains memories of any clone dispelled. You are one of the few to ever have been able to effectively use high numbers in combat due to the chakra consumption." The blonde felt kind of stupid for not realizing the ability before. He has made thousands of clones and not once did he realize their potential. "Anyways, enough with the lessons. Remember to follow my lead, and please don't say anything unless spoken to."

Having said his piece Jiraiya walked into the bar with Naruto right behind him. A quick scan of the dining area and Jiraiya found who he was looking for. In a booth located in the corner sat Senju Tsunade and her apprentice Shizune. Tsunade predictably had a couple of bottles of sake in front of her while Shizune appeared to be trying to limit the amount of sake the busty blonde drank.

Not wanting to wait any longer Jiraiya strolled on up to the booth. Out of the two women only Shizune noticed the approach of another Sannin. Earlier in the day Orochimaru confronted them, and seeing the last of the great three ninjas was almost unthinkable. She was so in shock that the only thing she could do was to elbow Tsunade to get her attention.

"What the hell was that for Shizune?...Jiraiya?!"

"Hello Tsunade, long time no see."

Tsunade immediately began to send chakra to her liver in order to help purify her body of the alcohol; it is never wise to be intoxicated when dealing with one of her fellow Sannin.

"Do you mind if we join you?"

Jiraiya didn't even bother waiting for an answer as he slid into the booth and sat directly across from Tsunade. Naruto followed his master's example by sitting next to him.

"Although it's great to see you Jiraiya, what the hell are you doing here? And who is the shady brat? I don't trust people who only show me their eyes." Tsunade narrowed her eyes at Naruto examining him and making sure he didn't make any hostile movements.

"Calm down Tsunade. He is no threat to you, and since we are on the subject his name is Kenji. I found him about a year ago when I was taking down a slave-trade operation. This young man has refused to leave my side often saying, 'Jiraiya-sama to show my eternal thanks I shall follow you around the world and bask in your greatness.'" Having heard enough Naruto decided to hit the white haired sannin over the head.

"While the origins of our meeting are true our current relationship is a sick delusion Ero-sennin has developed. He was agreed to train me while I keep him out of trouble with local authorities for peeping at bath houses. I am also forced to sometimes help with his 'research'."

The blonde medic stared at Naruto for a while before bursting into laughter. "Hahaha Jiraiya you have a glorified babysitter following you around 24/7!"

"Excuse me. But isn't that what she is for too?" Naruto said pointing to Shizune. "Before we came here she was attempting to limit the amount of alcohol you drank; like you couldn't handle it yourself. That is the very definition of babysitting."

Tsunade quickly reached across the table and grabbed Naruto by his color, "What did you say brat?"

Naruto kept cool as he answered in a monotone voice, "Don't be offended. It seems it's a common trait among the Sannin. Even Orochimaru has his white haired boy toy. It is also expected for shinobi of your age to be slightly emotionally unstable or traumatized."

Tsunade formed several tick marks as her grip tightened and pulled her fist back ready to knock out the masked blonde.


The whole restaurant grew quite as Jiraiya decided to intervene. "Calm yourself. Do you really think it is wise to loose control of yourself over the words of a twelve-year-old boy? Furthermore you know he speaks the truth. This boy has startling insight when it comes to the pain of others and their coping mechanisms. You have your drinking and gambling, I have perversions, Orochimaru and his dark obsessions. The list goes on and on for each shinobi; especially if they have experienced war.

"Anyways, we are getting off topic." Jiraiya took a deep breath before he continued. "Sensei is dead and you are being recalled back to Konoha. Furthermore, you are to become the next Hokage."

'How could they do this to me…How dare they ask this of me after everything I have sacrificed.'

"I refuse."

"I see. Well if there is no convincing you then it's time for us to go. Come along Kenji."

Naruto was shell-shocked. After all that effort into finding this woman they were giving up just like that?

"Hell no! I aint leaving grannies side till I get a reason why she won't be Hokage! The Hokage is acknowledged as the most respected person in the village. Why wouldn't she be happy about this?"

The sage had to fight to hold back a smirk. This was playing out exactly how he planned it. Naruto was quite possibly one of the few people alive to get Tsunade out of her state of self-pity. Tsunade however just found another reason why this masked kid pissed her off.

"You ignorant brat! You don't deserve my reasons, but here is one for you. Being Hokage is a fool's job, and all the past Hokages were fools that end up getting killed. Especially the Yondaime; he was so young and full of promise but he threw his life away for nothing. If anything he simply prolonged the village for a decade or two. Face it kid, the Hokage's job is to simply sit behind a desk and wait patiently for your own death."

It was now Naruto's turn to reach across and grab the blonde Sannin, "Listen here you hag! I may not hold any love for Konoha but don't you DARE disrespect the Hokages! They may have died but they died protecting the village and everyone in it. They died protecting something they love, something that they held precious. To me there is no better death. I can't believe the fools in Konoha want you to lead them. You disgrace the previous Hokages by simply being a candidate. Why don't you stay in your personal world of misery, keep running from your problems, and wallow in your self-pity. You disgust me." Naruto practically spat the last part out. After having said his piece Naruto shoved Tsunade back into her seat and promptly left the restaurant.

To say Naruto was furious would be an understatement. How dare she disrespect his father like that? Within the past month Naruto had been able to convince Kurama to reveal the last moments of his parents. The blonde fell to his knees and cried in front of the great bijuu when he heard how both his father and mother sacrificed any hope of survival by protecting Naruto from harm. The more he came to discover about his father the less he could hold any grudge for placing such a burden on a child. Namikaze Minato truly sacrificed everything for his son.

All the past Hokages were great men. The Nidaime sacrificed himself to protect his team during the First Great Ninja War. It was said that he killed forty of the fifty Kumo ninja that were ambushing his team, and only died because he ran out of chakra. The Sandaime was like a grandfather to Naruto, and even though they left each other on less than friendly terms the blonde could not deny the bond they shared.

Naruto was walking down the street; he was intent on going to the outskirts of the town and train. Training for Naruto always seemed to calm him down, but his plans were put on hold when his body was suddenly pummeled into the ground by a single fist. The force was so great that Naruto had formed his own crater.


Naruto coughed up some blood but his mask stopped it as it slowly soaked into the cloth. As he slowly picked himself from the ground the jinchuriki was not all that surprised when Tsunade was now five feet away from him silently staring, daring for Naruto to get up so she could knock him down again.

"Did you really think you possessed some type of diplomatic immunity simply because you were traveling with Jiraiya, or did you think he would protect you from my wrath? Look over there." Naruto followed Tsunade's finger to where she was pointing to Jiraiya leaning against the wall looking at the scene with mild interest. "That damn pervert has abandoned you, too afraid to save you from my wrath."

"You're wrong you hag."

Those were the only words Naruto got out before he was sent flying by one of Tsunade's fists. The smug smile of Tsunade disappeared however when the still airborne Naruto disappeared into a puff of smoke.

"He's standing there because he knows I don't need protection!"

The sudden exclamation caught the slug sannin by surprise as she whirled around as the masked blonde pulled out three separate scrolls. The first scroll was quickly unrolled.

"Doton: Twin Earth Walls…KAI!"

Suddenly out of the scroll two earth walls erupted up and effectively ensured only Tsunade was in any danger. Tsunade on the other hand was simply amused and wanted to see to where this whole situation would lead. She wasn't expecting the next thing to happen.

While Tsunade was admiring the earth walls Naruto had already unrolled the other two scrolls and slammed both hands down, "Katon: Flame Bullet/Futon: Pressure Damage…KAI!"

Tsunade started to get a little worried now. Some thirteen-year-old punk was now sending a borderline S class collaboration jutsu her way. Granted it wasn't his jutsu, just something he had stored in a scroll, but he was smart with them. Not only did use an A rank wind jutsu to improve a B rank fire jutsu but he tactically created earth walls to protect to local buildings and trap her. On top of all of this the kid still needed the chakra to preform these techniques, all this showed her the potential shinobi that this boy in front of her possessed; too bad she might go overboard and kill the brat tonight.

As the inferno came charging at her the Sannin slammed her fist into the ground in front of her causing the ground to crack and jagged rock to pop up and form a makeshift wall that she used as protection. When the fire died down all that was left was smoke in the air. She suddenly felt a gathering of chakra and prepared herself. This gaki has been surprising her all night and she would be damned if he got the better of her. Suddenly she saw the masked kid burst through a cloud of smoke, and in his right hand was a blue ball of spiraling chakra. Tsunade had thought she was prepared for anything but as Naruto slipped through her defense all she could whisper was "Impossible…rasengan."

Naruto on the other hand had a smirk almost as big as his smile. He had finally been able to form a rasengan with a single hand and the shock of it had caused Tsunade to leave herself wide-open. It wasn't meant to be however as the masked blonde felt the jutsu become unstable and right before it made contact with Tsunade the rasengan dissipated which blew him backwards.

The sannin was quick to pick up the mistake and used a shunshin to appear infront of Naruto and pounded him into the ground before he could recover.

"Stupid brat." She looked up to see her former teammate sitting atop of one of the stone walls. "And you. What the hell do think you were doing giving him those scrolls of jutsu…and attempting to teach him that jutsu?!"

Jiraiya stared at her before scanning over the damage done to his student. "I'm giving him a fighting chance against stronger opponents without giving away his secrets, what did you think? And I didn't give him the scrolls; he made them himself, but I did supply the jutsu."

"Ha! So the brat can't preform high ranked jutsus, and when he tries something like the rasengan he fails!"


Everyone there turned to see Naruto slowly picking himself up from the ground. After he steadied himself he looked the female Sannin right in the eyes.

"I will master that jutsu."

"Don't make me laugh even more squirt. If you can learn that jutsu within a week I'll go along with your pervert sensei here and become the next Hokage. Plus I'll throw in this here necklace. Don't worry its worth A LOT of money." Naruto had an unseen smirk at those words, all he had to do was finish the deal. Jiraiya on the other hand wanted to save his teammate from embarrassment.

"Uhhh…Tsunade…about the kid."

"Can it Jiraiya! Your kid is about to get shown up if he is foolish enough to take the bet. Plus he is old enough to make his own decisions."

"Ya Jiraiya-sensei. Let me make my own mistakes." Only Jiraiya picked up Naruto's fluctuating voice. It was a mix between sarcasm and stifling a laugh. So Jiraiya used his better judgment and shut up. Except for whispering two words. "Your funeral."

Seeing his pervy sensei wouldn't butt in anymore Naruto decided to lay down his wager. "And if I loose I'll give up being a ninja, and I'll give you my family's fortune. Rest assured it's quite valuable."

All of a sudden Tsunade started seeing dollar signs. She could care less what the kid did for his life but her and Shizune could always use more money to settle some of her debts and pay for a little gambling spree. It could even get Shizune to lighten up for a little while too.

"You got yourself a deal gaki." Tsunade was all smiles. To her this was like taking candy from a baby. She strolled over to Naruto and quickly shook hands.

Once they had let go of one another Naruto jumped backwards and put his hands into the cross-sign. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."

A single clone appeared next to him. "Prepare to pay up, Hokage-sama."

The Sannin's eyes widened when a spiraling blue sphere began to form of the palm of his hand.