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Thanks to the anime Digimon Adventure 02 we know what happened to the digidestined 25 years after the series. Yet, we have no idea what happened between the defeat of MaloMyotismon and the epilogue. And there were many things that did happen. For instance: Kouchiro "Izzy" Izumi, one of the first chosen ones, Tentomon's partner, became a scientist exploring the connection between the Digital World and the Earth. The results of his work gave him a PhD in information technology at the age of nineteen as well as lead to developing new branches of sciences, such as digibiology or digiinformatics. That's when Izzy learned that fully defeating any evil is impossible. He realized sooner or later someone – or something – will try to conquer or destroy the worlds again. Three mega levels they could use weren't necessarily enough. That's why revealing the crest's secret and technology to use them again became one of his destinations. Thanks to Sovereign's help he rebuilt first nine crests' powers, putting them in the newly developed, much more powerful and multifunctional digivice model, as he couldn't recreate the crests themselves. Unluckily, his next experiment, trying to copy the "Powerful Digivices", as he called them, was far from success. The copies only allowed basic functions, such as digivolution. Searching for a new solution, Izzy accidentally reached the parallel dimension, both the Earth and the Digital World, contacting digidestined, or, as they called themselves, the tamers living there: Takato Matsuki, Henry Wong and Rika Nonaka. More observations lead to meeting chosen ones from over fifteen different worlds and creating a new series of "Powerful Digivices", representing powers of other digidestined, sterting with the three Izzy knew that never had their own ones: Davis Motomiya, Cody Hida and Yolei Inoue. That's how a total of eighteen digivices of an enormous power, able to create digimon by far exceeding everything the digidestined have seen and so dangerous that even if one of them fell into the wrong hands it could lead to a destruction of multiple worlds, were created...
Meanwhile one of the Digital Worlds Izzy contacted tried to set a new laws, making it easier for both the digimon and humans to take care of the planet. First step was to make a list of all the digimon species, then dividing them into eight types due to abilities and appearances. Thanks to the work of two digimon: Ophanimon and ChaosGallantmon together with the humans they chose as their partners the Tamer Union was created alongside the two teams it consisted of: Light Fang from the city of Sunshine, with their dragon, light, aquatic and flying digimon and Night Crows of Darkmoon, taking care of the animal, dark, machine, and organic digimon.
Union however couldn't create their own digivices, as the other worlds could. Izzy decided to help them, sending all the "weaker" copies he accidentally built to them. Things would be too easy, however, if nothing wrong happened: Izzy sent all the digivices he had, including the original eighteen. What's worse he couldn't get them back, as the interdimensional travel inactivated them... Only one, holding the crest of light, was identified and kept by the Union in safety, as it activated every time good clashed with evil. The other seventeen went missing without a trace...
The Union couldn't however search for them because of a new threat to their worlds: a program making digimon age and die the way the human beings do - Chrono DSR. A champion – level digimon created by it, known by the name of Grimmon, started to terrorise the planet. His digivolved forms – ChaosGrimmon and ExoGrimmon – nearly succeeded in putting Chrono DSR in the planet's core, but they were brought down the very last moment by two tamers: Koh of Sunshine and Sayo of Darkmoon and their digimon – Coronamon and Lunamon. The peace came back to the Digital World again. Not for long though. Tamers disappointed with how easy it was for Grimmon to manipulate the Union and defying the laws as being too strict and reducing freedom of humans and digimon started to riot. They created a third, unnamed city. Union excluded them. Since that moment everyone who wanted or had to quit Union was welcomed there. They started calling themselves "Neutral Tamers" and the city received the name of Neutrum
Our story starts about a year after ExoGrimmon was defeated, seven months after the Neutral Tamer's uprising...


Tome 1. The Data Thief.

Arc 1. Mon in Black.

Chapter 1. The lost.

The city of Darkmoon greeted the incoming sunrise with a relief. Most of its citizens, both human and digimon, preferred nocturnal activity, while day was considered to be the time to rest. The town center, placed on a platform levitating half a mile above the ground was the only at least partially active part of the city. Most of the residents were city leaders, main IT specialists and guardians - whose number was tripled because of recent incidents. The political situation of the city was quite stable and the city was in good relations with its allies, one however can never be too careful. The only possibility of getting to the town center was using one of four portals located in the outskirts and each of them was guarded by two mega-level digimon. Getting inside unnoticed was virtually impossible.
That didn't mean however, that when the day came, all activity in the districts located on the ground was suspended. Only single units were not resting during the day though. Actually, on that day there was only one single unit - in the newly - built house in the district located by the seashore. On a small, sandy island close to the shore, just with a few palm trees there was a wooden house, resembling Robinson Kruzoe's hut. Provided the modern computers, which occupied most of the lower condignation, were available for Robinson. The upper floor was probably part of the house meant to be living in - it consisted of a small kitchen, a bathroom and two rooms. On a bed located in one of them there was a teenage, seventeen or eighteen-years-old boy sleeping. The quilt was lying on the floor, right next to the bed, so one could easily see he was dressed in a red T-shirt, navy jeans and blue and white trainers. Black leather jacket hanging near one of the walls was the only element of clothing the teenager weren't currently wearing. Near boy's head there was a strange, light brown-colored creature, which, after a short investigation, was revealed to be his hair. The teenager seemed to be somewhat anxious, as he moved or whispered every once in a while. At last, thanks to falling off his bed, he regained consciousness. He quickly shook his head, then he brushed his hair with his right hand.
- Damnit, this time I really overdid it… That was the last time I drank with Karl, his head is too strong for me… I wonder if he has any… - he managed to say before looking around and realising where he was. He instantly noticed he was not in his friend's house, much less in his room. He was in place he completely didn't recognize… Our hero quickly jumped towards the window. The first thing he saw was a tropical sea with a small, sandy beach, behind which there was a rainforest. Completely different from a quiet town he lived in. The second thing he noticed was few caterpillars crawling near the shore, colored yellow to lime green. They wouldn't be strange… if the window weren't located about two hundred feet from the shore, which meant every one of them had to be of a size of a pretty big dog… The boy quickly understood what was going on. He already knew he's in place he had visited before. He remembered this event as his worst nightmare and hoped never to come back here again. And now his hope was shattered.
- No… - he whispered. Goosebumps appeared on his forearms. - Everywhere but here… Everything but Digital World…
Teenager jumped towards the door, hardly avoiding bumping his head against it. Unfortunately, he discovered right away the door's locked. He tried to break through it about a dozen times. No effect.
- What the hell are they doing? - imprisoned boy started to think loudly. He tried to remember any information that could prove useful. Yet he couldn't find any. The only human (as he didn't want to count a bunch of monsters) he met, a man nicknamed Glare, happened to be the leader of some kind of society… Boy could vaguely remember a young man in his twenties in an uniform with a sun motif - as sun was his team's symbol. All memories regarding a fifteen-foot-tall angel wearing green armor were however ignored. Anyway it was about a human being - probably one of few living here - who had devices that could send him to his home dimension, which was the only thing our character wanted right then. So he did one thing that made sense to him: he started to loudly knock the door, shouting. He asked to let him go, tried to call Glare, even threatened anyone that could hear him - with no effect. There was a perfect silence outside.
- Stop it already. Nobody's gonna hear you.
The boy rapidly turned around to see a young woman standing behind him. She could have been just a few years older than him. She had long, silver hair with a crescent-shaped hairclip. Looking at her clothes, one could think about Glare's uniform, save for the moon motif, that replaced his sun - she was wearing a silver blouse, a purple skirt and a navy blue vest with a crescent symbol similar to the one in her hair. She looked like a complete opposite of the man the boy met some time before…
- I'm sorry we closed you here. I know what you went through when you was here but I need you to listen to me. Things I want to tell you are crucial, IRQ.
The boy twitched. He has been using this nickname for years, but hardly anyone knew about its existence. It functioned only as a website login. What was more serious, he never used it during his first visit. „IRQ" registered with his real name… No wonder he felt need to react.
- All right. First of all - I can listen to you, but I'm not going to stay here a second longer than I absolutely need to. And secondly - how do you actually…
- Know your nickname? That's an easy one: we know your past and what happened to you before. So our IT specialists kept an eye on you and all the computers you used during the last two years. To reduce the possibility of unintentionally bringing you here…
- And to make bringing me here intentionally entirely possible - IRQ finished. Then a sudden thought struck him like a brick wrapped up in an old sock. - WAIT A SECOND. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "COMPUTERS"? IT'S A DISTURBANCE OF MY PRIVACY AND…
- Calm down. We checked only websites connected to our portals. We have no data regarding your hard disc drives or browsing history. - The woman was calm and collected the whole time. That was starting to drive IRQ insane. But to be precise it's worth mentioning that perfectly everything was starting to drive him insane.
- Right. We're through this one. First things first: who are you, what's going on and when will Glare send me back? - He knew he was being rude. He just wanted to ignore the fact though. Besides transporting a sleeping person to the parallel world didn't fit the savoir - vivre rules either.
- Let me answer your last question first. Glare has no idea you're here. It's not the city of Sunshine he leads. We're in the city of Darkmoon, where the Night Crows team resides. And I'm afraid you have to temporarily join them…
This was enough for him to snap. He threw himself towards his conversational partner with fists clenched.
- I am not allowing that… I will never take part in your games! Never! - IRQ was ready to deliver the first hit but something managed to catch his hand. Before he realized that an invisible force tossed him at the opposite wall. When he opened his eyes, he saw a third person in the room - this time surely not a human being.
Newcomer was human-shaped, yet with a size of thirty feet he had to kneel down to be able to fit in the room and still his head was touching the ceiling, which was located really high for the human standards to begin with. He was wearing a shiny black armor, covering his whole body, save for his round, yellow, one might say reptilian eyes. With his left hand he was holding a giant shield, black as his armor with a navy blue symbol in the middle. His cape, waving behind him despite the complete lack of wind and the position he was forced to take had the same shade of deep dark blue. If not his size, he could be considered some kind of black knight. He visibly tried to protect the woman with his shield.
- Listen to me, scoundrel. I'm not going to mention the fact, how wicked must one be shall he tried to hit a woman. To this lady I have sworn my loyalty and my word shall be kept forever. And you will listen to her wisdom, willing or forced!
The boy suddenly understood what the dark knight was and how he appeared in the room.
- Right. Should have thought of this earlier. You're one of them monsters. Her pet. This explains everything. And you - he turned to the woman - must be in charge of all this freak show? I'm not dumb, I see how similar you are to the other guy. And since you happened to mention it's not his town…
- Your deduction ability is really impressive. That's one of the reasons regarding why we brought you here. Yes, I am the Night Crows leader. My name's Julia. And that's ChaosGallantmon, my partner, or my pet, as you put it.
- Yet calling me in that manner does not amuse me. Speaking of which, neither does your lack of respect.
- Sure, whatever. We're having this lovely idle chat for a while and I'm still yet to hear the most important thing. Why the hell am I here? ChaosGallantmon looked at Julia, removing his shield, so that she could come closer to IRQ. She walked to one of the closets and took a large chip from it. Then she put it in a strange device on her right wrist IRQ though was a big watch. It looked like a GPS device on a wristband. The upper part of it opened to show another screen and a keyboard located inside. Julia pushed few buttons, which resulted in a photo appearing on a lower screen. The outer part showed it zoomed on the wall. On the photograph there was a younger boy age of around thirteen standing next to a big-headed orange lizard. There was a device on his hand, similar to the one transmitting the photo. He was wearing an orange jacket with a sun symbol on the left, a few inches above the heart. He also had a pair of blue goggles on his forehead. Yet it was his face that caught the most attention, as he looked like a smaller copy of the teenager watching the slideshow. His facial features were nearly identical, the only difference was a slightly lighter shade of blonde on his hair. It was easy to deduce both boys were closely related…
IRQ's face changed in a matter of a second. Anger was replaced by a sheer fear. For a few minutes he just stood there unable to say a single word. Then, with a visible effort, he managed to look at Julia.
- So… is he… - he said, unable to finish the thought.
- I'm sorry, we just don't know. Your brother has gone missing three weeks ago. Since that day we've been trying to reach him. With no effect…


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