Chapter 1: Be Out in No Time

Dreams are known as a world of escape. Another world for when our mind is asleep and our eyes are awake. It's a world outside of your own where troubles and worries cease to exist. It is another existence entirely, either showing your deepest darkest fears or your ambitions. Only some have the chance to dream, others may not be that fortunate. An over replaying problem is that sometimes your dreams become reality. You may say this is good, but if its the fears touching down on your reality, you find it harder to keep them separated from one another. What if one day, it becomes all too much real and there is no world of escape for you, except reality?

One day, I came to his conclusion, a disaster some may call it. For me, it seemed like the end of days. Nothing but hope and endless amounts of faith to keep me going. What got me where I am now? That was being in love. Being in love with the WRONG guy to be precise. What do I mean by that? Well hold on, were in for a rough ride.

The brunette slept soundly in the passenger seat, her mind in total relaxation. The jolts and bumps from the car ride began making her stir. She had been like this for half an hour, unable to wake herself from sleep. She couldn't understand it. Why was she so tired? As the car came to a stop, she forced her eyes open, the light causing her to wince as her eyes rejected the incoming light. After a second attempt, she looked around to see Stefan had got out of the car. Where were they? Looking up at the building in the middle of nowhere, she studied it closely, almost cautiously. It was a tall white marble building, the windows tinted black causing her to frown.

"Stefan?" Climbing out of the car, she looked around, "What's going on?"

He gave her a look as she swallowed in confusion and looked around to see two guards, walking out in a white uniform. Looking at the name on the building, she squinted. 'Salvation Asylum." Going wide-eyed, she seen the men moving in on her and turned on her heel as quick as she could, running back to the car.

As they moved in after her and grabbed her, she let out a scream, struggling against them. What was going on? They held her arms as they dragged her inside the building. Tears glazed her chocolate eyes as she stared around at the dull plain white walls. What was going on? What was happening to her? What had Stefan done?

Opening a door, they brought her into a room as they sat her in a chair, holding her down so that she couldn't move. Taking a shaky breath, she held back the tears as the door opened and a women walked in with Stefan. Glaring at Stefan, she tried to get up but was held back down.

"State your name and age." The blonde women spoke, taking a seat opposite her as she held her hands together.
"Elena Gilbert, 18 years of age." She answered, closing her eyes as she inhaled, trying to calm herself down.
"Mhm, uh huh."
"Why am I here? Let me go."
"From what I've been told Elena. You are a danger to yourself and everyone around you."

"No! No, I'm not!" Elena shouted, beginning to grow scared.
"You are unable to control your emotions."
"I want my mom and dad, get me my mom and dad NOW!"
"Elena, your father and mother are dead."
"What? No! No they're not! I've seen them!"
"They died several months ago Elena."

The brunette shook her head, closing her eyes as she tried to block everything out. This wasn't real, she wasn't really here. People were trying to mess with her head. She'd just seen her mom and dad, they were alive, she knew they were alive. A stranger wasn't going to tell her different.

"No, this isn't happening, okay!? This is not happening." She panicked, looking around for an exit, a way out.
"You have no family Elena. You are the only Gilbert remaining."
"Jeremy, get me Jeremy!"
"Elena, they are all dead."
"NO!" She screamed, struggling against the guards hold on her as she sobbed and banged the table with her fists. This couldn't be happening, it wasn't happening. How was this happening? Looking up, she seen Stefan and felt anger building up inside of her.

"You! This is all your fault! How could you do this to me Stefan!? I thought you loved me!"
"See what I mean. She's very fragile." He spoke to the woman quietly as she gave him a nod.
"Don't listen to him! He's lying to you! You have to believe me! I'm not crazy!"

Elena sobbed and banged the table with her fists as she felt a sharp pain in her neck. Her vision was going blurry as she tried to grip onto reality, grip on to her last remaining bit of vision. Feeling herself getting woozy, she seen Stefan walking closer as her head lay against the table. He bent down, whispering into her ear quietly.

"This is for the best."

Hearing beeping, she furrowed her eyebrows, the noise loud in her ears as she tried to move her hands to rub at her ears, but she felt like a force was holding her arms down. What the hell? Opening her eyes, she looked around the white room and gasped. She was still here? Oh god, this was real? Looking down, she seen that she had been strapped to the bed and struggled, trying to pull out of the straps. Oh god, what was happening to her? She wasn't crazy. She KNEW she wasn't crazy. Still hearing the beeping, she shook her head, trying to shake it out of her ears. Where the hell was that coming from?

"Ah, so your awake."

Looking up, she seen that the blonde women had walked into the room again and furrowed her eyebrows, glaring at her. This women was majorly getting on her nerves. Where was Stefan? She was going to kill him, hit him with a car or something. Struggling against the straps, she groaned.

"Let me out of here!" She shouted at her in annoyance.
"You'll be let out tomorrow when you got to see the doctor."
"I don't want to see any bloody doctor! I want go home, now let me OUT!"
"Have a good night Elena."

Walking out, she closed the door behind her as Elena closed her eyes, letting out a heavy breath and the tears began streaming down her cheeks. Why was she here? She wasn't crazy. Why was Stefan doing this to her? It's okay, tomorrow she would see the doctor and explain everything. She would be out in no time.

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