EMMA'S point of view...

After the shooting you could say I was a wreck, anyone would be, but treating me like glass didn't help me through it. I wanted someone to tell me it would be okay, that it could of been worse...not ask me how I was 'doing'. Ofcourse I was awful.

That's where no one would understand my liking towards Jay for that. We were enimies, so he still didn't mind teasing me, but we were getting older, and that teasing was turning into flirting, and he didn't treat me like a freak, infact, he understood the feeling of people afraid of him. Ok, maybe they feared me in a different way, like I'd break down any second...where people were afraid of Jay because he was that intimidating bad boy.. but we still knew what it was like being alone. Then we helped another...not feel alone?

People thought I just went down on him..we did more than that. He went down on me too. Hmph, okay not just that.. I meant I also gave him my virginity, it was a crucial time. It seemed right, he was with Alex, he couldn't brag about it, so no one would know I gave it up and he just made me feel so damn alive... so we had a deal, and it's not like we coulda dated I mean that was highschool.. Jay was trouble, the baddest of them all, breaking girls hearts, doing drugs and soon to be a highschool drop out. . and I was the schools probably only innocent cliched good looking nerd who had to live up to that repuation and if the school found out I was starting to fail my tests, and doing the dirty with Jay Hogart.. well, atomic bomb waiting to happen. So! It was kept a secret.

That was until the STD...then I hated him with everything I was and he knew it because then everyone knew. We had a secret and he ruined it. Well, guess I ruined it when me and Manny were fighting about it in the school parking lot and then everyone knew. Not my worse moment, to be honest. No, that'd be finding out I was pregnent.. so I left Degrassi for a year, had mine and Jay's baby, and came back like nothing happened.

People just thought I left cause of the rumors of the STD.

I found out Jay was expelled and I tried to live on happily, got a real crappy boyfriend though, Peter..and then broke up with him for Sean when that hurricane came back into my life, but then we went into the army and then we broke up again. We had to face it, the romance was dead. Still loved him as a friend though. He found out about the STD thing though, and to my liking, almost hit Jay back in highschool when he found out.. yet to my dislike he kept being his friend, I mean.. I was trying real hard to avoid Jay you know?

That was pretty hard when him and Manny started to date.. thank god that never lasted. It was hard pretending to be nice, and I knew it was hard for him too, there were moments we looked at another like we wanted to tear another apart, it was hard on Manny sometimes, so we tried our hardest. They never knew about the Baby though...only my parents. I went away to Caitlins when I did that, stayed with her. Anyways.. when college came around, I was finally so damn happy to finally get out of that hell hole. Why did I even go back? My lifes great now.

I'm not an environmentalist or anything like that, I know, you didn't see that coming. I opened my eyes after Hayden. Yeah.. Hayden's what I named her..the adoption agency promised they'd make her new parents keep that name so she had something of her long lost mothers. Off topic... I'm a photographer/designer now for one of the hottest magazines in the world. I help photograph shoots with models and celeberties and pick out what they should wear. I see Manny lots, she is a model now ofcourse, and I see Craig time to time as well when his band comes for shoots or magazine interviews. No, those two aren't back together..though that'd be something.

I'm living my sweet single life at 28, having just dumped my controlling boyfriend, and living in a highrise condo in New York. I was NEVER going back to Toronto again.

Never say Never.

JAY'S point of view...

When Emma left Degrassi, everyone looked at me like it was my fault. Okay, fine, fuck it, most of it was! But it wasn't me putting more stress on her like everyone else that pointed and whispered when they found out we were doing the dirty, and she may of gotten an STD from me. Which wasn't fair! I didn't know I had it. I fooled around with Amy long before I fooled around with Emma, if I known Amy gave it to me, I wouldn't of- okay I would of still hooked up with Greenpeace but I would of gotten myself cleaned up first. I know Alex hated me forever for it too, I tried to get her back when Emma left Toronto, I just felt so damn alone when that happened..I didn't have the only one who ever understood the real feeling of being lost anymore so Alex was the next best thing. That didn't work well though..lesbian. Then BAM, blondies back in Degrassi the next year, ofcourse when I'm expelled..probably the only reason she came back.

I saw her around, but we didn't officailly talk again until she pretended all was cool with her and me because her Seanny boy was back...that pissed me right off. Not going to lie, always been infatuated with her, so maybe I was a little jealous. Nothing like watching them break up again though, that was like watching your favorite movie again, knowing how it ended. And nothing like dating her best friend to get back at her and let her know how it feels.. then, once that relationship ended, we went back to openly fighting whenever we saw another..I kinda always got on off on it. She was a hot tempered little blondie...then that fun went away when she graduated and ran off like the wind, never heard of again.

Me now? Oh I'm doing JUST swell, turning 30, and I own my own auto shop and bar, and still breakin hearts from left to right.. Til I met Jess a few months ago, her attitude reminded me of a girl version of Sean, kinda mean and bossy yet cried like a baby when we got into real fights. But she was good in bed and I guess it was time I settled down...no I'm not going to pop the damn question, I'm not near ready for that crap, all I said was settling down! You know, 30, not young but still young enough to not marry but not young enough to keep sleeping around anymore either. And Cameron? He's back in town recently too, finally taking his permanent leave from the army, and my buddy Spinner was always stuck in this god forsaken town with me too from the start. Yeah, I never left.. and nothing here ever shocks me anymore.

Shouldn't of jinxed it...