Emma cried in her car and tried to control herself, to stop but she just couldn't and she even sadly watched Jay's orange civic drive out, probably to go look for Hayden.

And he did, and found her walking up an old country road and followed her to the small lake she was headed to.

She saw him as soon as she sat on the deck of the lake and he slowly came over hands in his pockets, she laughed sadly, noticing he still had that stunned look in his eye, but trying to sink it all in though.

"Well, that sucked." he admitted.

She hugged her knees to her chest as he kneeled down and sat beside her. He eyed her position and remember when Emma did that when they just hung out at the ravine infront of a fire.

He frowned deeply, "She didn't mean it"

"That I shouldn't of come back? Yeah she did." snorted Hayden.

Jay shook his head, focusing to hard on a small rock as he spoke, "She was never like that before.. long time ago." he muttered.

Hayden tilted her head a bit curiously, "What was she like?" she softly asked.

She watched Jay look out to the lake and shrug, a small smirk forming on his lips, "A pain in the ass, for how good and rightous she was." .

She watched that look in his eyes as he recalled Emma back when and decided to ask, "Were you in love with her?"

Jay seemed to choke on his own breath and hit his chest while shaking his head, "No, we uh, we couldn't be."

"Can't stop yourself from loving someone." she said tauntingly.

Jay looked at her and raised an eyebrow, wasn't she so wise.

"So you did love her?" Hayden carefully asked and he gave her a look, "I'm your lovechild! You gotta give me something."

"Alright, I was..." he looked for a more careful word, "in a lot of like, with her. She got under my skin like no one could, I was an asshole and she called me out..and soon enough the teasing between us became flirting, then..."

"I happened." she said, a smirk on her lips.

He returned that same smirk, "We made you in the back of a van."

"Romantic." she rolled her eyes and laughed to then ask, "So you dumped her after or something? Why was she so bitter? Why'd she give me up.."

He shook his head, "We didn't ever date, Hayden. I actually should of stayed away from her, she was my best friends girl for abit, not when we hooked up, but when he moved back into town, they got back together." he sighed deeply, "as for the bitter part... its probably towards me, not you. Why'd she give you up?" he shrugged slowly, not knowing himself, "Too young? Too scared? Too scarred.."

"Scarred from?" Hayden didn't understand.

Jay rubbed his forehead...shit, he wasn't so great at this talking this yet this girl was getting everything out in the open..."Yeah. Guess I should of started with that." he tried to explain, "I was kinda the..bully of my school back then."

"Ouuu, my Dad was the playa of Degrassi 2000's." taunted Hayden, laughing at his snicker.

"Emma was pretty smart..friends with some nerd that was in some trivia school challange with her..and I pulled a prank on him... and he set off, he shot up our school." his eyes began to look distant.

"Holy shit."

Jay blinked, hearing her say that, but agreed, "Holy shit is right. He um, kinda went after your mom during it.. he had a crush on her, and had the impression she did back but it was just his sick fantasy...she was just a sweet, caring girl. That was Emma for you."

Haydens heart felt for Jay as she watched him closer, seeing his eyes look even more lost as he talked about her.

Hayden mumbled, "Guess I understand why she's so bitter..but I had nothing to do with that."

"Me and her slept together right after that happened..." he admitted.

"You think I remind her of it?" saddened Hayden...she never wanted to be a burden or sick reminder...she just wanted to know them

Jay shook his head and corrected himself, "I think that's the reason she gave you away.. we use to talk to another back then, she use to be so strong and independent, and she began to feel weak and alone, broken down..I think she may of thought she wasn't good for you"

Jay began to regret calling Emma broken. . he was just still angry and in shock over all this and him being the maturer one for once was just..wierd. Where was his Emma? She had to be in there somewhere? Under all that fake attitude and rich clothes...that wasn't her.

Jay looked back to see Hayden crying and shook his head, standing up, "Oh please don't do that."

"I can't just stop them." she cried, trying to stop.

He huffed, looking around and slowly bent knee her, putting an unsure hand on her shoulder and she laughed, sniffing. Well, he was trying.

"So.. one more thing?" Hayden asked, getting help up, "Why she so mad now?"

Jay scratched the back of his neck and said, "Think she's just numbed herself to the past..your her past, I am too..and maybe she thinks she did well taking you away from here. This is a fucked up place..you don't want to be stuck here."

"Think I would of rathered her keeping me." she said honestly.

Jay nodded slowly, "And I think she regrets it too.. I'm sure no mother really wants to give up their kid. I haven't known about you for years and for just meeting you, and knowing your mine, I'm already feeling a pull towards you..and I feel change..lots of change." he admitted.

This was going to be interesting.

"Such a pull towards me that you'd let me stay for a little bit?" she asked hopefully, dashing her the smile that reminded him of Emma's.

And he was a sucker for those.

"Alright, but you better call your parents."

Hayden just mumbled something before walking aahead of him toward his car and tossed over her shoulder, "For someone who doesnt love her, you know a damn lot about her."

Jay stopped and sighed heavily before following her again, "Yeah.."