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Epilogue- Complete Me

Paul POV
Bella called out as she came through door, as if I didn't hear her turn off the highway onto the rez a few minutes ago, "Paul? I'm home!"

I snuck around behind her and swooped her up in my arms, pressing my lips to her neck in greeting. "I know, baby. I missed you."

At 26, my mate was just as gorgeous as she had been at 17. She had aged slightly, not in terms of wrinkles, but in maturity. We finally looked like we were the same age, instead of me looking older.

She was still the center of my world, and I missed her every minute we spent apart, even if she told me that was too cheesy to say. Secretly, she loved my devotion, though I knew she was still longing for more.

She went off birth control her last semester of college, and we really thought she would be pregnant before she graduated. She accepted the job in Forks as a last resort, hoping she wouldn't be able to complete the school year due to maternity leave. More than four years of tests, fights, and a lot of guilt, it was still just the two of us.

Collin filled the void for her while he was at home, but when he got accepted at the University of Washington at just 17 years old, she let him go with a kiss and her blessing. The elders had relaxed the rules on staying close to rez since we still had not seen a single vampire since that crazy guy all those years ago.

Jacob took over the pack when Sam stopped phasing with Rachel's first pregnancy, and Jared stopped shortly after. The rest of us still phased at least twice a week for patrols, with the younger wolves phasing more often, but our pack family wasn't as tight knit as it used to be. Bella slowly began to pull away as more and more babies were added to the group, and I continued to fail to get her pregnant.

We had a bad week where we learned just how hard it is to resist an imprint bond, when she went to stay with Charlie and ordered me not to come near her. Jacob finally went and dragged her home and chewed us both out for being idiots.

She thought she was being punished somehow, especially when the doctor could find no reason for her continued infertility. We kept trying, but no longer talked about it—it was a taboo subject.

Kissing down her neck, I realized she was just as distant as I was so I turned her around to face me. Pulling her face up to mine, I studied her expression, feeling worried about my mate. "Baby, you look tired. Are you ok?"

She was distracted when she finally glanced up at me, and just shook her head a bit. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just haven't felt like myself all day."

My nose was buried in her neck again—I couldn't pull myself away from her intoxicating scent. She smelled like herself, and me, but just more somehow. It was driving my wolf crazy since I hadn't phased yet this week.

The scent of leech caught my attention and pulled me out of my haze when she pulled the mail from her bag and set it on the table. I looked carefully through the envelopes, stopping on one with a postmark from Texas that was covered in a familiar scent.

As I carefully opened the letter, Bella covered her nose. "Ugh, what is that awful smell? It's giving me a headache!"

I stared at her in confusion, forgetting what I was holding as I watched my mate recoil from the vampire's scent. Her adorable little nose was wrinkled and she took two steps back, fanning her face. All of a sudden, the pieces clicked into place.

"Bella? You can smell this?" I double checked, holding the letter closer to her.

"Eww! Don't do that, Paul! That smells terrible! What is that?" She was pushing my arm away, but I just dropped the letter and dropped to my knees, pressing my nose to her stomach. My intuition paid off when I caught a new scent coming from my mate. "Paul, what are you doing?"

I stood up quickly and stared into those wide brown eyes that I knew better than my own. "Bella? When was the last time you had a period?"

She was still confused, but she began to look hurt as well. "I don't know, Paul. Why does it matter anyway?" She turned her chin in defiance, and I gently pushed her face back to mine.

"Baby, you just picked up on the scent of a vampire, and you smell different to me as well. Your smell is stronger, and I bet if I phased right now my wolf could tell us what is going on. Do you want me to do it, or do you want to go pee on that test you've been saving in the bathroom?"

Her mouth dropped open in shock, and she didn't move for a solid minute. Finally, her knees shook a little and I lowered her carefully to the floor as her eyes filled up with tears. "Are you– I mean, are you saying? Are you sure?"

I couldn't resist kissing her again. "I'm pretty damn sure, but I think you won't believe it until you see for yourself. Go on, take the test. I'll be right here with you."

Leaving her in the bathroom, I turned to pick up the offensive letter that was on the floor. I would never get that scent out now. Unfolding the simple paper, I began to read.

Dear Paul and Bella,
I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health and vampire-free. I decided to write you instead of coming to visit, as I wasn't sure how my presence would be received.
I know you spoke to Garrett a few years ago, and I am grateful for his attention at that time. I also owe you my gratitude for your unwitting help in the overturning of the Volturi. Without you and your pack, we would probably all be lost.
I have found myself forced into a leadership role in the vampire world once again, one I did not seek out, but one I could not turn down. My brother and I, along with our mates, are overseeing the southern half of North America, along with your territory in the Pacific Northwest. I have granted your tribe unconditional immunity and declared your land prohibited to vampires for the rest of time.
If you ever need assistance, I have included contact information for myself, as well as the Cullen/Denali clan who cover the northern parts of North America. Please don't hesitate to call us if you find yourself unable to handle whatever you face.
I'm sure you're wondering why I bothered to speak for you at all, but I guess I am simply a romantic at heart. I have yet to feel a love as deep and true as yours, and I have met thousands of humans and vampires alike. You are truly the missing halves of each other's soul.
I wish you many years of happiness and love.
The Southern Major,
Jasper Whitlock

"Paul? I can't look. Will you do it for me?" Bella's voice in the bathroom door brought me out of my stupor, and I placed the letter back into its envelope to show our Alpha later that night.

Wrapping my mate in my arms, I walked her back into the small bathroom. Looking at her eyes in the mirror I whispered, "I love you, princess. I always have, and I always will. No matter what."

At the exact same moment, we looked down at the counter. A plain white stick, two pink lines- we're having a baby.

"Paul! This is the worst anniversary EVER! My feet are swollen, I'm as big as a house, and your son keeps one fist on my bladder and his feet in my ribs. Do something!"

God, she scares me when she gets like this. I mean, I sort of knew what to expect, after watching everyone else go through pregnancy with their imprints, but I think Bella had been taking notes as well.

Thankfully, she didn't suffer too much from morning sickness, but I did have to make multiple trips to the store every day to satisfy her off-the-wall cravings. One night she served salmon with ice cream on top of it, and promptly burst into tears when I didn't want to eat it.

Next came the months when she was horny as hell. Now, my girl and I have never had an issue with our sex life, but Bella filled with pregnancy hormones made it hard for even my werewolf stamina to keep up! I actually had to break down and buy her a damn vibrator—and let me tell you, the pack was never gonna let me live that one down.

Of course, there were plenty of happy times, and I was thrilled to watch my wife blossom with our child, my child, the child we had waited so long for. She was due in just over a week, but tonight I was taking her out for our anniversary. It had been ten years since the first day I laid eyes on her (and, uh, marked her as well), and eight years since we were married.

She was still in our bedroom trying to fix her hair, and I heard muttered curses every few minutes, so I was keeping my distance. I jumped up and ran though, when I heard something slam down and Bella yelled out, "Oh, shit! PAUL!"

I ran into the bathroom to find my beautiful imprint standing in a pool of water. She was wearing one of my shirts, even though her belly strained the already worn fabric, and her hair was half-curled with pins holding some pieces up.

I couldn't move at first until she started to step toward me, then I raced over and scooped her up so she wouldn't slip. Her soft hand pressed against my cheek and I looked down to see her watching me curiously. "Uh, Paul? I'm pretty sure my water just broke. We kind of need to go to the hospital…"

Right! Setting Bella on the bed, I ran around gathering her bag, the body pillow she likes to sleep with, the stuffed silver wolf we found for our son, and my cell phone so I could start calling everyone. With the truck loaded, I started down my list as I drove toward the tribal clinic. Tiffany was the first to answer, and she asked me if she could speak to Bella. That's when I realized I forgot something.

She was standing on the front porch with her arms crossed, tapping her foot impatiently as I pulled back into the driveway. She waved off my apologies as I carried her to the car, and then proceeded to tell everyone the story as they arrived to welcome our child.

Twelve hours of yelling, cursing, and a lot of painful pushing, and our son, Charles, was born. Charlie was thrilled that we named our son after him. He and Joy were married a few years ago, but felt they were too old to have children of their own. He was the closest thing I had to a father, other than Josh, and I wanted to do something to honor his place in my life. I sincerely hoped Quil's helpful suggestion of a nickname wouldn't stick. He wanted to call my son "Li'l C."

The pack all filed in to meet the newest pup, and I sat behind Bella on the bed as she proudly showed off our precious boy. He sat there quietly, looking at his cousins and friends, until fucking Jacob Black marched his little family into the room.

His older boys, William and Harry (names that we seriously teased our royal couple about for years) had no interest in the baby. After all, there was no shortage of babies around the pack these days. However, when Jake carried his sweet 2-year-old Sarah over, she and Charlie stared at each other for a long minute, before he gave her his very first smile.

Leah and Bella were cooing over him, but Sarah patted her father on the arm and pointed down at my son. "That's my baby, Daddy. I love him."

Aw, hell. Here we go again...

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