Baka no Sedai

The collective bakaness of the Generation of Miracles except Akashi because somewhere in my heart I'm worried because calling Akashi "baka" is just scary.

Baka in Japanese means "idiot or stupid"

This situation was patterned to the KNB manga "I kept you waiting"

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Anyway while writing this fanfic Ray of Shine Aomine Kuroko duet series was ON REPEAT on my itunes lol because it was awesome ^0^y
The seiyuu of aomine and atobe (tenipuri) is the same. THAT SEXY VOICE ghaayshrsksksjkjs

The opening of the Winter Cup was filled with excitement especially for me because this means I can finally have the chance to Aominechi. I, Kise Ryouta of Kaijou High will beat Aominechi! This time I will surely…

"Are?" Kise's delusional thoughts was suddenly stopped because of his phone ringing

"Oh! A new message maybe from a fan!" Kise thought while reaching for his phone that was inside his bag

"This is…" The usual bright and smiling face of Kise suddenly turned into a pale horrid face (that I can't even describe)

To: Kise
From: Akashichii

To all of you , let's meet before the Winter Cup opens.

"Oi Kise why are you looking like you saw a ghost or something? " his captain notice Kise's sudden change of mood and became worried..or maybe he's just pissed at Kise? Because everytime before the game Kise's phone will ring ALL THE TIME and it was always from Kise's fans wishing him good luck.

"That lucky bastard" Kasamatsu thought

"Are you ignoring me?" Kasamatsu's annoyance to Kise reached its peak and then… he kicked Kise (LOL)

"Gomensuu Kasamatsu-senpai. But I need to go now I was summoned." Kise was trying to stand up while scratching his head

"HUH! Summoned? Or are you going to just meet a girl Kise! Don't mess with me" and again Kise was kicked and fell flat to the ground AGAIN

"It's from our captain in Teiko, Akashichii. I need to go now!" with that Kise dashed to the exit and Kasamatsu was dumbfounded

" How can just one text from his former captain make him run like that" Kasamatsu muttered while looking at Kise who is currently running for his life

"Wah! I made it!" Kise finally reached their meeting place

"Kisechin long time no see! " the purple haired giant greeted him while munching his snacks

"You have the 2nd worst luck today Kise nanodayo" the shooting genius who is apparently holding a scissors casually told Kise

"I wonder where Tetsu is? For Kise to be earlier than Tetsu is…" the ace Aomine who was currently spinning a basketball on his finger muttered

"I heard that Aominechi! But it's really unusual for Kurokochii and where's Akashichii by the way. He's the one who gathered us here right?"

" Akashi has always been like that. But for Kuroko to be late is really unusual" Midorima answered

"Sorry I've kept you waiting." A sudden voice stop everyone's action

And it was Akashi with Kuroko who are both wearing the Rakuzan uniform

"Long time no see everyone" the stoic face of their sixth man greeted them

"It's really been a long time since we've seen each other Akachin and Kurokochin. How is Kyoto did you brought me any snacks from there?" Murasakibara happily asked them like a kid waiting for a reward

"I know you will say that Atsushi. I brought you this Yatsuhashi" Akashi gave a bundle of the popular Kyoto biscuit to the snack loving giant

"Anyway how was Rakuzan? It's really unfair because you guys are together! It makes me want to transfer to Rakuzan too so that I can be with Kurokochii everydaysuuu~!" Kise ran towards poor Kuroko and hugged him

"Rakuzan has a really good environment and the house that we stay in is really great too." Kuroko calmly told to everyone while trying to escape from Kise's hug

"Tetsu what do you mean "the house that WE STAY IN?!" Aomine was so surprised

"Ah, I forgot to tell you but we live together in Kyoto." Their former captain suddenly announced casually like its nothing but a hidden evil smirk can be seen in his face

"Every day we will go to school together and Kuroko is the one who cooks for us."

"That was because Akashi-kun suddenly fired the maids in his mansion." Kuroko said while wearing the same stoic expression

"In his mansion?" the glasses of Midorima for a moment shined

"Yes, KUROKO AND ME are currently staying at my mansion in Kyoto" Akashi said while emphasizing the caps lock words there

"NOOOO! Kurokochii! WHY DO YOU HAVE…." Kise stopped when he noticed the heterochromatic eyes of Akashi staring deathly at him

"What do you mean by that Ryouta?" Akashi innocent voice inquired to the blonde while emitting his evil aura

" A…Aka…Akashi..chii. I mean WHY DO YOU HAVE… THAT MANSION IN KYOTO? " Kise was relieved that somehow he was able to complete his sentence without angering Akashi further

" We have mansions everywhere Ryouta." Akashi plainly said

" Aomine-kun why are you quiet all of the sudden." Kise asked the blank faced Aomine trying to change the subject

Meanwhile, the sudden information that Kuroko is living with that devil Akashi was too much for Aomine to handle and his soul drifted away from his body.

While Murasakibara was happily munching to the Yatsuhashi a kind of biscuit that is popular snack from Kyoto.

"Anyway I called all of you here because we are inviting you to our school festival. It's on a weekend so you can stay in our mansion during the night. Anyway our school festival is after the Winter cup so take this as a celebration for Rakuzan being the champion of this year's Basketball Winter cup." Akashi announced to his former team mates

"Oi Akashi… Rakuzan haven't won yet." Midorima sternly pointed out

" Yeah, the games have not yet started!" Kise pouted

"Since I always win I'm always right" Akashi said his famous quote that left all of them dumbfounded unable to reply because they know that doing that might unleashed the evilness of their former captain

" I thought he would say that" Kuroko muttered

After the Kiseki no Sedai meeting Kise was on his way home when his phone started ringing.

To: Kise

From: Aominechii

Oi, Kise we need to protect Tetsu from Akashi. Who knows what he's doing to Tetsu. I mean they live together. We need to figure something out or maybe transfer to Rakuzan. Damn whatever we need to save Tetsu!

After reading the text Kise suddenly smirked and muttered

" Kurokochii here we come!" Kise suddenly dash with a sparkling smile on his face


Yes Kuroko here is studying in Rakuzan with Akashi :))

Kise was about to tell this:

but he wasn't able to finish his sentence of course ;)) hahaha lol

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