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So the winter cup ended just like what Akashi Seijurou predicted. The Rakuzan took the victory as they became the champions again beating the newly established school Seirin. The whole game was already in the favor of Rakuzan and all the audience knew that the veteran school have more odds in winning but the game was still wonderful, particularly because of a certain hot-headed freshmen Kagami Taiga who kept on dunking but it was still not enough to beat a team with 3 uncrowned kings, an emperor and a phantom sixth man.

Seirin's Locker room after the match…



"What should I do to cheer them up...Hmm.." Riko was scanning at the depress faces of his team mates

"UGH…the feeling of losing is really horrible moreover the coach might be thinking again to do something embarrassing just to cheer us up." Hyuuga thought while staring at his coach who was fidgeting

"It's true that I just have a little feminine charm but maybe it will work this time. Okay then lets…" the team's coach was suddenly determined

"EVERYONE… I KNOW YOU'RE ALL DEPRESS SO I CAN LEND MY SHOULDERS FOR YOU TO CRY ON" Riko shouted and "attempted" to say it with a cute high pitched voice

SILENCE… *cricket cricket*

"Ara ara! You guys don't need to be shy!" Riko faked a giggle and ended her sentence with a flying kiss

"WE ARE NOT SHY IT IS JUST THAT WE ARE NOT INTERESTED!" the Seirin team shouted in unison except Hyuuga

Meanwhile, Riko went to the corner of the room, mumbling words to herself

"Our coach is trying her best to cheer us up, appreciate it you idiots" their captain transformed into a devil and his evil aura was enough to make his team mates guilty

"You're making me feel worse Hyuuga-kun" Riko whispered while rolling on the floor

"YOU IDIOTS! ITS NOT YET OVER WE WILL PAY THEM BACK NEXT TIME! THAT'S FOR SURE!" Riko switched to her real boyish self and shouted to her down hearted players

"That's right, we will definitely not lose next time!" proclaimed by the hot headed rookie of Seirin

"YES! IT WILL BE SEIRIN'S WIN NEXT TIME!" shouted by every player in the room

After that Seirin's locker room was filled with the determined and hopeful promises of each players. The previous depressing atmosphere reverted back to normal.

"Thank God their back again to their normal baka selves." Riko sighed with relief while looking at his players who is back to their usual selves

"Then everyone let's go now! Let's go home with our heads held high!" their captain commanded and opened the door


" WOAH! THE TWO RAKUZAN CHIBIS ARE HERE!" Kagami exclaimed while pointing at Akashi and Kuroko who are at the corridor but now approaching the shocked Seirin team

"CHIBI?! Unforgivable..."Akashi twitched in anger and is now filled with murderous intent

The whole place eventually went cold when the feared Rakuzan captain sent his death glare to every player of Seirin and finally focusing it to the certain someone who just called him CHIBI


"Seirin, I thought by that loss, you already learned your lesson but it seems like you don't know your place yet." Akashi sternly said combined with a deathly aura that he is emitting left everyone in Seirin petrified

"Akashi-kun let's not waste our time here it's time for us to go." The usual indifferent attitude of Kuroko stayed the same during the whole situation that confused everyone in Seirin

"How the hell can this guy stand this murderous atmosphere…seriously" everyone in Seirin thought

"I'm begging for your forgiveness Rakuzan captain Akashi-kun. This guy is really an idiot please forgive him." Riko tried to face Akashi with all his strength and courage asking for apology in behalf of BAKAgami

"This is just heroic Coach..I respect you so much, We will never forget you" the players of Seirin whispered like they're saying their last goodbye

"How can I just let it slide when someone just insulted me and my team mate." Akashi strongly replied still determined to have his outmost revenge to the person who just called him CHIBI while turning his attention to the poor Riko who is now hiding behind Hyuuga

"Akashi-kun, just forgive them this time anyway Kagami-kun helped me when I was escaping from Kise-kun and Aomine-kun yesterday."

"You mean this idiot Kagami Taiga helped you with THAT INCIDENT?"


"Kurokochi! I miss you so much, now tell us why are living with Akashi ?" the overly hyper blonde glomped the bluenette from behind

"Kise-kun I'm suffocating please let go of me!" the poor sixth man was struggling "trying" to escape from the overly attached Kise

"Tetsu why are you living with Akashi seriously" his former light added his weight by putting his arm around Kuroko's shoulders

Meanwhile, Kagami who was just nearby noticed the commotion being caused by Kise and Aomine and thought that they are "taking advantage" of someone. (which is somewhat true) Not being able to resist his "sense of justice" he threw the basketball that he was holding to Kise which also bounced off to Aomine that made them release their hold to the already squished Kuroko.

"So that guy who saved you from Ryouta and Daiki who was wearing a Seirin uniform is THIS Kagami Taiga" Akashi concluded and sighed

"Well since Tetsuya wants it, then I can let this time slide…But only THIS TIME Kagami Taiga. Next time I'll definitely put you into your proper place" Akashi left everyone in Seirin trembling in fear with his threat

"We will take our leave. Sorry for the inconvenience. I advise you to not mention anything related to height when Akashi is around. Till then.." Kuroko politely said to everyone in Seirin

"THAT WAS CLOSE" the whole Seirin team sighed with relief

and everyone in Seirin learned a lesson to NEVER EVER call Akashi Seijurou.. CHIBI


"Ryouta, Daiki because of the two of you I wasn't able to teach that brat his lesson" Akashi

"Why did I felt a sudden cold atmosphere?" Kise and Aomine thought

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