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"So Akashi is really right." The Touou ace said while facing the entrance of Rakuzan High where his former captain and his former light are students of

"Well...its Akachin after all. He always wins so it's not a surprise anymore." The purple haired giant said as he munches potato chips

"But why do we need to attend their school festival?" Midorima said while holding a rose as his lucky item of the day


"Anyway I called all of you here because we are inviting you to our school festival. It's on a weekend so you can stay in our mansion during the night. Anyway our school festival is after the Winter cup so take this as a celebration for Rakuzan being the champion of this year's Basketball Winter cup." Akashi announced to his former team mates

"It's really annoying that everything that Akashichii said came true but at least we get to see Kurokochii
I can finally see him wearing his school uniform I'm soooo excited! " the blonde turned his hyper mode on

"Die Kise! It is Akashi we are talking about here. I'm sure he had an evil plan behind this it's not like Akashi to innocently invite us." Aomine had a serious expression for a moment

"Eh! Isn't that Kagamichii?!" Kise's attention was suddenly turned to the Seirin's Ace who is walking towards them

"What is that bastard doing here?" Aomine and Kagami simultaneously thought in their minds

"Kagamichii why are you here? Eh are you alone?" Kise cheerfully asked Kagami who is wearing an annoyed expression at the sight of the 4 members of the Generations of Miracles

"There was this scary letter that what sent to me so I had no choice but to go."

"That DEATH THREAT?! You received it too?" Aomine suddenly felt a cold atmosphere while remembering that letter that was sent to his house


Daiki, If you don't go to Rakuzan's school festival on xxx, I will make sure to make you experience the most painful death. This is not an order but just a friendly invitation so you better go. Anyway in close with this letter is a ticket of the bullet train that you are going to ride please don't lose it.

"Eh? So that was the letter? But the one I receive is different" Kise muttered


Ryouta, you better attend our school festival if you want to see Tetsuya wearing his school uniform. Moreover he said that he's expecting to see you. Anyway in close with this letter is a ticket of the bullet train that you are going to ride please don't lose it.

"After reading it I know that I need to go especially because Kurokochii said that he wants to see me waaaaah!" the blonde whispered as he went to his kurokochii paradise

"There is no way that Kuroko will say that." Midorima commented with a strict tone

"Anyway Akashi only sent me the bullet train ticket. I don't need any of that idiotic strategy just to persuade me to come here nanodayo."

"What about you Murakibara?" Midorima looked towards the giant who just finished his bag of chips

"Eh? Well…" the purple haired giant muttered


Atsushi there would be a lot of sweets just like the Yatsuhashi that I gave you as a souvenir in our school festival. Anyway in close with this letter is a ticket of the bullet train that you are going to ride please don't lose it.


I heard that there is an all you can eat contest of sweets during the festival too

"Heh.. Just what I thought the Generation of Miracles is just a bunch of weirdos" Kagami proclaimed nonchalantly

"Eh…Just a bunch of weirdos who are actually better than you at basketball " Aomine spouted back while grinning

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Kagami yelled and launched himself towards Aomine who was already at his fighting stance

Kise grabbed Aomine from his back and so did Midorima with Kagami while Murasakibara stared at them uninterested. At this point the attention of everyone in the entrance of Rakuzan was focused on the commotion happening before them.

While Aomine and Kagami are absorbed on trying to harm each other and Kise and Midorima trying to stop them from doing so and well.. Murasakibara staring at them while munching his chips like watching a movie; What they didn't know that they were being watch from the start by a certain duo.

"They are sure energetic aren't they?" the phantom sixth man said while staring at his former team mates and Kagami from the window of his classroom

"They should be...while they still can." Akashi inaudibly said with a small smile in his face

/Rakuzan school festival scenario (if you happen to know SHINGEKI NO KYOUJIN)

Me: Maybe a Titan themed haunted house. Since the seiyuu of Akashi and Rivaille would be same haha i dont knooow