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"They are sure energetic aren't they?" the phantom sixth man said while staring at his former team mates and Kagami from the window of his classroom

"They should be...while they still can." Akashi inaudibly said with a smile on his face

"What is this cold feeling.. " the Kisekis with Kagami twitch because of the sudden cold atmosphere

"Ugh, I had enough of this. I just want to get through with this! Where is that Akashi?!" Aomine released his hold to Kagami

"Oi we are not done yet! !" Kagami annoyed moved towards Aomine again

"Kagamichi! Now is not the time for that." Kise went in between them to stop the tension ( tension /shot)

"Tch..Lets now go and look for them." With Midorima's comment they all went inside the school building though Kagami is still eyeing Aomine with annoyance

*speakers* Your student council is inviting everyone to visit the RPG booth at room 1-A. Winners will receive a generous reward and a token from the school. Non-students are allowed to join."

"HEY! THAT IS AKASHI SPEAKING RIGHT?!" Kise loudly cried with disbelief

"It seems that Akachin is part of the student council.." Musakibara commented with no hint of surprise

"Then we just have to go to that room. I'm sure Akashi is there. Ugh let's finish this already." Kagami annoyingly pointed out and they started walking along the corridors to look for the room

"uhh..this is the room right?" Aomine pointed the sign which says 1-A

The room is filled with forest-like decorations, with fake trees and bushes outside the classroom. Beside the sign that says 1-A there was another sign that says: The Forest.

"Are you sure about looks creepy.." Kise commented while pointing at the fake trees with scary faces drawn on their trunks

"Ugh stop being a crybaby Kise!" they all proceeded to enter the room while Aomine dragged the scared Kise


"Finally you all are here." A familiar voice said from the shadows and it was Akashi

"Geh! You summoned us here just to go to your creepy booth. Are you serious?" Aomine complained while he released Kise

"Aominechiii! I'm scared!" Kise immediately went behind Aomine

"That's silly Daiki. Didn't I mention that there is a "generous reward" for the winners." Akashi chuckled while the other Kiseki plus Kagami look at him with disbelief

"Akashi please go straight to the point." Midorima demanded looking annoyed and uncomfortable with the current behavior of Akashi.

There is something evil behind that smile he thought.

"Well the rules are just simple. As I have said this is a RPG game booth. The theme is Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs. This is the forest that Snow white got lost, the participants will be dwarfs and the goal is to rescue Snow white but they will need to go through some obstacles before arriving at the finish line where Snow white is located."

"Wow that's nice Akachin. I always wish to be a dwarf someday.." Murasakibara absentmindedly said while still munching on his snacks

"Murasakibara as a DWARF …he is freaking 6'10!" Kagami commented in his mind

"So..Me, Kise,Tetsu,Midorima,Murasakibara,You and geh..Kagami as the seven dwarfs right? Where is Tetsu by the way?" Aomine said with a spark of excitement in his eyes

"Daiki, like me Kuroko will not participate in the game. We are part of the people behind this booth after all.." Akashi pointedly replied

"So it is only us participating." Midorima clarified, becoming more and more uncomfortable with the current situation

"There is something wrong going on.." all of them thought, except Akashi who is clearly enjoying the petrified faces staring at him

"Well then there is the box with the dwarf hats. You need to wear them before entering the RPG forest maze." Akashi pointed at the big box with a colorful rainbow design while he walks away from them

"Eh! Where are you going Akashichii!" Kise asked nervously

"I'm going to prepare my costume." Akashi looked back and indifferently replied

"Costume..role playing game..obstacles..RPG..." Midorima muttered processing all the information

"So this is a role playing game nanodayo..then who is your character Akashi?" Midorima nervously inquired

"I'm the prince.." Akashi flashed his evil grin emphasizing each word

"What about Kurokochii?" Kise immediately asked

"Oh! Tetsuya is Snow white."


and they all lived happily ever after..NOT!

Kagami lacked dialogue in the latter part here's why:

Akashi: blah blah...this is the forest that Snow white got lost, the participants will be dwarfs

Kagami: he still mad about calling him a chibi that's why wants me to be a dwarf.. (reference chapter 3)


Kise: that means we can see kurokochii wearing a dress right? KUROKOCHI AS A GIRL YEAH YEAH YEAH!

Murasakibara: Akashi said that he will be a prince right?

Kise,Kagami,Aomine: EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (yes they totally forgot)

Aomine: Snow white and the prince

Kagami: and we are the dwarfs...


Midorima: I remember that I have something to do. I shall leave now..