Curse of The Werewolf

It will be Ichigo/OC genre will be romance/supernatural/horror and there will be scenes of lemon in later chapters. I don't own BLEACH or any of the main characters, e.g. Ichigo Kurosaki and his family/friends.

The summary- One night Ichigo was walking home when he was attacked by a large "dog", also the same day when my OC Akira Namikaze joins the school where Ichigo attends! Akira is a junior and Ichigo is a senior in high school and are both 18. The beast inside Ichigo also sets its sights on the new student, Akira as it wants to make her it's/Ichigo's mate, but that will come in the third chapter when Wolf! Ichi marks her as his mate.

Warnings & Disclaimer: No underage readers. No Yaoi, lemons, smut, sex, cursing, violence, and gore. I also don't make any money off of this story as the anime does not belong to me as it belongs to Tite Kubo-sensei and I only use it to fuel my imagination for the stories and drawings.

Curse of the Werewolf - Prologue

Ichigo Kurosaki, 18 years of age, is currently living with his father, Isshin and his twin sisters, Yuzu and Karin. His mother, Masaki died when Ichigo was younger. The boy has milk chocolate brown eyes and his hair is a bright orange which he had ridiculed about for years on end and he is currently on his way to school as usual on a typical Monday morning with his friends. He then noticed a crimson haired girl walking towards them and he noticed that she had ear phones in her partially covered ears. Just then, the girl locked her brilliant blue eyes with his chocolate brown and a blush instantly crossed both their faces as the orange head walked on towards the school gates.

He soon arrived at the gates when he saw the same girl run past him and entered the building itself. Ichigo didn't notice his friends arrive behind him and the small black-haired, violet eyed girl of the group approached the shocked orange head before kicking him in the shin, which instantly got him hopping on one foot as he glared furiously at the midget "Damn you, stupid midget that fucking hurt!" Rukia looked to where she thought she saw a flash of crimson and she heard shouting from inside the building, only to see the top bad-ass, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques fly out of the ground floor glass window.

When Grimmjow landed on his back, his gang had the same expressions on their faces as they backed away from the furious crimson head and Ichigo whistled while Ishida spoke out "She's worse than you, Kuchiki." which resulted in Uryu getting his shin kicked by Rukia as it caused Orihime and Tatsuki to get the midget to stop injuring Ishida's shins plus Ichigo was smirking at the downed blue head because he saw the crimson haired teen walk off, still in a foul mood thanks to the bluenette.

By the time they got to classroom 1-B, they saw the new student talking to the teacher, Ms. Ochi and she turned round to see the group of friends looking at her.

Ms. Ochi motioned the class into the room, including Grimmjow and his follies and they all sat in their seats while the teacher began her speech "Today, we have a new student transferring here, so please welcome Akira Namikaze and also make her feel welcome." The crimson-haired girl from before entered the room, earning a wolf whistle from Nnoitra and Yammi, as she went to the front of the class and she spoke "Hi my name's Akira Namikaze but you can call me Akira, I am 18 years of age and I am a nice person once you get to know me but I will hurt anyone who pushes me the wrong way."

Ichigo turned to see Rukia was waiting to invite the new student to have lunch with them after the lesson and also to help her settle into the school. Suddenly, the bell sounded at the end of the hour long lesson to tell everyone to have their lunches and have a nice break before their other lessons began.

Ichigo and his friends sat on the rooftop of the high school along with Akira, who sat a little further away from the group as they ate from their bento boxes while Orihime tried to get everyone to try her "latest" invention involving some weird ingredients such as wasabi, honey and red bean paste.

Ichigo stood up, gaining his friends' attention as he moved to sit next to the crimson head, who looked at him with curiosity in those gorgeous blue orbs which had red markings underneath but were framed by bangs of long crimson hair (similar to Ichigo's hair before he used Mugetsu on the demented butterfly/Aizen) and he smiled nicely at her while holding out a bar of chocolate to which she took gratefully.

Meanwhile, with the rest of the group, Rukia watches the two interact and noticed that maybe Ichigo likes the new student very much, but she spotted Orihime looking at the orange head as he spoke to Akira with a hint of jealousy in those grey irises.

Soon the day was over, but both Ichigo and Akira stayed behind and little did they know that they will soon be infected by lycanthorpy or the curse of the werewolf.

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