Curse of the werewolf

It will be Ichigo/OC genre will be romance/supernatural/horror and there will be scenes of lemon in later chapters. I don't own BLEACH or any of the main characters, e.g. Ichigo Kurosaki and his family/friends.

The summary- One night Ichigo was walking home when he was attacked by a large "dog", also the same day when my OC Akira Namikaze joins the school where Ichigo attends. Akira is a junior and Ichigo is a senior in high school and are both 18. The beast inside Ichigo also sets its sights on the new student, Akira as it wants to make her it's/Ichigo's mate, but that will come in the third chapter when Wolf! Ichi marks her as his mate.

Warnings & Disclaimer: No underage readers. No Yoai , lemons, smut, sex, cursing, violence, and gore. I also don't make any money off of this story as the anime does not belong to me as it belongs to Tite Kubo-sensei and I only use it to fuel my imagination for the stories and drawings.

Right, Akira's first full moon is in this chapter and it is continuing from the last chapter with James getting the mission to kill Akira before her first transformation into a werewolf. Also Shiro will be in it and there will be two scenes of lemon between Ichigo and Akira the day after the full moon and at break at the back of Karakura High.


Chapter 5- Akira's first transformation

- Karakura Town- night-time -

James walked the empty streets of Karakura Town with his guns in holsters strapped to his thighs and his sheathed katana, Sherrocko, strapped to his back as he approached the apartment of Akira Namikaze. He knocked on the door which opened to revel a very tired crimson head who had been busy studying for her classes.

"What do you want, pal?" growled Akira. James groaned, obviously she had been studying for seven hours and commented "Sorry to bother you." The teenager just rolled her eyes and he vanished back to his house for a drink of hot chocolate, she noticed Ichigo approaching with two bags full of clothing. Akira opened the door wider for him and he asked, "Tonight is your first full moon as it will be my second full moon so I'll be here with you, ok."

She nodded in understanding as she locked the front door after she let Ichigo through and she went to the door of the basement "It looks like we'll be using the basement to transform, huh?"

As Akira stood there, the full moon rose which caused her to clutch her stomach in pain as her transformation began. Ichigo cursed "Shit, hold on Akira!" as he also felt the pull as he pushed the crimson head into the basement before closing the door and locking it behind him. They both tore off their clothes and both fell onto their hands and knees as bones popped and cracked, took on shapes wrong for the human body.

The crimson head grasped her head in pain as she felt her teeth grow longer and sharper as her eyes changed from cerulean blue to brilliant gold. She screamed as she raised her hands as the finger tips began to drip blood as black jagged claws sprouted out, she then turned round to see Ichigo in the middle of his transformation and she cried out as her spine popped and cracked as she felt her legs grow in length as her heels rose into the air, while a tail erupted from her tailbone. She turned round again and she spotted that Ichigo had completely transformed into the orange furred wolf that had marked and changed her into what she is now turning into! A werewolf. Red-crimson fur grew in patches all over her body as her arms began to change in length as she howled in agony before her forehead and jaw began to push out into the form of a snout as her ears changed into those of a wolf.

The orange furred wolf that Ichigo became, walked up to the shaking form of his mate and pressed his wet nose onto her fur-covered shoulder as she neared the end of the transformation and with one final scream, Akira completed her transformation into a werewolf.

-Other side of Karakura-

A white figure ran to try and find his cub and his cub's mate were as his sensitive hearing picked up the girl's screams when she started the transformation. As he ran, he started to change into the white wolf with gold-on-black eyes that bit and changed Ichigo into a werewolf. Even all the other wolves know that this wolf is the very powerful Alpha of the Karakura Town pack and they also know not to upset him. The wolf raised his head and released a powerful howl at the risen full moon.

-The next day - Friday morning-

It was Friday morning, when Akira groggily opened her eyes as she felt the naked warmth of a body lying next to her. She lifted her head to see that Ichigo had his arm round her waist and she saw that she was using his other arm as a pillow.

Then he woke up to see beautiful cerulean blue eyes staring at him "Morning gorgeous." When he called Akira by using his nickname and she giggled before answering "Morning handsome." This caused the orange head to start blushing. Akira removed Ichigo's arm to get up, as her body was feeling sore from the night before and she noticed that Ichigo's manhood was near her backside. Ichigo saw the playfulness in Akira's eyes before he yelped when she pounced on him. They both lay there looking at each other in the eyes before Ichigo smashed his lips into Akira's in a passionate kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist as she deepened the kiss.

After ten minutes of kissing, they broke the kiss for a breather but Ichigo spun them around, resulting in Akira releasing a surprised yelp, with the crimson head underneath and the carrot top on top. He then situated his erect member at her entrance before he started to push in through the first ring of muscle as he heard a yelp from the crimson head as their eyes started to glow a yellowy-gold with lust. Ichigo leaned in and started to place licks and love nips on the silky skin of Akira's neck, which rewarded him with moans and whimpers. All these movements caused the female werewolf to arch her back, causing her front into the male's perfectly formed abs and pecks when she also wrapped her legs around his waist.

Ichigo turned his head to the side to find his mate's legs around his waist before a smirk appeared onto his face. He started to thrust in and out of her as she started to moan. Suddenly, ten minutes later, Akira panted as she reached breaking point "I...I think...I', Ichigo.!" and Ichigo growled huskily "Cum for me, Akira." just after he said that, she released all over his manhood, thus allowing him to thrust deeper into her before he released his seed deep into her." Ichigo pulled out of her with a wet pop before pulling Akira closer to his body as he nuzzled her lovingly as he smelt the scent of chocolate and raspberries coming from her hair while Akira purred in affection.

-Karakura High entrance-

It was 8:45 by the time Ichigo and Akira made it to the high school gates where the rest of their group waited for them, but Rukia was about to hit the carrot top before seeing that the two were holding hands. They made their way to the classroom, all talking about their plans for the weekend while Ichigo and Akira held hands and were smiling lovingly at each other, causing a nasty pang of jealousy in Orihime who turned around with tears in her eyes.

-Classroom 1-B-

When they got to the classroom, they saw James talking to Renji when they came in and he turned to see the pair talking as they walked to their seats near the window. Then Ms. Ochi came in and announced "Today, we have a new student starting , so please welcome Ogichi Shirosaki." just then an albino with yellow-on-black eyes came in, earning many gasps and murmurs as he walked to the front. He grinned "Hi, the name's Ogichi Shirosaki but you can call me Shiro." The teacher pointed to a desk behind Ichigo and Akira, but as he walked past he sent a glare and a warning growl at the undercover werewolf hunter before taking his seat behind the couple.

The bell soon rang which signaled the end of lesson as Ichigo and Akira walked out of the classroom where they headed to the back of the school for a quick session during the break.

-At the back of Karakura High-

Ichigo had Akira pinned to the wall as they locked lips in a passionate manner. He even slipped a hand underneath his mate's skirt to massage the area of skin causing her to moan.

Suddenly, a voice sounded "Looks like carrot top has a cute girlfriend." Ichigo broke the kiss to glare at the newcomer before growling "Piss off, Ooshima as she is my lover not yours!" The thug just stared at the young female werewolf with sick lust in his eyes which caused the orange haired Alpha to growl in warning at him. Akira placed a loving hand on Ichigo's cheek which made her mate to look at her with love in those milk chocolate orbs and she smiled at him. Ooshima cleared his throat and Akira growled dangerously "Piss off now or I will personally castrate you myself?" the thug gulped when he saw the crimson head's eyes begin to glow yellow, while small streaks of white formed in her hair and he turned round before legging it. As soon as the thug was gone, Ichigo turned to face Akira and whispered huskily "Now then, where were we?" as he undid his pants before pulling out his erect manhood while the crimson head spread her legs out. He smirked as he guided his member into her body and began to thrust into her.

-15 minutes later, next lesson-

Ichigo and his girlfriend were sitting in their seats near the open window, both feeling sore from the sex during break. They both groaned silently while Ogichi watches the two but he was more concerned about James. The brunette sat in his seat, watching the two mates like an eagle then he felt a paper ball hit him in the back of the head, before turning round to glare at whoever threw the ball at him in the first place.

Just as he was about to throw the paper ball back to the the culprit, someone cleared their throat causing James to turn round only to find Mr. Kurosawa. The maths teacher pointed to the door that led to the corridor. Ichigo and his mate heard snickering coming from behind them, they both turned round to see Shiro was the one who got the brunette in trouble.

Soon the lesson was over and they were on their way to their last lesson of the day, the group passed James who stood near the door and Tatsuki nodded to him while Orihime smiled sadly at the brunette. Ichigo and Akira passed him and the two boys stared each right in the eye but James backed down when he saw the orange head's eyes glow yellow before fading into chocolate brown again. But when the brunette tried it with Akira, the same thing happened but he noticed the white streaks in her hair appear before they faded into crimson.

The two left for their last lesson, being History and the teacher started the session on normal wolves and how the domesticated dog breeds came into being as it interested the whole class for the whole hour.

After the bell went that signaled the end of the lesson and the school day til next week. Ichigo and Akira walked to the crimson head's apartment for tea as his father knew that the orange head had finally met someone (how the idiot knew, Ichigo had absolutely no idea) to spend his spare time with at the weekends and the bank holidays.

Although the two wolves are happy, the carrot top wanted to invite his albino classmate over to have some dinner with him and Akira. Somehow the crimson haired teen managed to get Shiro's mobile number and he smiled when she asked him to come round for dinner one day.

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