Magical Star sign- His eyes

"Lassie?! NO! NO WAIT, LASSIE PLEASE DON'T GO!" Sorbet screamed.

"No…NO! It can't be true!" Astrid (Main female character) sobbed running toward the rocket,

"ASTRID! GET AWAY FROM IT! IT'S TAKING OFF!" Chai screamed in horror.

"HERE I GO!" Lassie screamed her long ears flopped back, her eyes grew wild. Astrid's hair flipped in her face, as white smoke rushed in her face.

"LASSIE!" Astrid's voice faded as the roar came. The sudden rush knocked her to the cold ground. She saw her eyelids go slowly down as she was pushed in a deep sleep.
Astrid's eyes flashed open; she staggered up unbalanced from her sudden blackout.

"L-Lassie…" Holding her head, she cursed herself for letting Lassie slip away so easily from her.

"This is all my fault…I was solely responsible." She weakly pushed back her bangs. She breathed in. She looked down at her ragtag group of friends they all lay unconscious at her feet. Her eyes traced to Pico, she felt her cheeks grow hot." Pico, forgive me."

"Hey Astrid watch Lassie, I've got to go calm Sorbet down. Ms. Prissy Pants can't handle that she got an A- on her last test. Plus, it gives me an excuse to be late to class."

Astrid remembered all too well. Astrid watched his chest rise and fall. She blushed, "I'm glad you're okay Pico. Real glad, because I have something to tell you when…" Her cheeks reddened.

"When I get back…stay together guys, together and safe." She forced her eyes up, the endless starry sky, so far, carrying off her friend. Reaching a weak hand, Astrid squeaked, almost trying to catch her lost friend. Her hand stood before a blurred object, Astrid casted her focus, to the silent centennials, and they helped lose her little Lassie.

"Then you'll be taking me too. Hold on Lassie!" She dashed forward, not looking back to her friends. There wasn't much to say, when she looked back though.
She saw Pico's scared eyes; he opened his mouth, reaching out his hand. "ASTRID!?"

And she was gone…swept into the sky so sudden feeling so lost and blue. As Pico felt, but it was too late now. Pico turned he saw the motionless rocket...he turned towards the sky.

"Just hold on, I'll find you, Astrid…then we can all…be together once again."

Thank you for reading. I remember this part from the game. And decided I would write about it. I hope it made you think…just kidding I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again. ('-