Title: Echoes and Empires

Author: Eissedoesit

Summary: "You are of my line, born by the light of my mate. Regardless of what you may feel you must never forget. You are my daughter, Cassiel. And that alone is more than enough." Meg/Orion mpreg. Character death. Severe AU

Warnings: Severe AU (like always), mpreg, character death, violence, slash

Disclaimer: I own absolute nothing in the transformers fandom. This was not made for profit.

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The voice pulled the gladiator from his thoughts. He turned away from the immense windows overlooking Iacon, focusing his sights on the smaller mech huddled in their berth.

"Are you alright?" The red and blue mech sat up, the lights from the window glinting and covering his frame. As he tried to position himself upright, he had to steady himself with one arm on the berth and the other one over the gentle swell of his abdominal plates.

"Lay back down," Faster than both expected, the gladiator was at his mate's side, "You should be resting Orion."

"As should you," Orion said. Eagerly he pulled Megatronus to the berth. The gladiator however, seemed to be pit-bent on not putting too much strain on the librarian.

"Please Megatronus, I may not be a champion gladiator or a politician but I am made from things stronger than glass," Orion laughed as he motioned for his mate to lay down beside him, "You of all mechs should know that. And these twins kicking me from the inside out clearly do as well,"

The gladiator huffed but did as his mate requested. Well, almost.

"Again?" Orion shifted as Megatron laid his helm over the librarian's bump, the sensation strangely pleasurable. Ever since the sparklings began to kick and bulge out, their anxious sire grew the habit of resting his helm against their carrier's belly. "Megatronus, you're squishing them under that big helm of yours."

The gladiator actually pulled back, genuinely worried that he did indeed harm the little ones his mate carried.

"I was only joking," Orion said, stroking the silver helm gently, "I'd have you know they enjoy it when you do that. I believe they can sense your presence, seek it even."

"We'll see how long that lasts after I strap a cannon to their backs and a tracking signal on every limb,"

"Oh please Megatronus,"

"I do not jest," The gladiator said, "If they are born as mechs, they'll have weapons installed as soon as they can support the weight, perhaps as soon as they can stand on their own pedals."

"And if I give you a femme?" Orion raised an optic ridge, his smile playful and soft.

"Then she'll get them sooner." Megatronus was not known for overly affectionate sentiments. But his spark glowed warmly at the thought of having a miniature version of his beautiful mate running about their pedals, her sure to be blue optics staring up at him. Oh Primus help him if that child inherited her carrier's ability to disarm him with a single look.

"Really? That's certainly a surprise to me," Orion said. He looked down, rubbing gentle circles on his abdominal plates. He grinned widely when one of the twins kicked softly in response. "All this time I thought you only wanted mechs."

Through their bond he shared the same comforting, warm emotions Megatronus felt when he spoke of their potential daughter. Though it wasn't quite what he was expecting, it definitely wasn't unwelcomed.

Megatron leaned back and took Orion's small, elegant servos in his own. The differences in their servos alone was great, the librarian's was gentle, careful, meticulously crafted and refined. The gladiator's was massive, scarred, clawed, and frightening. But as he held his precious mate, those harsh, violent servos became tender and light.

"Mechs would be practical. I'll need generals and warriors—"

"And would a femme be any different?"

"A femme with your beauty, intelligence, and my ambition would be a lethal mix. She'll demand to be a queen. And if she inherits her optics from you," Megatron caressed the side of his mate's face, the metal warm and flushed "Primus help us all."

"You've thought about this greatly," Orion said, taking the clawed servo from his face, bringing it to his lips for a kiss, "It amazes me my love, how you can still surprise me."

"And it amazes me how you can call me that," The feel of Orion's delicate lips on his fingers sent a bright shock through the gladiator's body, his engine revving deeply.

"Don't." Megatron growled. Orion promptly ignored him.

"What is it?" Orion teased as he leaned forward, bracing his arms against Megatron's massive chest, "I thought you liked it when I touch you. Like this-"

The librarian dipped his slender digits into the crevices of the gladiator's shoulder blades, his lithe body arching as his mate groaned in unmasked pleasure.

"That's precisely why you need to stop," Megatronus whispered as he swept his servo over Orion's shapely back, "Anymore of this and I won't be able to restrain myself."

"I'm not asking you to," Orion leaned so close he breathed the words right over his mate's audios, his lips barely grazing the heightened sensors. He smiled when he felt the sharp intake of breath from the gladiator, the urgent rumble shuddering beneath the strong, solid frame.

"No. Not now," Megatronus said, shifting the smaller bot in his arms so that there was some distance between them, "You need to rest."

"I'm not tired," The librarian rolled his optics, sighing as he straddled his mate's hips. He placed his dark servos over Megatronus' own and guided them to the base of his backstrut, his brilliant optics shimmered with mischief, "And I can prove it."

Those damn optics. The gladiator simply stared at his mate, his jaw open and words caught in his throat. Orion waited patiently, rubbing gentle circles over his larger mate's chassis and down his strong, hard abdominal plates. Megatronus, by sheer will power, snapped himself out of the pleasant haze before he finally he came to a decision.

"Our children are tired," Megatronus said, "And you've been up all day working on Primus' knows what in that library of yours. You barely eat any energon and when you do I see it all again in the waste bins—"

"Have you done anything else but fret over every little thing?" Orion stroked the gladiator's silver helm softly, finding endearment in his mate's constant worries. "What of your meeting with the city-lords tomorrow? Have you prepared for that?"

"And what of your appointment with the medics in the next few cycles?" Megatronus replied, "They wanted you to be free from stressors and I—"

"For a mech who dances with death you worry far too much over something so simple."

Orion's laughter eased into a soft sigh as Megatronus' fingers gently spread across his growing abdomen. A sparkling kicked excitedly in response, seeking for its sire's strong presence. An expression came over Megatronus' usually fearsome face, and it lingered long enough for Orion to recognize it as fear and love melting into one.

"It's not so simple. Not anymore at least."

"Oh my fearless champion…and here I thought I was the sentimental one." Orion's voice was sweet, and the gladiator's spark warmed at the sound, "But now your words would move the statues at the temple to tears."

"Enjoying mocking me my little mate. Very, very few can do so and still laugh,"

"Then I count myself honored," Orion kissed him deeply, sinking into the silver mech's massive embrace.

"How did I ever find you?" Megatronus wondered aloud. He reclined as his mate rolled beside him, motioning him to wrap his canon arm around the smaller frame. Orion was always fond of the canon arm, and Megatron woke up at night more than often to find the librarian solely hugging that one arm like an oversized pillow. The gladiator adjusted himself to better settle Orion comfortably in his arms.

"I was the one who found you first remember?" Orion said, thoughtfully rubbing his distended belly, smiling contently as he felt the sparklings within relax, "Now look at where that lead to."

Megatronus certainly had no regrets. In times of solitary doubts and rage he would return to that moment. That strange, spark twisting moment when he realized he could love another and be loved in return. That moment was just one of many joyous memories, which until Orion had been so tragically few.

"Will they be accepted?" Megatronus said, nodding towards the protruding belly, "Our union was difficult for even the most tolerant of Iaconians to stomach."

"I won't let anyone look down on them as I will have no one look down on you." Orion answered, "You are the sire of my sparklings. And I could have made no better choice."

"Gladiators aren't exactly fit to be part of a parental unit,"

"And you aren't exactly like most gladiators or even most mechs." Orion pointed out, "I pray that they take after you in that regard. Fearless. Strong. Unafraid to speak ad fight in defense of those weaker than themselves. You will teach them well—"

"You think too highly of me,"

"In more ways than one," Orion smirked. His larger mate chucked in response, the hum of their engines perfectly in sync. Orion reached up and played with the silver mech's neck cables, suddenly wondering if their children would think as highly of their creators as they did of them.

"I have come up with a few names," Megatronus declared before Orion groaned.

"No Megatronus we are definitely not naming our sparklings War Lord, Spark Crusher, or Light Stealer or what other names you promised to give our children if you lost some bet with your gladiators—"

"For the last time Orion, I didn't lose any wager," Megatronus smiled, nuzzling his mate's helm as if it would wipe away the annoyed scowl on the pretty faceplates, "And those names were perfectly suitable by Kaonite standards. But since it worries you so much I thought more …suitable Iaconian names."

"And what would they be?"

"For femmes, I prefer Cassiel and Veryl-Luna, after the stars and heroes as you were named," Megatronus said, "And for mechs…I haven't thought of any that would be appropriate outside the gladiatorial pits."

"Then leave that one to me," Orion's scowl eased into sent a gentle wave of reassurance and warmth to the sparklings, "What kind of carrier would I be if I couldn't give my sons decent names?"

"You would still surpass any other carrier in this land. I watch the way you speak to them, as if they were already in your arms, talking back to you. I can feel it deep within my spark…your love or them and for me."

Orion shuddered as Megatronus sent a strong and undeniable pulse through their bond. The heat of it was sudden, fierce, and consuming.

"And even now as I hold you I wonder how this can possibly exist,"

Orion's optics shone brilliantly in the darkness, his emotions bare. He soaked up all Megatronus could offer, his senses filled with the adoration Megatronus bestowed solely on him.

"I should commit all you've just said in writing," Orion said, his fingers dancing across Megatron's immense chassis, enjoying the comforting warmth he felt beneath, "To remember when things aren't so peaceful and right."

"Even my words?" Megatronus kissed the top of his mate's polished blue helm, "Do you really intended to chronicle every last bit of your carrying cycle in those books of yours?"

Since they discovered their status as new creators, Orion had been adamant about recording (what seemed to be) every day of his carrying cycle. The gladiator figured it was due to Orion's archivist tendencies but lately his little mate had been more committed to it, emotionally drained even.

"I was guaranteed delivery would hurt. I might at least make the pain worth it for all of us," Orion answered, "Besides, it's more like a gigantic to do list than anything else. And a few gifts for them when they are old enough to use them. Oh, and maps, with marks to all the places I wish them to see. Like the crystal gardens. Remember when we went there, my love? How you lost me in the maze and tore through the walls trying to find me?"

"How could I forget?" Megatronus rolled his optics at the memory, "And now you want to take our children there to? For what reason? For me to panic three times as much?"

Orion sighed, resting his helm against the gladiator's silver chest and wrapping his arm across, his black elegant fingers tracing the strong line of Megatron's jaw.

"And Six Lasers Over Cybertron," Orion continued, "I would love to bring them there someday. And if they deny us entrance we'll bring them to the Cobalt Rivers, or the Copper Mountains or maybe the Sky Canyons or the Hydrax Plateau."

"You do not need to choose," Megatronus said sweeping his large servo over Orion's swollen abdomen, "I intended to rule it all one day."

The silver gladiator kissed him deeply, savoring the taste and smell of his mate. Orion was always appealing, but it seemed that the pregnancy had only heightened the allure.

"Cybertron and all its territories will be ours to do with as we wish." Megatronus continued.

And Megatronus was sure to make it happen. The world was ready for change and conquest, a reordering and healing of a corrupt and decaying society. And Megatronus was willing to pay for that change. Even if he needed to pay in energon, scars, and tears in order to obtain it.

And when the last city final surrendered to him…he would lay the entire world at Orion's feet.

"And I intend for you to be there with us when I take our sparklings to see it," Orion replied, his tone took a serious turn, "I will not have my children constantly seeking their sire's presence when he should already be at their side. Gladiator, emperor, or not."

"Ah my Orion, you can be assured they will seek me not. Except perhaps to frighten monsters in the night. Or to get their way when you deny them their pleas for energon treats."

Orion scoffed playfully. He turned his brilliant blue optics up, a sole optic ridge raised as he studied Megatronus' current countenance.

"They're going to walk all over you." Orion said, imagining the sight of Kaon's most violent and feared champion checking under berths for monsters and slipping a treat or two to their wide-optic children.

"Much like their carrier," Megatronus replied, kissing the side of Orion's warm face.

"Hmmm…hold me closer. It helps calm them."

His sensors flared when Orion gave a soft, sweet sigh against his neck. The young clerk nuzzled the space between the gladiators' shoulder blades and jaw, the warmth of his spark radiating to every part of him.

"I could not ask for a better carrier," Megatronus whispered against Orion's sensitive audios.

"And I could not ask for a better mate," Orion answered, his body easing into slumber, "My optics grow heavy Megatronus. .."

"Then sleep," The gladiator said, "I will be here should you need me."

Orion kissed him one last time before retreating deep in his embrace. Even in slumber the red and blue mech still had a servo resting protectively over his children, as if some part of him could never really rest out of concern for them.

The night slipped slowly by but the gladiator could not rest. He spent the hours thinking, wondering, in fear and joy for the next days to come. There were few times in his dark and cruel life where he had moments such as this, ones of absolute quiet and peace. Even rarer still, to be in berth with a mech as peaceful, beautiful, and loving as Orion.

He meant what he said. No one would ever deny that Orion was an excellent carrier, even to their unborn children. But when his thoughts reflected back on what Orion said…how he could not ask for a better mate than the gladiator….Megatronus knew it was a lie.

Of course the clerk could ask for a far better mate. He was a high-caste clerk, and from Iacon no less. Iacon with its politicians, generals, city-lords, and commanders. Iacon with its wealth and luxury. Iacon with its never-ending line of suitors vying for Orion's time and attention. The Iacon where gladiators like him were mistreated, despised, and rejected for scrap. Orion had his choice of the best Cybertron had to offer. And still for some strange, unbelievable reason he chose to be with a reckless, out-spoken gladiator instead.

It was that reason, among many others, that fueled Megatronus' reverence for the clerk. With Orion, Megatronus discovered things he never thought he was even capable of. Simple things like gentleness, protectiveness, genuine happiness….all were awoken by Orion's presence in his life. And now with the presence of their two little ones the gladiator discovered that he too, one so familiar with death, could create and nurture life. And he was determined to never be without them ever again.

"My Orion," Megatronus smiled as he kissed the sleeping clerk's helm, ignoring the tears slipping from his own optics, "What have you done to me?"

Megatronus embraced his mate tighter, his spark surging as he realized that he literally held his entire world in his arms.

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