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Pairing: Drift/Perceptor

Summary: Pretty much just fluff smut. Robots making love.

Rating: M (smut, sticky, fluff, NSFW)

[Flips desk and jumps on bandwagon, "Because why the fuck not?"]

"P-Perceptor," Drift stammered, faceplates heated and flush as his lover laid atop him, slowly rocking between his splayed, shaking thighs. His vents hitched, clamping a digit between his dentas to stifle a desperate moan.

A soft smile curved Perceptor's lips, admiring the trembling beauty beneath him. He laid a kiss against Drift's brow down the tip of his nose, across his cheek and up to the very tip of his finial, radiating heat and a faint pink hue flush with energon. 'Cute' was perhaps the most underused word in Perceptor's entire considerable vocabulary; after all, there were far more befitting terms to describe the sultry mech squirming and clutching and moaning underneath him, but with the pleasant haze of static gradually clouding his processor, it was as good a description as any.

Perceptor allowed his lips to linger at the corner of his lover's mouth, cycling warm air slowly through his cooling vents, rocking his hips at just the right rhythm to drag out the pleasure and turn Drift into that whining, quivering mess he loved so much. Drift took the invitation and latched onto Perceptor in a needing, lusty kiss, deep and desperate and so, so sweet. Mmmm, he certainly knew how to make this difficult for the sniper, but Perceptor was nothing if not patient and resourceful.

Knowing black digits ghosted across the white plating of Drift's chassis, skimming over sensitive divots and grooves and dipping into transformation seams long-since memorized, helm ducked into the gap between his neck and shoulder to kiss and nibble the tender cables there. Drift cried out, clenching tightly into Perceptor's back and rocking his hips up, moaning his name over and over right beside his dark audial. Perceptor could only smile faintly and trail kisses all along the swordmech's throat, hooking a servo under one of his knees and lifting it up over his arm, rewarding his lover with a slightly quicker, deeper pace that had Drift a molten puddle of mindless ecstasy beneath him.

Perceptor loved nothing more than to see his lover in pleasure like this. It gave him peace to watch those optics dim with such raw, unadulterated delight, no matter the torturous and teasing ways he wrung it from him. Drift's lips parted and arched his helm back, moaning out Perceptor's name as he clutched their bodies together, thrusting and grinding, metal scalding to the touch with the steady build of their combined charges. It cracked Perceptor's resolve a bit, just enough for him to lean in and steal another kiss from his lover who was all too happy to return it tenfold.

Somewhere amid Drift's pleading moans and Perceptor's slow, deliberate thrusts, Perceptor found himself on his back, treated to the luscious sight that was the divine white mech seated atop him, straddling and grinding hard enough for black paint to flake off the scientist's hip plates and mar his immaculate interface array. Perceptor allowed himself a deeper breath and quiet moan, making a note to help Drift clean himself off in the washracks later. The sound did not go unnoticed, and Drift pitched forward, digits scraping down Perceptor's chest and scuffing the glass there, and a particularly hard thrust pushed his spike deep into Drift's clenched valve and struck one of his best sensory nodes. Drift moaned loudly and repeated the hard thrusts over and over, the heat of their charges no longer able to be dispelled by their cooling vents alone.

Knowing Drift didn't have long, Perceptor decided to give him what he so desperately needed. He pulled himself up and slipped a hand behind Drift's helm, drawing him down into a hot, passionate kiss, the other snaking behind the swordmech's back as he grabbed Perceptor with both servos and deepened the exchange lustily. Perceptor managed to get some leverage around Drift's needy, frantic hips and thrust into him roughly, hard and deep. Drift threw his helm back, crying his lover's name, but Perceptor brought his lips back to quiet him, driving into that tight, spasming valve fast, deep, crashing their bodies together like it was their last day alive.

Overload crashed over them in unison, Drift's shrill, blissful keen like music to Perceptor's ears. His valve clenched tightly and stroked around the sniper's thick spike, milking him of his overload as he released a hot rush of transfluid deep into his lover's body, a strangled gasp ringing hard as a gong strike in his Spark chamber. Drift's spike spasmed and emptied against Perceptor's abdomen, both mechs struck by the wash of unimaginable ecstasy.

Drift melted into his front, utterly spent as Perceptor laid back, content to wrap him up in his arms and lie there with Drift forever, savoring the physical connection as much as the psychological one. It was so rare that the two got to share a glorious romp like this nowadays; Rodimus kept them both busy with their respective duties, so Perceptor was just glad to have his lover in his arms again, wishing he could never let him go.

He hummed softly when Drift stirred, somewhat recovered from his daze, and looked up at the scientist with the most gorgeous smile, blue optics dim, tired, and so very comfortable. He leaned up and Perceptor was more than happy to oblige Drift with his favorite, long, post-interface kiss: sweet, drawn-out, and radiating everything that was good in the galaxy. Perceptor smiled and offlined his optics, holding his lover close, and cherished the little pleasantries whenever they presented themselves.