It was a dark, overcast gloomy day. October 7th. A day Sonic had been dreading for as long as he could remember, a day he never wanted to come. They were going to come, come to take Tails away... many miles from his house in Station Square.

Some months ago, Sonic received a phone call from social services, they were coming to check up on his home. Sure enough they came, and weren't satisfied by Tails' needs. The fact that Sonic was under the adoption age (of 16, Sonic was 15), didn't take Tails to school and that his house was like a dump, did not satisfy social services.

They said Tails would need to be fostered, until Sonic reached adoption age and was willing to take him to school. Sonic fought, but there was nothing he could do. A few months later, he received a phone call. A fox couple had wanted to adopt the two-tailed fox, they lived in a mansion, almost a hundred miles from here with huge gardens, a swimming pool, you name it.

At first Tails didn't want to go, he was happy with Sonic, but he realised he had no choice in the matter, and eventually grew to like the idea, that a loving family were going to adopt him, someone he cold finally call Mum and Dad.

Tears stung in the hedgehog's eyes. Tails' bags were all packed and he was all set to go. The car would turn up any minute now...

"Well Tails, this is it. Are you looking forward to spending your first day with your new parents?" Sonic asked, winking.

"I'm not sure, Sonic. I mean yeah, I'm excited to finally have parents, but I'm also nervous, and of course I'm going to miss you ..." Tails admitted sadly.

"Aww kid, we can still talk on the phone! and I can come visit."

Sonic was trying to stay cheerful and positive for Tails' sake, he had to hide his true emotions. He didn't want to ruin it for him and make it any harder.

10 minutes later, the red Farrari pulled up outside the drive. Tails was looking out the window, he was astonished by their car. Such luxury...

Sighing heavily, Sonic waited for the doorbell, sure enough, it rang. He went to answer the door. Tails however, stayed in the living room, sat down on the sofa. Obvious nervousness surrounded him and he sat, assumingly waiting for his adopted parents to come in.

"Hello. You must be Sonic. Nice to meet you!" A young, tall, female fox greeted. She wore a blue sweatshirt and a long black skirt, she went by the name of Gracie. Her husband, Robert, stood beside her, with a wide smile spread across his face.

"Hello. Would you like to come in?" Sonic politely offered.

"It's ok Sonic. We're hoping to be on our way soon. So where's my lovely little boy?" Gracie asked, with a smile.

"Oh. Tails, your parents are waiting to see you!" Sonic shouted out.

"Just coming, Sonic!"

"He's a little nervous, but give him a few days, he should settle down."

"Ah, that is understandable. He will be quite at home with us, not to worry. We have lots of surprises at home for when he gets in, and a delicious dinner on the menu tonight!" Robert chimed.

And with that, Tails peeked his head from behind Sonic.

"Tails, my love! It's nice to finally meet you!" Gracie spoke.

"Hello, my son! How are you?" Robert asked.

"Hi, Mum, Dad. It's nice to finally meet you! Tails smiled. He thought they looked a nice couple, he had a feeling he was going to get on well with them, he could sense a positive aura coming off of the couple. He wanted to reach out and hug them, but nerves got the better of him.

Sonic stood on, watching at the doorstep. This couldn't be happening, he thought. It was like some kind of horrific nightmare. His best friend, his brother... about to be taken away from him. It wasn't fair, he needed him, he was all he had. And the truth be told, Sonic had plans of adopting Tails as soon as he was of age, but was always too embarrassed to admit it to Tails in case he didn't like the idea, and now it was too late. Tears stung in his eyes but he refused to let them fall. Not in front of Tails... He couldn't look weak in front of him.

"I'll go and bring the suitcases out" Sonic shouted.

"Ok, thank you Sonic!" Robert replied.

Tails had only 3 suitcases, mostly full of toys, photos and keepsakes, he was told he wouldn't need bedding, food, or anything along those lines. They already had everything prepared.

Sonic wheeled all three out at once. Robert took them one at a time and put the into the boot of the car. Tails and his Mother were busy chatting, they seemed to be getting along well.

In one way Sonic was happy to see Tails and his new Mother getting along already, but in another way he thought- was he sad to be leaving Sonic, or did he really not mind any more? Sonic knew one thing for sure, he felt his world had been torn apart...

The suitcases were all packed away in the car, and everything was set. It was time for the dreaded goodbye, and Sonic felt physically sick.

"Gracie, everything's set. Let's go and sit in the car while they say their goodbyes" Robert asked.

"Of course. Tails, take as long as you need. We'll be waiting in the car, ok sweetheart?" Gracie added.

"Ok Mum, I won't be long."

Slowly, reality hit Tails. He was leaving his brother behind, someone who'd risen him all his life, gave him the care he needed, gave him his name, fed him, you name it and suddenly, Tails felt really guilty. But he knew he had no choice. You couldn't out run social services. Tears started to form in the fox's eyes as he slowly made his way up to Sonic.

"Well lil'bro, looks like the time has come to say goodbye huh."

"Yeah..." That was it, he couldn't hold his tears any longer. Streams of tears came flooding down his face, like a waterfall. He broke down to the floor.

"Hey, hey bro it's ok, everything's going to be ok. Shh, come here." bending down and meeting Tails on the floor, Sonic embraced Tails tightly, rocking him back and forth like a baby. Sonic too was also trying to hold his tears in.

"Oh Sonic I'm so scared. I don't wanna have to say goodbye! You're my best friend, my big brother! I don't know what it's going to be like. What if they're strict, and how am I gonna get on at school?!"

"Tails, everything will be ok, I promise. Look over there, you've got a loving family waiting for you, with a huge mansion with a swimming pool and you'll be treated to all the best things! Hell, even I'M jealous. You'll get all the care and things you were never able to get from me." Sonic admitted, still holding Tails tightly.

"Sonic, it's never going to be the same without you. I love you big bro. Promise me you'll still keep in touch and visit." Tails asked, voice choked with tears.

"Of course Tails, I promise. Any way I best let you get on, don't want to keep them waiting any longer do ya."

And with that, he kissed Tails on the cheek, released from the embrace and then it happened. Tears started to spill down the hedgehog's face, and Tails noticed.

"Hey, don't cry big bro. I don't like to see you upset. Are you sure you're ok with me going? Because if not, I'll stay." Tails said, frowning.

"No no of course not, I'm ok. Jut not very good at saying goodbyes."

"I understand, neither am I. Sonic... thanks for everything. If it wasn't for you, I would have died back in that forest as an infant. I will never, ever forget you."

"And I will never forget YOU, Tails. I love you little bro, always remember that, okay?" Sonic responded, still sobbing uncontrollably.

"I love you too. Goodbye." Tails answered. He could barely get his words out right, his voice was so choked with tears.

And with that, Tails ran towards the Ferrari. He opened the back door and climbed in. Sonic made his way back to the doorstep, unlocking the door.

The car's engine started up, and slowly, it started pulling out of the drive. Tails was waving, still crying, Sonic returning the gesture, also crying. Robert beeped his car horn just as he got onto the road, Tails still waving frantically, miming the words goodbye, Sonic doing the same.

And then he was gone, the car out of sight.

Sonic had lost his only family, and was going to be forever alone.