Well, hate to say it guys but this is the end of the story :( I had so much fun with this one! And most of all, I want to thank all my lovely readers for the fantastic support I received! Seriously, I was blown away but how much support this story had received, especially considering this was just my 2nd fic! There is simply too many to list separately but I just want to thank each and every one of you for the reviews! It is very much appreciated :) Stay tuned, as there will be a new Sonic/Tails angst fic coming very soon!


4 months later...

Tails was back living with Sonic. He returned with him as soon as he was discharged from the hospital, refusing to go back with his parents. Tails had helped get the house back on track, and together they helped to redecorate the home and rearrange the furniture and layout, for a new start.

Sonic was now able to eat meals and hold them down. He was happier, no longer depressed, now that his brother was back by his side again, where he belonged.

He did however, still have an ongoing heart condition which he would now have for the rest of his life. He has to take a daily dose of heart medication, one to to help his heart murmur and the other being Beaterblockers, to slow and steady his heart rate. Sonic has to visit the hospital fortnightly for a check-up, to see if his condition is stable. He tires easily and can no longer run at his former speed. Doing so would put his heart at risk. He would often get dizzy spells, and still has a slight purple glow showing through his fur. But, he was coping. He had been lucky to survive the heart attack, for it could have easily finished him that day.

It was his own doing, this, he knew. If he hadn't of starved himself Sonic would be ok now. Oh, and he'd gained a lot of weight. Tails had bribed him to eat more, and it looked like Tails' encouragement had paid off, for he looked a whole lot better.

Tails' parents fought for their adopted son to return, however, Tails admitted his home was with Sonic, and that he refused to travel the other side of the world, leaving his brother behind. This hurt them immensely. They had done nothing wrong at he end of the day, and Tails felt rather guilty. It took a lot for them to give up, but in the end, they respected Tails' wishes. They couldn't force him, after all.

The adoption procedure was being reversed. It would take several months for it to be completed, but, it was being done. Again, this took a lot of talking into before Tails' parents agreed.

They had moved to their new mansion in Spain. And Tails had agreed to keep in touch. He had formed a sort of bond in his time with them, and didn't want to lose contact. Before they went away, they had come to Sonic's house to drop off Tails' things. They even included the gifts they had bought him.

Tails now attends a local school. He finds it ok, but he so often gets bullied. He's only made 1 friend so far, and even then they're not really too close. Sonic would often come along at lunch and break and talk to Tails over the wall, so he wouldn't get left on his own, or bullied.

As for Tails... he was happy to be back home. Back where he belonged. He realised now THIS was his home, and he felt so much more content being where he recognised, where he belonged, with the family who mattered.

Sonic was turning 16 in a couple of months and on his 16th Birthday, he wishes to start up the adoption procedure to adopt Tails. Something he had been wanting to do all his life. Tails was happy about the idea. Sonic had tidied the house up, modernising it and kept everything clean, so the adoption people will be impressed. And of course now that Tails attended school, this was another positive side on Sonic's side to adopt his little brother.

Finally. Everything was back to normal. Everything was going to be ok.

Sonic had won his little brother back. Forever.

The end.