Author's Note: Thank you for clicking on my first fan fiction! I hope you enjoy this initial chapter to set the scene and mood for the rest of my story. Any and all criticisms will be graciously received as I write it for your entertainment. That being said, go easy on my first foray on this website :) I intend to update regularly, and hope the brevity of this chapter doesn't put you off. Enough of me, please enjoy!

Chapter One - A New Journey

The Doctor sat under the TARDIS mainframe, swaying gently in his hammock chair. It was this peaceful time before his companions woke that had always confused him. When he was alone, mornings like this were the loneliest hours, but as long as there was somebody resting on board he found himself perfectly at ease. It should be the time they spent together that he treasured, calm was something he didn't realise he needed until he felt it. Every now and again, a small spark would leap from his project and land with a tingle onto his bare hand. It was a good sign, sparks meant a current and a current meant it was becoming operational. He'd been working on the small contraption for almost a week whilst Amy and Rory slept. The technology was both familiar and unfamiliar. He'd constructed and used such a device many times in the past but this had been created by a different race that had used a slightly different approach. Luckily, he understood what they were trying to achieve and had pulled apart their technology last time they had met. Following his calculations, it should now be complete. He turned the device over a few times, smiling to find nothing out of place. If he could find a suitable subject, he could test it and all being well put it to good use and end his niggling guilt. His thoughts were interrupted by an early riser.

"So, Doctor, where are we heading? You said something about a bar with freaky drinks that taste like colours." Amy crouched by the mainframe looking down at the Doctor.

"Hm?" The Doctor looked over his shoulder and pulled his goggles off, stashing the device in one of the compartments above his head.

"What are you doing down there?" Amy frowned, trying to see what he was holding.

The Doctor got out of his chair and bounced up the steps excitedly to set coordinates for their next trip. "Oh nothing, clever stuff, repairs, go faster stripes. Good morning Amy! You want to go to a bar, at this hour?"

Amy smiled. "Not necessarily, just somewhere relaxing. You're always telling us how beautiful it is out there, we seem to spend more time running away from planets than enjoying them."

"Sour puss. I like the running, it's much more efficient. Imagine walking everywhere, you'd never get anything done. Besides, every time I try to go somewhere relaxing, something steals my voice, or you get trapped in a different time stream or I kill a race of really good looking fish."

"Alright then, you choose. But I'm not running anywhere so choose wisely."

"Tellexia! Slow orbiting moon of Kellek. Everything's slow there; you'll find no running whatsoever!" The Doctor had already set the TARDIS to Tellexia. It was perfect for testing the device and it suited Amy's mood perfectly. He should be able to let her and Rory explore in safety while he did a few experiments.