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Chapter 14 – Hanging

We filled the feeders after eating ice cream, and he said I could take a shower first. When I stepped into the bedroom, the rumpled sheets caught my eye, and the guilt hit me like a Mack truck. I was ashamed I had acted like such a clichéd hormonal teenager. I was stupid, out of control, and desperate for Marcus to have a solid plan for us to be together. I was an idiot to have confused his need to possess me with love. It was ridiculous that I'd felt special while he behaved so badly, but that was Marcus. The bastard could probably get away with anything, and it was hereditary. It had to have been since none of them were in prison.

Edward walked into the room, looking at me and then the bed, before he whipped off his shirt. "You okay?"

He took a few steps toward me, and I felt a little slutty. I was ogling him, because I thought he had a nice body, one I hadn't really noticed before. I didn't know what had changed now. I'd seen him with his shirt off before…just not by his bed, while I was in his room, with the door shut.

"Bella, honey, you okay?" he waved his hand in front of my face.

I cleared my throat and nodded. I was sure he'd chalk it up to another one of my depressed dazes that happened now and again.

"Are you feeling dirty? You got clothes for me?"

My eyes snapped to his. He started undoing his pants, walking toward me. I thought he looked hot with his shirt off, but that didn't mean I was ready to screw him.

"Edward, I…" I had my hands up to stop him, but he reached out, pushing me to the side and went into his closet. There was a little stacked washer and dryer in it. He tossed his shirt in the washer and then looked over his shoulder at me. "You gonna shower first? You should pass out your clothes. I'm gonna do a load here in a minute."

"Right, yeah, of course."

"Do I need to wash my sheets?"

His question stopped me in my tracks, "I, um…no?"

He chuckled and sat on the edge of the bed. "Either you did or you didn't."

"We didn't, but …"

"Did he juice my sheets or not?"

"Juice?" My eyes popped when it sank in. "No, gross, he never…we don't…Jesus, just kill me."

"Last I knew, he was into saving people."


"You know, Jesus saves and all."


"So my sheets are good?"

"I'm sorry, I can't believe that I…"

"Bella, you're not the first girl to act that way around a Volturi, and you won't be the last. At least it wasn't my sisters," he shivered, disgusted.

"No, but it was your bed, and I'm so glad you didn't have condoms or…"

He chuckled, "What makes you think that?"

"You have condoms?"

He shrugged, "They were a housewarming gift."


He laughed, "So since you didn't find the condoms, and he didn't juice, what were you doing?"

My face was such a deep red, I would swear my head was on fire.

"I'm just kidding, Bella. Feel free to roll around naked in my bed, I'm okay with it."


"I said feel free to use the rolled bedding to make your bed. I'm okay with it," he apparently repeated.

My mind was somehow stuck in pervert mode.

"You're too easy, don't hurt yourself. I'm sorry, my sister visiting made me remember a joke we used to play on my mom all the time, drove her nuts."

"Joke?" He lost me there.

"Rolling naked in my bed?"

My eyes darted to the bed. "How did you know I was thinking about…?"

His smile widened, "I'm just messing with you."

I felt like a dirty-minded idiot for falling for it. "I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm usually a nice girl. I'm not like that. I'm not a slut."

He squeezed my shoulder. "I've lived with you for a couple of weeks now, Bella, I know how you are. You don't need to explain yourself. Remember, I know how weird girls get around the Volturi's. It'd probably be weirder if you didn't act that way. Honestly, I'm surprised he didn't have a condom on him."

"He wanted to get me pregnant, remember?"

"I never said the Volturi's were geniuses."

"Really, I'm so…"

"Stop, Bella, it's fine."

We made the bed, and then I went into the bathroom and undressed. I handed my dirty clothes out to him, and I noticed how his eyes ran up my arm to my shoulder and stopped where the door covered my chest. I wondered momentarily if I was hanging out, but he grabbed the clothes and walked away quickly.

My sticky tear and snot-covered face was coated in dirt. It looked like I'd been crying muddy tears. It was so gross, no wonder he insisted that I showered first. I wouldn't want to look at me, either, and not only for that reason. I couldn't believe he was being so cool about the whole mess.

When I stepped out of the shower, he only had on a pair of low-slung sweatpants, his toned muscles on display. I couldn't believe I was only noticing them now. I was making myself feel sick. This was my sweet Edward. I knew I shouldn't ogle him. It'd probably make him uncomfortable, and then he'd kick me out. I was sure he'd think I was a slut. God, I really was so messed up in the head.

I tried to ignore what happened and went to the kitchen, ready to make dinner. I noticed my trust papers on the table and moved them to my room/study and set them on the desk, because that really was the only place to set things.

I went back to cooking and had the table set and ready for Edward when he came out, showered and all clean. I noticed he didn't shave, and I wondered if he'd hurried to get out of the shower. He usually took his time in there.

We were unusually quiet as we ate. He finally broke the silence. "So, you must've been some hotshot queen bee cheerleader to get Marcus to act so crazy."

I snorted, laughing into my soup, "Not even close."

He chuckled, "I find that hard to believe."

"Chess nerd," I pointed to myself.

"You play chess?" He sounded excited.

"Yeah, most people in the chess club do." He looked at me, scrunching one eye. "I'm a geek, Edward. I had no friends, and the few geeks I hung out with turned their backs on me when I broke up with my geeky boyfriend."

"So how…?" I could tell he was trying to find a way to word the question so it didn't sound offensive.

"Marcus and I were assigned a history project together."

"I don't believe he'd willingly work on a history project."

"Neither did his mom, she was sure I was blackmailing him." I was sick for thinking it was awesome that she had been ready to go after me for hurting her baby. "It was after the first time I stepped in and saved him from the feds."

"Why did you?"

"You remember that geeky ex-boyfriend I told you about? He was coming after me in the hall, about to hit me, but then he was gone, and there was Marcus, looming over him. Mike never laid a hand on me or ever tried after that. Marcus saved me. It was my turn to save him."

"I'm sure he was just itching for a fight," Edward grimaced.

"He might've been, but his need to fight caused everyone to settle down. The bullies disappeared overnight. We geeks really appreciated his presence."

His eyes softened a bit. "So, geek then, I guess that makes two of us."

We went back to eating when something hit me. "Hey, Edward?"


"How do you know what a queen bee is?"

His cheeks pinked. "I've got sisters, remember?"

After dinner, we played a rousing game of chess. I beat him once, but he beat me twice after that. He laughed when I chucked the rook at his head. "I can't believe they let such a sore loser play chess in the chess club."

"I can get away with it here. What are you going to do, give me detention?"

"I just might, where is my notepad? I'll write you up right now. It'll go on your permanent record, Missy," he pointed a bishop at me, as threatening as a grandma.

I fell into a fit of giggles, hitting the board and messing it up further.

"Oh, now you've done it, that's grounds for suspension."

"Suspension?" I pretended to be appalled.

"Yup, suspending the feeders, you're on take down duty."


"Do worry, I've got a bee hat somewhere."

He opened his couch, revealing a hidden compartment. I always wondered why it was so hard. It was where he kept his rifle and ammo as well.

"Nice hidden compartment, am I going to be protecting you from the Feds as well?"

It was his turn to snort, "You know my seed is illegal."

My eyes widened, "What?"

"Gosh, you're so easy. You were with me when I bought it, Bella."

"Yeah, well, I didn't know if it was legal to feed the animals. It's not in some places."

"Like the zoo?" he chuckled and I hit him with a pawn. "Oh, forget that, now you're on pond scum duty."

"Hah, a soak in the tub would be pleasant," I feigned.

"Well, the pleasure is yours," he gave me a flourished bow. "Now help me collect the pieces or we'll never have the joy of playing chess again."

I dove, snatching a piece out from under his foot before he could step on it, getting my hand smashed in the process. He jumped back like his foot was on fire, "Holy cow! Bella, are you okay?"

"Yeah, God save the queen," I held her up triumphant.

"You're such a nut," he laughed. "I think I like you as a nerd."

"Gee, thanks," I held my smile, not feeling offended at all.

A week later, I was serving my pond scum sentence. There wasn't a lot of stuff growing in the pond, so it wasn't so hard. Of course, the pond didn't look that big, until you were cleaning it out. I was knocking the algae off the sides and catching it with a little net, where I would tap it out on a rock. The water didn't look cold, but it was way colder than I thought it would be.

Edward was busy cleaning out the trough of deer corn. I was nearly done, and Edward was dumping his first bag of deer corn, when a gust of wind blew the dust at me. I was caught off guard and tried to swat the dust away from my face, only to get smacked with my net. I tripped over the rock in the middle of the pond and ended up falling straight into the water, lying back against the waterfall feature like I was trying to shower.

I heard the heavy thud of boots and the splash of Edward coming to the rescue. He pulled me out of the water and checked my head. "You'll have a good knot on your head from this. Are you alright? Does anything else hurt?"

"No, just my pride."

"Don't feel bad, the drowned cat look works for you," he teased.

I gave him a shove, not meaning to knock him over, but he tripped over the same damn rock that I had. I was starting to think water wings would have been a better way to save animals that go for a swim.

He sat in the pond, looking up at me stunned, and I just burst out laughing. "Yup, drowned cat is a good look for you, too."

"See if I come to rescue you again."

"You will." Somehow, I was sure he always would if he could.

He smirked, "Yeah, but you can at least pretend to worry that I won't."

I reached down to help him up, "No, I can't, because then I'd doubt if I'd do the same for you, and I wouldn't ever leave you hanging."

He got up smiling, "Are you sure about that?"

"Well, I might leave you hanging laundry," I offered

"Good thing I have a dryer," he picked me up, setting me out of the pond, before he stepped out of it himself. "Though it may be a good idea to hang dry your delicates."

I smacked his chest, "You're such a guy."

"You noticed that?" I thought he had to be crazy thinking I hadn't noticed, but I guess in reality, I hadn't really noticed until this past week.

"Yeah, it's pretty obvious," I motioned to his soaked shirt stuck to his chest and abs.

"Good to know. So, no hanging your out delicates, then?" he asked smirking.

"Only if I get to hang yours, and keep in mind, I know where the peanut butter is."

"Peanut butter?" he asked amused.

"Oh yeah, I'd train the squirrels to go for your nuts."

"Oh, what happened to not leaving me hanging?"

"Just keep your hands out of my panties and we'll be fine." I headed to the house and snatched a couple of towels out of the back cabinet, handing him one.

He caught me staring at his chest as he dried it, but he didn't call me out on it. The only indicator that he'd seen me checking him out was him saying thanks with his damn cute cheesy grin of his. At least he wasn't creeped out by my looking. Unfortunately, he seemed to find it amusing. I must have come off as a slutty chest nerd with hormonal issues.

Lord, help me. I needed to leave this sweet boy alone!