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Chapter 23 – It's a Date

I showered and used cold water, trying to get rid of my puffy red eyes. I had a little makeup sisters had brought out for me, but I only used the mascara and lip gloss. I honestly wasn't well versed at putting on makeup, and I was scared if I'd tried to put any more on, I'd look like a clown.

I pulled out a little summer dress that Ann Marie had brought for me. It hit just below the knee and had matching sandals. I slipped those on and stared at myself in the mirror. I was scared out of my mind. It was my first date with Edward, and I really didn't want to mess it up. I was worried that I'd ruin it, and he wouldn't ever take me on a date again. I really wanted him to take me out again and again.

My hair was still damp, so I brushed it as best I could and put it up in a twist. I looked myself over, and I knew I was ready, but I hadn't worked up the nerve to step out the door to meet him. I stood there for nearly ten minutes, before I realized he was already waiting for me.

He must have heard me moving around in his bedroom, because he called to me to hold on. I waited anxiously, wondering if he had changed his mind and was trying to figure out how to call the date off. I heard him knock on the door, so I opened it to a small bouquet of wildflowers.

"I couldn't really knock on your door to pick you up, so I knocked on mine." He looked so adorably nervous.

"Thank you, they're beautiful."

He had a cup of water sitting on the kitchen table, ready to put the flowers in. "I'm gonna have to buy you a vase. I've never needed one before." His hands were tucked anxiously down into his pocket as he shuffled to the front door. He held it open for me, with his eyes focused on the floor.

I might have swished my hips a little more than usual as I walked past him.

He rushed to my side of the truck, opening the door. He always opened it for me, but this time it felt different. He climbed in and sat stiffly next to me. He had on a green button-down shirt and a newer pair of jeans. He looked very nice. I could tell he'd tried to tame his hair, though he had no idea I loved it in disarray. I had half a mind to reach over and mess it up.

When we arrived at the diner, he hurried around the truck, and I let him get my door. He usually got it anyway, but it was definitely different this time.

He held the diner door open, and I smiled at the blush on his cheeks. I wanted to kiss him all over. Once we were seated, he asked me what I wanted. He'd whispered it so quietly, I almost didn't hear him.

"I'll have the cheeseburger. It was good the last time we were here."

He looked up at me worried, and I wondered if he thought I didn't know this was a date. I had a tiny little clutch that held my lip gloss. I thought if he saw it, he'd know I knew tonight was different.

I set it on the table, "I don't know what to do with this. I usually keep stuff in my pockets, but I wanted to bring my lip gloss with." I peeked at him under my lashes, wondering if he'd caught on.

"Lip gloss?"

"Yes, I don't usually wear makeup, but…" My face was hot, and I knew I was blushing.

"You look good with or without it."

"Thank you."

We were quiet through the whole meal. It was silly, really. We'd eaten together several times before. Once at this diner even! I didn't know what was wrong with me.

"Would you like to share some ice cream for dessert?" he asked.

I perked right up. He knew I loved ice cream, and sharing it would be a date thing, albeit a 1950's date thing, but still something that was right up Edward's alley. "I'd love to."

He let out a relieved sigh and flagged down the waitress, ordering a bowl of vanilla. We both scooted closer so we could reach the ice cream in the middle of the table. I swear the jerk from the fire station probably would've hosed us down if he'd seen us, because our faces were both a hot blushing red the whole time we ate. You'd have thought the ice cream would've helped, but it didn't, and I'd never look at vanilla ice cream the same again.

Edward didn't even look at the bill. He must have done the math in his head, because he dropped two twenties on the table and waited for me to get up. I think he was afraid to touch me, which was just silly, because I'd have been all for it if he'd jumped me.

"They only have two films showing, one for kids and one adult. I don't know what they are. I should've looked them up," he looked stressed.

"I'm sure either will be fine. Do we know when it'll start?"

"Even hours, the movies always start on the even hours. We'll be just in time for the eight o'clock one."

"Great, let's go see what they've got," I said cheerfully. I wanted him to know that I was having a good time. Whatever we did, as long as we were together, it was fun to me.

Everywhere he walked, his hands were tucked down into his pockets hard, and they only came out to open my door. He did take them out when he bought us popcorn and drinks. We decided on the kid movie because the adult one was Rated R, and Edward looked a little scared when he saw the movie poster had a scantily-clad woman on it. I was tempted to push for it and see if he'd get turned on enough to try something, but I had a feeling he would've hid his face in the popcorn bucket the whole time. If there was any doubt in my mind that he looked at porn, it was completely gone now.

He led us to the middle of the theatre into the center rows. He wasn't looking to make out in the back of the room. He put the sodas down and held my seat for me. There weren't a lot of people. I guess the showing was at bedtime, so there were only a few families out with kids.

The movie was funny, but Edward didn't do the whole "yawn and stretch to put your arm around the girl" move. I was kind of hoping he would. We did bump hands in the popcorn bucket a few times, and he smiled when they touched. I figured that was a good sign.

When the movie was over, he threw our trash away and went back to hiding his hands and getting my doors. The drive home was quiet again, and I would swear I was going crazy. "I had a wonderful time."

He looked at me out of the corner of his eye as he drove. "Yeah?" He didn't sound like he believed me.

"Yeah." I was going to bite the bullet. "It was the best date ever." I prayed he didn't say it wasn't a date.

He smiled and blushed. This man was so damned adorable. "It was pretty great," he whispered.

"It was," I agreed.

When we got back to the house, we both settled down some. I took my flowers off the kitchen table and moved them to my nightstand. They really did smell beautiful. "They smell so good," I said when he caught me sniffing them for the third time.

"I'm glad you like them." I wanted to kiss him so bad, but he made no move to come closer to me. "I'll let you get ready for bed first. I have some stuff I need to take care of." He pulled out his phone, and I wondered who he'd call.

When I came out ready for bed, he gave me a big grin. "Goodnight, Bella."

He started for the door, but I wasn't having it. I grabbed his arm, but I knew I needed to start out slow, so I pulled him to me and kissed his cheek, "Happy birthday, Edward, goodnight."

Once his door shut, I heard him cheer and shuffle around like he was dancing. It was nice to know that my little kiss on his cheek affected him just as much as his little kiss on my cheek had me. We were both a pair of goofs.

The next morning, I woke to his fingers in my hair. "Good morning, breakfast is ready."

My huge grin matched his, "Thank you."

He went to set the table, and I stopped to smell my flowers and brought them to the table with me, sniffing them one more time before I set them down. I blushed when he caught me. He wore a big grin, though, so it was totally worth it.