Author's Note here we go folks, part 2.

Non Timebo Mala

"Ok, are we ready?" Dean asked as the impala rolled to a stop outside of a large house on the outskirts of the town

"As we'll ever be I suppose" Harry took a deep breath

"Let's go" Dean said and got out of the car

"Remember Dean, keep an eye out for anything that doesn't look right; symbols, lights anything got it?" Harry asked

"Got it, damn I'm hungry" Dean mumbled

"Focus Dean!" Harry snapped at him

Dean and the others flinched and looked at him in surprise

"Sorry, stressed out right now" Harry took another deep breath and led the way into the front yard.

"Duck!" Dean yelled and they felt something whip past their heads

"Everybody ok?" Harry asked to answering nods

"That was close" Dean whispered

"Guillotine hex, would've taken our heads clean off" Harry informed them

"This bitch is real determined" Bobby said as they kept their heads down and crept closer to the house

Eventually they got inside, after dodging a few more nasty spells, and found themselves in a hall full of mirrors

"Doppelganger charm, the mirrors are bewitched to find the darkest, most evil parts of our psyche and bring it into the physical world so that it can kill us" Harry explained

"Nice bunch of spells you guys come up with" Adam gave him a disgusted look

"The spell is designed to be defensive, there are very few spells that are actually supposed harm those they affect, and most magic users wouldn't dare use them because of the threefold return, but because this spell is defensive it doesn't harm the caster" Harry clarified "thankfully this spell is easily countered"

"How?" Sam asked

"Put these on" Harry handed each of them a set of mirrored sunglasses

"Mirrored shades?" Dean asked

"The spell uses the eyes as windows into the soul, if it can't see your eyes then it can't see your soul" Harry said as he put on his own

"So as long as we have these on the spell won't work?"

"Provided you don't look directly at your own reflection, just keep your eyes in front of you, if your reflection sees you it'll recognise itself and attack regardless"

"Oh, ok" the five of them began slowly creeping down the hall towards the door at the far end.

Dean glanced out of the corner of his eye at their reflections. Rather than hunched over and staring straight ahead, the mirror copies were looking right at them instead. Sam's reflection had a creepy as all fuck smile on its face and blood dripping off of a knife in its hand while Adam's was staring blankly at them. The creepiest thing was that each of their reflections was actually standing opposite the person with the corresponding soul rather than the matching body, so Adam's reflection was in the position where Sam's body was standing and vice versa. Dean's reflection had pitch black eyes like a Demon, probably reflecting his time in Hell but Harry had no reflection at all.

"Hey Harry? I thought you said that you had a reflection because you're not a full vamp?" Dean asked

"I do, why?"

"Because there's no you in the mirrors" Dean said

"Look up" Harry replied and Dean glanced at the mirrored ceiling and saw the freakiest fucking thing he'd ever seen in his life; dark purple eyes, blood dripping from its mouth and hands and a large pair of silver wings, flecked with blood and fangs like a vampire.

"Ok, definitely don't want that attacking us" Dean gulped as kept his eyes on the door.

Eventually they reached the door and pushed it open, it led onto a set of stairs leading down to the basement.

"Keep close and keep your eyes peeled" Harry whispered over his shoulder as they descended the rickety wooden steps "there could be spells and enchantments anywhere"

"Ok mom, stop nagging" Bobby hissed from the back

They reached the bottom of the stairs and opened the door into the main basement.

"MOVE!" Harry yelled, and the five threw themselves up against the walls as a ball of vivid green flames shot towards them and burst against the back wall

"Son of a bitch!" Dean yelled as they barrelled into the room and dove behind some trunks

"You shall never take me alive!" the woman in the centre of the room screamed as she hurled spell after spell at them

Sam grunted as he was thrown hard against a wall by the force of a spell that narrowly missed him. Harry's eyes flashed purple as sparks of blue and red flashed around his hands

"Harry!" Dean yelled

"My magic must have changed bodies with me" Harry smiled

"A sorcerer?" the witch looked stunned

"A Wylde-Mage, 39th Syntrofi√°" Harry's eyes glowed as he glared at her

"I had no idea, I swear!" she dropped to her knees and begged

"Ignorance is no defence against the law" Harry held out his hand towards her and she screamed, her eyes boiling in her head and her face bubbling as the water in her tissues boiled

"Holy shit" Adam whispered as they all came out of where they had been shielding from the spells

"Lori's gonna kill me" Harry said simply

"Why?" Sam asked, trying not to look at the dead woman on the floor

"Remember what she said to me? About not breaking any taboos? I just used a lightning based spell to fry her brain, I broke the biggest taboo for that kind of spell there is" Harry shrugged

"So what'll happen now?" Dean asked

"Don't worry about it, it's a karma thing. I'll probably stub my toe on the way out of here or something" Harry laughed

"Well, back to the hall of mirrors we go then" Bobby rubbed his beard

"Don't worry, the doppelganger charm only works as long as the caster has enough energy to fuel it, now that she's dead it won't work anymore" Harry explained.

"Jeeze I'm hungry" Dean moaned, glancing at the body

"Dude, why are you licking your lips while staring at a corpse?" Sam asked

"Don't worry Dean, we'll have a big breakfast tomorrow" Harry ruffled Dean's hair

"Get lost" Dean batted his hand away.

They gathered up all of the witch's equipment and books for Harry's bottomless backpack so that no other rogue witches could use them.

Non Timebo Mala

The next morning they had a big breakfast, just as Harry had promised, though Dean wasn't as hungry as he'd been the day before.

Dean couldn't help but wonder what that weird hunger was that he'd felt in his baby brother. Oh well he thought probably nothin'.

Non Timebo Mala

Author's Notes; The end! The next episode will be 9X7 Winchester Rising. Ok? TTFN.