Alright, you guys have been requesting something of an author's note to wrap things up here and I have a few things to say, so that works out quite nicely.

First up, somewhat of a prevalent question that cropped up towards the end; where was Sukoru?
1) You don't send the people your enemies are trying to kidnap to the front line,
2) You don't send a Jinchuuriki with an unstable grasp on their emotions... anywhere.
Thought this was somewhat obvious, but I suppose I could have been a bit more tacit in explaining that.

Okay, so... what now? Obviously I still have Plucking Strings and Kusari no Naruto to finish, so I'll be throwing up a poll on my Twitter (same handle) to see which you guys want done first. At the same time, I was quite lucky to have some spare time between the end of University and job hunting to actually get Small Changes completed; so whatever I end up doing next, I can't promise nearly the same regularity.

On a different note, because I realise this ending might have felt a tad rushed (I blame past me for opening up too many loose plot threads before 'abandoning' it) and people may still be curious about the fates of a few characters... and also because somebody suggested it and it was a genuinely good idea... I may come back and write some future vignettes to wrap up a couple of character arcs that were left slightly speculative in the current ending. Nothing extensive, maybe just a chapter each, for the big ones. Those will essentially be left up to my discretion though, so don't expect a schedule (it'll be essentially when the inspiration hits).

Other than that I just want to thank you guys, my reader base is brilliant and you're half the reason I came back to these stories at all.

Thanks for the continued support, hope I can live up to it.