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Changing Lanes: Chapter One.

It was a cold, dark night in the middle of August. Not a sound could be heard, the trees stood still as the wind ceased to exist. All but one light had been turned off, as the owners of the houses turned in for the night. The house with the light, which gleamed as bright as a star in the darkness, had been left on for a boy. He would be classed as an average boy, to anyone who couldn't do magic. He had jet Black hair that would never stay flat, and emerald green eyes that held too many stories; too many secrets. Of course, the strangest thing of all about the young boy was a scar on the top left side of his forehead, shaped like a lightning bolt.

Harry Potter, his name is, and he certainly isn't an average human. Those green eyes had seen horrific things. With his scar, like many, telling a story. A more powerful one that no words would ever be able to tell. For his age, sixteen years and one month to be exact, he was startling thin. Harry's guardians, if they could even be called that, didn't feed him as well as they could've, as the boys cousin Dudley got most of the food. Harry lived with his Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and said cousin. They were the only blood family he had left, as his parents were killed when he was a baby. He did have two other family members though, two godfathers. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Harry would live with them at seventeen, when he no longer had the trace on him.

The trace Detects magical activity around underage witches and wizards. It alerts the Improper Use of Magic Office within the Ministry Of Magic to the spell what was used and to the location of the caster and the time. Harry himself had gotten into trouble with it. So, if you hadn't of guessed, Harry Potter is a wizard. One with a great responsibility. At the current time, however, said responsibility had been forgotten. Sleeping peacefully, Harry didn't have to worry about a thing.

Seven hours later, the green eyed boy awoke from his dreamless slumber. As he blinked, the cloudiness left his eyes and he slowly sat up. He grabbed his glasses off the table and looked around his room. It wasn't big, but it's not small either. The walls were a pale blue colour, with a set of brown oak draws next to his bed. The wardrobe was next to the door, and there was a Gryffindor Quidditch banner on the wall. It wasn't much, but it was better than the cupboard under the stairs. With slight reluctance, Harry made his way downstairs. His uncle and cousin were watching the news, whilst his aunt was making something that resembled dinner. Harry had gone for a nap, mainly because he had a raging headache. Upon his entrance, however, Petunia shoved the spatula at Harry, motioned to the pan and told him to "get on with it". With a sigh, he got to work.

Around half an hour later, a loud knock on the door was heard and once opened, a large man with a huge beard appeared. He was around 8 foot tall and three times the size of an average man, with a long brown cloak on and a thick belt around his middle.

"Hagrid!" Harry exclaimed, attacking him with a hug.

His aunt, uncle and cousin had promptly left the house, pushing past the larger man and piling into the car, before screeching out of the drive way and down the road, leaving their half eaten dinners' behind them. With a silent chuckle, Harry excused himself and ran upstairs to collect his trunk. He needed it for his trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he studied as he would be going there this September. Before that though, he would be going to Grimmauld Place where he would meet the Weasleys and his godfathers. Hagrid would take him there, before heading back to Hogwarts where he continued his role of gamekeeper.

Once he collected the trunk, he ran back down the stairs to find Hagrid staring at the pictures on the wall, wonder evident on his features. Unlike wizard photographs, non-wizard (Muggle) pictures don't move. Before he could tell Hagrid this, though, the large man turned around and yet out a yelp of surprise.

"Blimey 'Arry! Gave me a fright," The overly large wizard stated, putting his hand on his chest for emphasis.

"Sorry, Hagrid, are we ready to go?"

Nodding his head, he made for the door, nearly hitting his head on the way out. Harry silently followed him, before placing himself in the side cart of Hagrids motorbike. He place Hedwig, his snowy white owl, in front of him, making the small area even smaller. The owner climbed onto the actual motorbike itself, before turning to see if Harry was ready. With a small nod, they set off into the night.

They flew over London, which is a breath taking sight at night, with Big Ben and the London Eye lit up, along with the street lamps and the headlights of cars. Muggle's were walking in the streets below, and the Thames River glistened under the Full Moon. Hagrid made a sharp turn and crossed the river, before pressing a button that caused fire to come from the exhaust and the speed they were going at to triple. Harry gripped the window in front of him as hard as he could, and he screwed his eyes shut as the pressure built up. The flame only lasted a few minutes before it ran out of power and it went back to normal speed. However, by this time, they had reached their destination. Harry climbed out of the side car and ran towards the house, which had recently become visible. Knocking on the door, he shifted on the balls of his feet nervously. He hadn't seen the Weasleys and his godfathers for more than 4 months, so he was anxious to find out if anything had changed.

His thoughts were interrupted though, when a tall woman with red hair opened the door. She had a slightly large waist, and her clothes were rather ragged. She had a bright smile on her face, though, which immediately made Harry feel welcome and forget about his worries. He was soon scooped up into a hug, and he could hear Hagrid chuckle behind him. Gently prying himself away from Mrs Weasley, he headed into the house and into the kitchen. He spotted Sirius at the high end of the table, with the Weasley twins next to him. Next to them was Ron, his best friend, and opposite her brother was Ginny. Sirius looked up to the door and saw Harry standing there, and he plastered on the biggest smile he could manage.

"Harry, my boy! How have you been?" The older man asked, bringing Harry into a hug rather like the one Mrs Weasley had given him.

"I've been great, Sirius, where's Remus?"

Sirius' features lost their brightness and his smile fell. He nodded towards the window and Harry saw the full moon, momentarily scolding himself for forgetting. By the look on everyone's faces, something seemed to be different today.

"Remus hasn't had his Wolfsbane potion, Harry. He's in for a rough night," his godfather told him, obviously seeing the confusion on the young boys face.

Wolfsbane potion allowed the werewolf drinking it to stay sane during his transformations. Remus had used it whilst he was a professor at Hogwarts. This would allow him to curl up into his study and sleep, instead of ripping his body apart. Sirius looked towards the door Harry had entered through, sadness and guilt evident on his face. He would normally turn into Padfoot and keep Remus, whose animagus name is Moony, in check during his transformations. However, today he had to stay with Harry because the students of Hogwarts had a surprise waiting for them, and it was his job to tell them.

"Harry, come sit down a second. I need to talk to you and the others," Sirius trailed off, nervously twirling his thumbs.

Dumbstruck, Harry sat down next to Ginny, who winked at him. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, he turned towards his Godfather who was sitting at the high point of the table again.

"Okay, when you go back to Hogwarts this year, things are going to be a little... Different," he sighed. "Upon your arrival, after the first years have been sorted, you shall be called up to the Sorting Hat once again, to be re-sorted."

Gasps of shock came from everyone around the table, including the adults who seemed to only just be finding out along with the children. Ron looked like he was about to cry, and Fred and George looked furious. Ginny just looked pale.

"But Sirius, surely that can't be right? I mean, once a Gryffindor, always a Gryffindor." Harry said, earning nods of agreement from the other people at the table.

"I know Harry, but Dumbledore himself has said that this must occur. I don't doubt for a second that any of you will be changed into a different house, though. I mean, I can't imagine any of you in Slytherin or Hufflepuff." The older man chuckled.

This, Harry could agree with. Hermione, however, he couldn't help but shake the horrible feeling that she would be sorted into Ravenclaw, as no one in Gryffindor could match her intelligence and she had always felt rather left out. The only other person in the year as smart as her, Draco Malfoy was in Slytherin and the bushy haired girl just doesn't belong there. He and Ron would stay in Gryffindor; he couldn't help but remember pulling the sword out of the Sorting Hat, therefore meaning he was a true Gryffindor, as the sword otherwise wouldn't present itself. He was excused from the table, well aware of the eyes that followed his every footstep, and made his way up to his bedroom, which was next to Sirius'. Nothing had changed in there much, it was a lot bigger than his bedroom back at the Dursleys, and it was a greyish colour rather than blue. A huge four poster bed stood in the middle of the room, with a black rug to its left. A chest of draws lay in front of the bed, and there were posters of Harry's favourite bands, movie stars and wizards/witches. The wardrobe was on the opposite side of the room. The raven haired boy let out a sigh and allowed a smile to appear on his face.

It was good to be home.

Downstairs, Sirius was talking to the others about the revelation. George and Ginny looked rather angry, Fred looked sick and Ron looked pale. It was true what the heir to the house of Black said, it was highly unlikely that any of the Weasley's and Harry would change house. Although, he did think of one person in Slytherin who may be placed somewhere else.

"Hey, here's a thought, imagine Malfoy being put in Hufflepuff."

One of the twins spoke, obviously trying to get rid of the tension. It worked, and the comment was greeted with a laugh from everyone.

"Or even worse, Gryffindor."

This time Ginny spoke, and the table fell silent again. The very thought of the platinum blonde boy being placed into their house seemed to make everyone's skin crawl. Sirius decided it would be best to keep his thoughts to himself. A loud howl sounded and everyone once again jumped, the clock had struck Midnight and the transformation into Moony had begun for Remus. When everyone awoke the next morning, the werewolf would look the worst they've ever seen him. Sirius could only hope he made it through the night without doing serious damage.

Back upstairs, Harry had begun to fall into a sleep plagued by nightmares. They had been getting more frequent in these past few weeks and incredibly more painful. They varied in what happened, sometimes he was the person in the dreams and other times not. This one, though, seemed to be both.

He was in a dark room that only had one window. The darkness, however, told Harry that it was late at night for the only bright light in the sky was from the moon. A blonde haired man entered the room, shaking with fear. His long hair and Green robes told Harry that this was in-fact Lucius Malfoy, Voldemort's right hand man. He came over to where he was standing and bowed slightly which told the black haired boy that he was in fact the Dark Lord in this nightmare.

"You called, m-my Lord?" The younger man stuttered, avoiding the others eyes.

"I have been informed, Lucius, that young Draco is yet to perform a correct Cruciatus curse, is this correct?" The wizard hissed, his voice cutting like a dagger.

Lucius seemed unsure of what to say and hesitated, which was an obvious mistake. The Dark Lord muttered said curse and the elder Malfoy was thrown to the floor, twisting and crying out in agony. Voldemort didn't stop there, though, and carried on for another few minutes. When he finally lifted the curse, Lucius took his time before stumbling back to his feet and nodding, answering his master's question. Harry noticed that Malfoy had fear in his eyes, although it was not the same that was there at the beginning. The Dark Lord called for Draco, and he appeared almost immediately. He turned to look at his father and shock covered his features. He looked torn, as if he didn't know whether to go over to him or not.

"Draco, it appears you are in need of practice in a certain spell. Your father here needs to be punished for withholding information from me, and why not have you do it? You know the words, Draco. Do it, or face the consequences."

Malfoy Junior flinched at the cold voice and walked over to his father, legs shaking and breath ragged. He stood in front of him a held his wand at arm's length, staring into his father's Grey eyes. A silent apology was shared between them, and Draco muttered the curse. Nothing happened. He tried again and again, but there was no change. He turned to the Dark wizard and fear flashed in his eyes, the same as his fathers. Voldemort glared at the boy.

"Crucio," he murmured calmly and clearly, grinning slightly as Draco fell to the floor and screamed.

Lucius looked over at his son with a look of pure concern, which made Harry wonder if everything he thought about the older Malfoy was true. He quickly pushed that thought aside, though, and firmly reminded himself that he was a cold-hearted bastard. He was brought back to his nightmare though when Draco screamed again, his body twisting at odd angles. Voldemort lifted the spell, but it appeared he was not done yet. He raised his wand and muttered 'Exurere' and to Lucius' and Harry's horror, the blonde haired boy's body caught fire. He rolled around on the floor in agony, screaming out for his mother and father to help him. Lucius reached for him, yelling his name, but as soon as he touched his son his hand turned to burnt flesh. Draco, however, didn't have a mark on him as it appeared that the curse only made one feel like their body was on fire. The deformed wizard stopped the curse, turned around, and left. The last thing Harry saw before waking up was the body of Draco Malfoy, his body still jerking in pain.

Harry awoke with a sharp gasp. He cast a 'Tempus' charm and saw that the time was now 6:30am, and he was one hundred percent certain that no matter how hard he tried, he would not be getting any more sleep. He swung his legs over the side of his bed, grabbed his glasses and made his way downstairs. The whole house was eerily quiet, and Harry couldn't help but feel a little nervous. He made his way into the kitchen and saw the figure of his second god-father sitting at the head of the table.

"Remus.." Harry managed to mutter, before walking over to the older man and taking the cloth from his hands.

The werewolf was a horrific sight. He has multiple wounds across his body, where the wolf's claws had ripped his clothes apart. A huge, jagged cut ran across the whole of his face, starting at the top left of his forehead and ending at the bottom right of his neck. There were several, smaller cuts above and below it. His hair was matted with his own blood and his hands were shaking, trying to take the cloth back from Harry. He had bruises over his arms, legs, face and chest. The green eyed boy had to fight the urge to cry, for he had never seen someone as bad as this.

"Harry... Harry I'm fine... I can manage this; you should go back to bed. You shouldn't see me like this, I'm a mess..." Remus trailed off, trying once again to take the blood stained cloth away from Harry.

The boy continued to wipe away the blood from the wounds, before casting 'Mederi'. The wound began to slowly heal, leaving behind scars that would be stuck with him forever. The bruises stayed. Harry sighed and sat down, staring intently at his god-father. Remus seemed intent on avoiding his eyes, though. They both turned at the noise of footsteps coming down the stairs, and the figure of Sirius came into view. He gasped, in the same way that Harry had, before walking swiftly across the room to Remus. He looked at him for a full 10 seconds, before leaning down and hugging him as gently as he possibly could. The werewolf returned and sighed into his nightclothes, eyes falling shut. Harry couldn't help but wonder why Snape hadn't prepared any Wolfsbane potion for the brown haired man, and made a mental note to question someone about that matter in the near future. Sirius and Remus stopped hugging and Sirius sat in the chair next to Harry, a small sigh escaping partially open lips.

They had some explaining to do.

Severus Snape sat in the office of Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Albus had called him into his office regarding the matter of a certain pupil. He looked around his large, but cosy, room and the chair he was currently sat in. Red and Gold were the main colours in the room. Gryffindor until the end, Snape noted, unable to hide the slight sneer at the colour scheme. Dumbledore walked through his door and sat in the chair opposite the potions master, a grave frown on his face.

"Draco is to receive the Dark Mark." Dumbledore stated bluntly, which caused Snape to feel slighty taken aback.

"That is correct, within the next few weeks. Unless there are," he paused. "Complications." Snape drawled, momentarily observing their surroundings. His face held confusion at why the old wizard had said such a thing, but his thoughts were answered soon enough.

"I know what is intended to happen; Voldemort has given Draco the mission to kill me. Correct?" Snape nodded. "Good. I must say this makes things a lot easier than first thought. Now, do you know when this is set to happen?" Snape shook his head, determined not to say anything - although, he wasn't surprised Dumbledore had known about the Dark Lord's plans. He seemed to know everything, before anyone had the chance to reveal the hidden secrets.

Dumbledore sighed and reached over to his desk to collect a Lemon Drop. Draco would have to kill him and then live with it for the rest of his life, and as far as Albus was concerned, he would do anything to stop that from happening. He was also very much aware of the fact that Severus had made an Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mother. If the boy could not kill him, then Snape would. Dumbledore was not entirely bothered about dying; true, he didn't necessarily want to die, but he would not be afraid when the time came. He turned back to Severus and saw emotion coming through his usual cold mask, slowly allowing Dumbledore to assess how he truly felt. He sighed and looked into his former students eyes, black and so different from his own.

Sirius sighed as he looked at his godson, obviously curious. Harry would want answers, and Sirius did not think he needed to know. Looking at him, though, he was too brave and too... Gryffindor for his age. He felt slightly proud.

"Snape hasn't made my potion, as I'm sure you've guessed. We do not know why, and we have asked for him to explain. However, he seems intent on avoiding every member of the Order. Whether or not he will have the Wolfsbane for my next transformation is unknown, though I cannot ask you enough not to worry about it. It's really not as bad as it looks," Remus told him, his voice gentle and carrying several emotions. Pain, sadness, anger. Harry felt shocked but the last one; although he knew asking Lupin about it would prove useless. Sirius seemed to feel the same, for he looked at Remus and attempted to say something. He was shot down with a look that the werewolf barley used on anyone. The scarred man sighed and stood up, although his body protested violently and he was nearly sick, hands trembling from the pain that still raced through him. Sirius rushed to his side and held him up, ignoring Lupin's hands trying to get the other man off him, and helped him back up the stairs once giving a look at Harry that told him they'd talk later, before motioning for the young Wizard to get prepared for the day. Begrudgingly, Harry trudged up after them and entered his bedroom.

Lucius Malfoy never cried. He wouldn't let that emotion slip through the mask he had been building up for years on end. His heart was breaking but he'd never let that show, it would make him weak. If there was one thing Malfoy's were not, it was weak. He crawled over to his son and grabbed his hand, once again burning the flesh; but this time he didn't let it go. His body was twitching and the tear tracks than ran down his face washed away the ash and soot that had covered his usually porcelain features. He cast multiple healing spells and when Draco finally began to awake, he looked straight at his father, with eyes so familiar to his own.

"F-father... M'sorry, so sorry," He mumbled, and Lucius' mask was slipping. Control yourself, he scolded himself. He lifted his sons head into his lap and begun wiping his face with a cloth he had since required.

"Draco, you have nothing to be sorry for. It was I who stood by and done nothing, it is I who nearly got you killed..." The elder Malfoy mumbled, his eyes never leaving his sons.

"No, no I-I was weak... I deserved to be punished," The broken boy choked out, his lungs gasping for the air around him. Lucius lifted his son and rubbed his back, continuing to remove the dirt from the scarred individual in his arms. For a moment, Lucius couldn't help but feel hatred directed at his own self; Lucius had corrupted Draco to the point that the other boy honestly believed pain and punishment could be the only options as the consequence for failure, something Lucius himself had grown up to believe. But he'd wanted things to be different for Draco; so, so different.
"Draco, my boy, never think that. What he done to you, no one deserves it. If I'd have done something I fear I would make it worse for you, and for that I apologise."

Grey eyes met Grey and for the first time in six years, Draco hugged his father. Because right now he wasn't the broken one. The man he was hugging had lost everything, nearly having witnessed his son burn to death in front of him and was risking everything everyday for what he believed to be right. Although, unknown to Draco, his father hated what he done. He had believed it to be right, he believed that this was the winning side and therefore protect his family. He wanted to be on Potter's side, the side that wouldn't Crucio his son and proceed to burn him, or torture his wife for not taking a mark that meant nothing but slavery to a creature so dark Satan was turning in his grave. Lucius wrapped his arms around Draco and the first few tears fell from his eyes, falling onto the boy below him. They never stopped and he could faintly feel his son shaking beneath him. He pulled back from Draco's embrace and held his shoulders, looking at him.

"Everything will work out, Draco. I will make sure you and your mother are safe from harm, something that is long overdue." Lucius made his son look at him and wrapped his arms around Draco once more.

It really didn't matter that they would have to face everything all over again soon. Or that they would most likely be punished for taking so long. His mother was probably worried sick about them and they had to get back.

But that was irrelevant.

Because in the middle of that cold room, two broken men; father and son, had each other.

Once Harry was in his bedroom, he flopped on the bed. He didn't stay there long, though, as he had to go and get ready for the day ahead. He opened his wardrobe and picked out a dark green shirt with faded blue jeans. How Slytherin, he thought. Never the less, he showered and got dressed. Once again he made his way downstairs, where Ron and Ginny were sat at the table; eating breakfast. Harry walked over to them and sat next to Ginny, who smiled warmly at him. Smiling back, he turned his attention to his best friend. He was staring at him, and Potter could only guess that it was his clothes. He asked anyway, though.

"Uh... Ron? Is there something wrong?"

"Green. You're wearing a Slytherin colour, you know?" The Ginger boy stated the obvious, looking at Harry's clothes with a look of disgust. Harry sighed and shook his head; does that mean my eyes are a Slytherin colour, too? He mentally snarled. Ginny looked him up and down and he shifted in his seat.

"I think Harry looks handsome in Green, matches his eyes after all."

Ginny Weasley was known for her crush on the Boy-Who-Lived. She had developed this when she first saw him at Kings Cross Station when Harry first started. Ever since then, she has been trying to get his attention in any way possible. Whether it be complementing him, brushing his hand or arm or simple winking at him. Harry thought she was beautiful, but did he like her in that way? He didn't know. He smiled at her in a way of thanks, and she went back to eating her food.

Narcissa Malfoy sat in the bedroom she shared with her husband; staring out of the window. Outside the house she could see Severus Snape pass the barrier into the Malfoy land. She sighed; remembering the previous night's events.

To say she was worried would be an understatement. Her son Draco and husband Lucius had been summoned by the Dark Lord, and they had both left one hour ago. She had heard nothing but screams since, and she could not convince herself that they didn't belong to one of them. She began pacing back and forth, when the door to her room opened. She suppressed a scream at the sight of her son, and quickly went over to help him.

"Oh my... Draco," she breathed softly, taking in the look of pain on Draco's face. She summoned two chairs and placed them on both sides of Lucius' and her bed. Gently placing his son on the bed, Lucius gracefully threw himself into one of the offered chairs. Narcissa followed suit, grabbing one of Draco's hands. She quickly released it with a yelp of pain, a questionabble look masking her features. Looking to her husband, he told her everything that had happened.

She hadn't slept at all, whereas her husband and son were still knocked out on the other side of the room. She sighed and walked out of her door and down the stairs. Standing in the entrance of Malfoy Manor stood Severus, looking as nervous as he felt. He quickly rushed to the younger woman, demanding to know where his godson was.

"Is he okay? Where is he, is he badly hurt?" He trailed off, trying to look past the blonde woman.

"Severus, calm down. He's in Lucius' room."

They walked along the cold hallways and up the grey stairs, before finally reaching the bedroom. When they entered, Lucius and Draco were awake, talking quietly. Severus walked over to Draco and gave him a small pat on the back, trying to be as gentle as possible. Draco sighed and leaned into his godfather's hand, glad to feel the warmth - regardless of it being on such a small area. Severus barley ever showed this side of him, as it was reserved for family and close friends only, and once upon a time Lily. A small gesture such as the pat Draco had received wouldn't seem like much to the average person, but for Snape it said so much about his attitude. Snape pulled away and looked at the youngest of the four in the room. He checked his body for any sign of injury, and found nothing. He turned to Lucius for an explanation.

"He used the Cruciatus Curse, then another spell I haven't heard of. He flicked his wand to the left, before firing straight at Draco. The spell was something known as Exurere."

Snape paled. This was ancient, dark magic. It was a spell that was only rumoured to exist, as there were no records of it. There were no known side effects, although the pain frequently made people go insane. It was said to be ten times worse than the torture curse, itself.

"Exurere means to burn," the black haired man started. "It has never been used before, and there is no record of the spell ever being created. It is rumoured to have been created by Salazar Slytherin himself, and the spell's first victim being Godric Gryffindor. It may have been the reason for the house division, as blood status seems something pathetic for four founders to fall out over."

The room fell silent and the Malfoy's all moved closer together. If the Dark Lord has really managed to use this spell, Severus thought, we are all in grave danger.

Albus Dumbledore, for the first time in his long life, felt worried. He had always been in control, for example at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, when he had duelled Voldemort in order to keep Harry and the rest of the Wizarding World safe. Although it didn't go to plan, the Ministry for Magic finally accepted that the Dark Lord had returned. Shuddering, Dumbledore remember how to scene unfolded.

The members of the Order the Phoenix, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Alastor Moody, Sirius Black and Kingsley Shacklebolt, appeared in flashes of white light which attacked the Death Eaters black. Dumbledore could see Tonks duelling Bellatrix on the rows of seats, minutes before she had sent a stunning curse at Lucius Malfoy, allowing Harry to escape. Remus Lupin was duelling an unknown follower of Voldemort, although the battle ended quickly when Lupin shot a curse at the masked man and he went flying into the Death Eater behind him, sending them both to the floor. He didn't stop though, as he found himself face to face with yet another masked face.

Turning around, Albus saw that Tonks had been defeated by Bellatrix and Shacklebolt had been defeated by Dolohov. Both advanced towards Sirius and Harry, who were battling Lucius. Alastor cast a shield charm around them both when Bellatrix aimed the Cruciatus Curse at Harry. Dumbledore felt it was time to step in.

Walking out from the shadows, he watched as Death Eaters moved out of his path and flee, determined not to duel the great wizard. He quickly pulled them back and cursed them, sending them flying into each other. He made his way to Malfoy and Sirius, but the battle stopped when Lord Voldemort appeared. Turning to take in the scene, the evil wizards' eyes stopped on Albus.

"It was foolish for you to come here tonight, Tom. The ministry have been alerted and the Order are on their way," his calm voice didn't betray the emotion that he felt, and he faced Riddle; wand raised.

"By which time, I will be gone, and you; will be dead," the Slytherin spoke just as calmly, his own arms rising. The smirk never left his face, even now.

The battle that followed was one of the most dramatic and frightening any of the people in the room had seen. Voldemort's curse had since turned into a fire dragon, aiming right for Dumbledore. Albus cast a spell, however, that turned it into water. Making a ball, he thrust it at Voldemort and watched as he struggled to breathe. A loud crash caused the other occupants to turn around, only to see that Remus had tackled Dolohov to the floor. It appeared he had been sneaking up on Harry, who hadn't been suspecting the oncoming attack.

"Get off me, you disgusting creature!" He growled, attempting to get Lupin off him. Remus, however, appeared to be out of control of his actions. He growled back, one that sounded scarily familiar to when he had changed. His teeth became sharper and he immediately became stronger, pinning Dolohov to the floor. Placing his hands around his neck, he began to push down until the other was red in the face. Sirius ran forward, grabbing his arms, pulling him away.

"Remus, Remus let him go! Moony!" He shouted, trying to get him to release the Death Eater. Sure, Black didn't care if Antonin died, but what he did care about was the fact that Remus would never forgive himself if he had killed someone in cold blood. He seemed to have an effect on the werewolf, because even though he wasn't nearly as strong as Lupin like this, his voice seemed to be recognised and he released him. Standing up, Dolohov aimed the Killing Curse at Remus, which was quickly blocked by none other than Harry Potter himself.

The battle was back in full blast with Lucius battling Tonks. Hermione, Neville and Luna were duelling Walden Macnair and Luna, Ron and Harry were duelling Bellatrix. Remus was back to duelling Dolohov. Voldemort threw a small object at Dumbledore and then, without warning, he disappeared. He could still see what was happening, but he knew to everyone else he was invisible and powerless to do anything. Sirius, Kingsley and Alastor had all begun duelling Voldemort, all three of them not strong enough to destroy or defeat him but enough to keep him busy. Remus had defeated Dolohov and joined the effort against the ringleader of the Death Eaters. Meanwhile, Tonks defeated Lucius and helped Luna and the others bring down Bellatrix.

After being like this for around ten minutes, Voldemort dissaparated. His followers followed suit, and the relief was evident on everyone's faces. Looking around, there were only three people who had come out of this unscathed. Harry, Dumbledore, and Lupin. Tonks had deep cuts on her face, Alastor seemed to have injured his arm and his metal eye was missing, Kingsley had a broken leg and a shattered cheekbone and Sirius had a gash in his side, which was spilling blood; quickly.

He didn't know what happened next, though, for everyone dissaparated.

Ever since then, he hasn't heard from anyone but Sirius, to whom he told the news of the re-sorting Sixth Years would have. The Sorting Hat had announced it earlier to him, and he was shocked to say the least. However, this hat was created by the founders and it had to be done. He had in mind some people who would be moved, some would prove to be a good choice whilst the others would have a hard time. There would be new and old teachers this year, some would be pleased and others would be upset. It wasn't as though he wanted it to be like this, though.

Harry had finished his food and went outside to get some air. He loved his family, he really did - sometimes it just got too much, though. He couldn't wait to return to Hogwarts, regardless of the re-sorting waiting for him. It would be nice to be around familiar, yet different, people. The school was such an amazing place to be, and nothing could hurt him there. Sure, Grimmauld Place had more protection charms than he cared to count, but Hogwarts was just different. Everything was. His mind went back to his dream last night, as for the whole day the image of Malfoy screaming and crying had been stuck in his head since the minute he woke up. He couldn't help but wonder if he was ok, because even though he hated the bloke what he went through was disgusting and Harry was worried. What if he didn't make it? What happens next if he did? He had so many questions that couldn't be answered. He would have to wait until September, when he would return to school. He turned around and heard a shuffling noise behind him.

"Harry?" The voice of his godfather, Remus, called out. He seemed to have trouble walking and Harry rushed over to help.

"Come on, don't worry about me, we need to get your things from Diagon."

Harry gaped at the older man, trying to see if he was serious. By the look on his face he was. Harry tried to argue with him and say that he wasn't fit to leave the house, but Lupin was having none of it. Harry sighed, knowing he wouldn't win - he never did with Remus, it would seem. He was rather convincing when he needed to be, and most people seemed to follow his every order the Werewolf gave them. He had that power over people, apparently. Giving in, he followed Remus to the floo network. Lifting the green powder, he stated as clearly as he could:

"Diagon Alley."