Chapter six: The secret date

(An hour later)

Raven walked into the common room wearing a pair of blue jeans and a purple tank top. It revealed a small amount of cleavage much to her distaste but it was the only shirt that Starfire possessed that didn't reveal any bit of her stomach and the only shirt that was closest to not revealing her chest. She at least hoped her outfit would be enough to make Beast boy forget about that bitch without making she look too much like a slut.

"Starfire needs a new choice of wardrobe." Raven said to herself as she walked toward the kitchen table. Looking around she noticed that Beast boy hadn't returned from his room, in fact no body was in the common room at the moment. She took a quick glance at the clock and it showed that it was noon.

"He should be here by now. What is taking him so long?" Raven said with a frown. A few seconds later she got her answer. Beast boy was thrown into the room by two pairs of arms. Jumping slightly Raven turned and saw him on the floor in a white and red t-shirt and brown cargo shorts. Arching an eyebrow Raven turned toward the common room door and saw both Cyborg and Robin smiling at her.

"Have fun today you two." Cyborg said before he and Robin disappeared. Raven slowly shook her head disapprovingly before she helped her secret date up.

"You okay Gar? That looked like it hurt." She said. Beast boy rubbed his elbow as he glared at the door.

"Yeah I'm fine; the guys were just being jerks." He said before he looked at her outfit. "Wow, you look good Raven." Raven blushed at his compliment.

"Thank you Gar, you don't look bad yourself." She said. An awkward silence soon filled the room and Raven felt slightly uncomfortable. Deciding the silence was too long Raven had to speak up.

"So…why did they have to throw you in here?" Raven asked. Beast boy nervously rubbed his neck.

"Well funny story you see. They came into my room several minutes ago looking for me. Apparently I fell asleep on my bed when they came in so they woke me up. They yelled at me for no reason saying I was being inconsiderate and that I wasn't ready for our outing. I said that it's no big deal and that I would just wear whatever I found first. Now that made them even madder and they threw this outfit at me telling me that I should wear this and that I shouldn't screw this up. Now that last part didn't make any sense to me because I have no idea what they were talking about." Beast boy explained. Raven frowned at his explanation.

"It's nothing Gar, they're just being annoying." Raven said before she started walking toward the elevator. "Ready to go?" Raven asked.

Beast boy nodded his head and walked toward the elevator, joining the empath on their descent to the first floor.

The elevator ride was quiet but not awkward and Raven had the slightest hint of a smile on her face as she stole a couple glances toward the changeling.

Finally breaking the silence Beast boy turned to look at her. "So Rae, where are we going exactly?"

"It's Raven and nowhere special, just a small café by the south end." She said when the elevator chimed, telling them that they reached the first floor. Stepping out of the elevator the two heroes walked toward the door.

"Awesome, Mikala works at a café on the south end! We should totally go visit her. She would love it." Beast boy announced when they reached the outside."

Raven cringed at the name and the idea. She didn't want to spend her date with HER Beast boy at a store his bitch of a girlfriend worked at.

"Gar maybe we shouldn't. She could be very busy and she might not want the distractions." She said trying to convince him. Unfortunately it wasn't going to work.

"No, I'm sure she'll love to see us." Beast boy said stubbornly. "Come on Rae, this would be a perfect opportunity for you to get to know her." Raven rolled her eyes and inside she was fuming.

'Damn it, he still hasn't forgotten about that bitch.' A voice said in her head.

"Gar this wasn't what I had in mind…" Raven said with a frown before Beast boy cut her off.

"Please Raven. I really want you guys to like her and since you're my best female friend I think you should be the first one to be friends with her. Please Raven?" He begged.

Still fuming inside Raven gave in. "Fine we'll go visit her, but only for ten minutes. After that you're mine." She said through her teeth. Beast boy was jumping up and down in joy thus making him not understand the scowling girl's double meaning to 'You're Mine'.

"Thanks Raven, you're the best. Oh Mikala is going to be so surprised when she sees us." Beast boy said before he morphed into a bird and flew toward the city.

"This is not how I planned this day to turn out." Raven said with frown before she flew after the changeling.

(Twenty minutes later in the south end of Jump City)

Raven and Beast boy finally landed on solid ground in front of a small store front café and when Raven saw the place her mouth fell wide open.

'You got to be kidding me. She works here? There are hundreds of café's in this city and she has to work at the one I chose for today.' Raven thought as she followed Beast boy to the store.

Beast boy reached the café first and didn't bother sitting down just yet, he needed to find his girlfriend. He found her almost instantly. She was by the cash register helping a customer.

"Mikala!" He shouted as he walked toward the counter. The brunette looked in his direction and a smile instantly came to her face.

"GAR! What are you doing here?" she said as she stepped out from the counter and nearly ran toward the changeling.

Raven slowly walked toward the couple and she had to fight the urge to punch the brunette when she saw her embrace HER changeling with an affectionate hug.

Beast boy broke the contact and looked at the girl. "I wanted to surprise you. Raven and I have the day off so we wanted to get something to eat and I suggested that we come here and see you." After hearing the name, Mikala looked toward the empath and was surprised to see the girl in normal clothing.

'What is going on here?' The brunette thought to herself. She lived in the city long enough to know that the city's mysterious empath never went out into the city with another Titan unless it was as a group or a mission. She usually went into the city alone and was only seen in libraries and small café's. Something wasn't right and she knew it.

She looked at the empath again, her clothing was indeed surprising. The outfit hugged Raven's figure nicely and the purple tank top showed too much cleavage for her taste when she was near her boyfriend.

The next thing she noticed was the facial expression on the girl. She was obviously trying her hardest not to glare at her and Garfield. The emotions Mikala saw in her eyes was rage, hurt, and jealousy?

Was Raven jealous of her? Mikala thought back to the first time she met the empath, which was just yesterday. It wasn't very pleasant. Raven refused to shake her hand and the entire time Mikala was there Raven was glaring at her. She even noticed Raven glaring daggers at her when she was walking to the bathroom. She was definitely jealous but why?

"Gar let's find a table." Raven said, cutting into Mikala's thoughts. Mikala could have sworn she saw the empath's eyes flash red toward her before she grabbed Beast boy's hand and pulled him away from her.

Mikala stood there stunned for a brief second shocked due her deep thoughts and the subtle threat from the super powered woman. She watched her boyfriend happily oblige to the girl and follow her to a two person table in the corner; 'the couple table' the café had called it.

She stood there for another couple seconds watching the two heroes sit at the table. She felt a turning in her stomach when she saw Raven reach her hand out and hold Beast boy's. She couldn't hear what they were saying but it looked as if it was almost intimate like Raven was Garfield's girlfriend and she wasn't.

And that was when Mikala pieced everything together.

Raven had a thing for Garfield.

After much thought and frustration over the original content of this chapter i have decided to shorten the chapter to this length. some of you might have seen the original chapter i put up a week ago and this is just a shortened version of that. i didn't like how i ended it. Now comes the part that might upset some of you. I've decided not to update this story until after i finish my first story and a oneshot request from one of my followers. i apologize and please do not lose faith. i will update once i'm done. enjoy