Chapter 13: Afterword

The rest of the story of Lord Pretanoi and the Noble Council is well documented, but in this new age it is imperative that future generations understand how we have come to this time upon this planet. I will admit that undertook this endeavor with multiple goals; to shed new light on the actual person of Harry Potter and to disprove the teachings of the Lightning Cult. As this document is the basis for the history course The Rise of House Pretanoi at Granger College at Hogsmeade some background on the societal impacts must be summarized.

The Muggle Relocation

During the reign of Lord Pretanoi events moved swiftly in the Muggle world, seemingly unconnected to House Pretanoi and the magical world, but through hindsight we can see that the two worlds were intertwined. The rise of Lord Pretanoi ushered in a magical renaissance, both culturally and in terms of population. Due to Pax Pretanoi wizarding population growth exploded worldwide, with the percentage of magical beings increasing over time until approximately half of the previous, pre-Pax Pretanoi population figures could be classified as magical. This, in conjunction with the inexorable warming of the planet and the increased Muggle reliance on rapidly dwindling fossil fuel sources left the remaining Muggle population in dire straits. The technology of the Muggles was soon advanced enough that the idea of relocation to another, newer planet filled with alternative fuel sources, was a viable solution.

The Muggle Exodus of 2214 to Galileade 243, unimaginatively termed Earth 2, proceeded in the typical Muggle fashion, with squabbling, small wars and disagreements regarding which country should leave first to their new home. Wizard-kind watched from the shadows, as always, and did not interfere. There were some wizards who chose to leave, mostly those from Muggle families, but the percentage of the magical population that left to inhabit Earth 2 is estimated at less than one percent. In addition, the numbers of the magical population were minimal as to not inhibit the delicate technology required to send humanity literally across the universe.

The result of the Exodus left Earth a wholly magical planet. Society was free to emerge from the shadows, to break the law of secrecy and advance unfettered from the restrictions previously placed on all magical beings. As before House Pretanoi led the way, assisting in the creation of magical states, expanding in areas, until finally through marriages and alliances House Pretanoi's dominion encircled the globe.

Pax Pretanoi was not perfect, however; certain states still maintained their independence and belligerance, and the Wizarding War of 2282 wrought terrible changes, specifically the destruction of the country of Bulgaria. (For further reference see Remains of Bulgaria, Ashnox Weasley, 2301, NikNik Press.) Witches, wizards and other magical folk cannot escape what eons of discord have sown, even though we try to listen to the better angels of our nature. To this day there are still disagreements between countries, factions and religions, but in comparison to the age of Muggles when nuclear weapons could annihilate the planet with the push of a button Magical Earth is better positioned to flourish.


In the lifetime of Harry Potter he was seen by the wizarding world as many things; a victim of fate, a survivor, a warrior, an educator, a ruler, a family man, but in all things he was and will always will be one thing. A man. In the time of Lord Pretanoi XIV a book was published entitled Our Lord Potter. This anonymous book asserted that Harry Potter was not only a man but was divine. The erroneous tome posited that the reason that Harry Potter survived Voldemort's killing curse was not due to any magics or his mother's love but that he was a living god. Commonly known events such as the defeat of the basilisk in Hogwarts' Chamber of Secrets was described in terms of a miracle; other events were listed as miracles as well. Harry Potter's eventual death was depicted as a judgement upon the magical world, that the living were not worthy of his presence anymore.

The Lightning Cult, as it became known, was initially a secret organization that met at undisclosed locations but their presence was seen in the world by the red lightning bolt that they etched upon buildings, statues and eventually upon their foreheads. The first Church of Lightning was erected at the site of Harry Potter's first 'miracle' location, the town that saw the death of his parents by the hand of Voldemort. Other churches sprang up worldwide, and even the public disavowment of House Pretanoi could not restrict their popularity. One of Harry Potter's edicts as High Emperor Pretanoi was to legalize all forms of religion, initially a benevolent law that helped cease wars in the former Muggle countries. Pax Pretanoi extended worldwide, ceasing ancient disagreements, the peace agreements in the Middle East one of the most famous. But a unintended consequence, that Harry Potter could not have forseen, was that his laws allowed the formation of The Lightning Cult.

This document has hopefully proven, through sources previously unavailable, that Harry James Potter, as great and beneficent of a ruler that the world has ever seen, was above all things a man. A man who dealt with great personal loss, a man who endured things that no man should ever have to endure, but in all things he was simply a man.


Pensieve Recording 1 November, 2013. Potter Manor, Lord Pretanoi's private study, 1:05 pm.

Lady Hermione walked into Harry's study and shook her head. There, lying on the sofa, with his legs dangling over the arm, was the leader of most of the magical world but to her he looked as he had back at Hogwarts. She knew that expression and was almost afraid of what his answers would be.

"Harry?" She sat down next to him somewhat awkwardly as the pregnancy was beginning to affect her differently than before. "What's wrong?" She softly moved his hair out away from his face. "You can tell me. I've seen that look before, usually when you went off on your broom at school or used your invisibility cloak."

"I'm bored." His voice was listless.

"Bored?" Hermione gave him a pointed look. "How on earth can you be bored?"

He shrugged. "You know those Muggle fairy tales you tell the kids, how they always end, right? 'Happily ever after.' Well, I am happy with you and the kids, but...nobody ever tells you what to do after you win. And I've really won. No Riddle, Death Eaters, Malfoy blew up, goblins love me, I'm Lord Pretanoi and it's all very...I don't know what to do. What do I do now? I've tried some things..."

Hermione pursed her lips. "Yes, I know you have. Luna is getting a press conference ready to explain why you were seen at a football game at Stoke-on-Trent."

"Oh. That." He sat up and looked as if he'd been given a detention. "Uh, well, you know how you get Muggle newspapers delivered? I was reading the football section and I saw something that made me laugh. There's a team and they're called, get this, the Potters."


"Uh-huh. So I went over and watched a match. Not Quidditch, that's for sure, but what is? And I've just told you how bored I am so I talked to the goblins at Gringotts and...I bought the team. Had to, really, I mean, they're the Potters."

"You bought a football team." She shook her head. "Honestly, Harry."

"What else am I going to do? It's all questing after goals, but nobody gives you a book that says 'Congratulations, You've Won: Here's What To Do Now.' Unless you know of that book I'm basically useless now."

"Maybe you need a hobby. Have you considered painting? Apparently it is very relaxing."

"Come on, 'Mione, could you see me doing that?" He shrugged. "I have a hobby and I'm bored with that now."

"So after you spent all that money on all those old autos you're done with them? How many did you buy, one hundred? Two hundred?"

"I dunno." He shrugged again and scowled. "Sirius is the only one who drives them anymore. Well, him and Tonks. They had a race the other day. Good thing Kreekle had permanent preservation runes etched into the frames or else that Ferrari would be totaled. Tonks is rubbish at driving."

"Maybe there's another diplomatic mission you could..."

"Oh come on, I mean, if I have to attend one more giant wedding I'll off myself. Not really, but you know what I mean. Besides, after those giantesses get pissed they get a bit amorous, and..." He shivered. "Nobody needs to see that. Trust me." He was quiet for a few moments. "Now, I know this will sound like I've gone around the twist, but bear with me. I almost wish it was back at the start. Not everything, I don't want to go through the whole Voldemort thing again, but back before I was Lord Pretanoi. I may have been The Boy Who Lived but it was easier than this sometimes. Not that it isn't great, I mean, this place is amazing, and then there's you." He put his hand on her stomach. "That's better than I ever could have imagined. "But it's not like you, I mean, you've got a library full of every book you could ever want, you're researching spells and stuff, and then there's the kids...I feel kind of useless these days."

"You're not useless, Harry. Who would read to the children at night? Who would be there to teach them about things? I'm not doing that myself."

"There's tons of people to teach them, but don't worry, I'm not skiving off on that. I just don't know what to do with myself anymore."

"Maybe you should do what the Muggle royals do. You know, just show up at ceremonial things and the like." Hermione put a hand on his face. "I'm sure you'll think of something."


Harry Hunting took on a new excitement for the wizarding populace, as they devoured Muggle media publications looking for Harry. Sometimes they would find him standing in the crowd at Muggle football games, sometimes out on the street in the background of photos in Muggle adverts and in one of the more popular findings, judging the best jam at a local church fete. The practice continued for the rest of Lord Pretanoi's life, as he found that while the obstacles in his path in his youth seemed insurmountable at times, the unending days were best relieved by simply fading out of the wizarding public eye. This, of course, led to an even more fevered obsession for the wizarding population. Any and all things Lord Pretanoi were cataloged and devoured by a hungry public. Songs were written, book after book was written and anything even remotely connected to the Royal House of Pretanoi sold out almost immediately.

In his later life Lord Pretanoi made public appearances at the high holidays such as Christmas, Easter, the anniversary of Voldemort's defeat and the anniversary of his wedding to Lady Hermione, but barring those occasions he only appeared at the weddings of his children and godchildren.

Eventually, though, age and time catches up with every living thing, and at the appointed time Harry James Potter passed from this earth, leaving behind an incredible legacy. As he said in his last recorded interview, with Hogwarts History Professor Wrex, "Not bad for a scrawny little git in secondhand clothing and ill-fitting glasses who lived in a cupboard."

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