Blood. So much blood. Mine. Mine and Clove's. Not right. It's all backwards. We shouldn't be bleeding. We shouldn't be dying. It's the other way around. We're the killers. Not them. I'm supposed to win. I have to win. But we're dying.

My eyes fly open and take a moment to calm myself. I'm in my room in the Capital, the Games haven't started. I'm not dying, Clove either. Clove. I've known her forever. We were training partners, friends, and now we're going into the arena together. We know each other better than anyone else in the world, but now, given the circumstances, I'm going to have to kill her.

I pause, and when I do I hear something, through the wall to Clove's room. Quiet, but not quiet enough. Fast, ragged breathing, like someone hyperventilating right before they're about to cry.

Slowly, almost robot-like, I stand up. I'm at her door before I fully realize where I'm going, what I'm doing.

I turn the handle on the door to her room and push it open. I peak inside, and I hear the sound louder. There's a body thrashing wildly on the bed that must be Clove. I walk over to her, slowly, carefully. "Clove?"

She doesn't respond, and when I get close enough, I realize she's still asleep. "No," she gasps quietly, "No!" Louder. "No, no no no!" She's getting louder and faster, her breathing increasing until the air goes in and out at about five hundred breaths a minute.

Her forehead is covered in a sheen of sweat and she looks like she's about to cry. I almost dismiss the thought, thinking 'Clove doesn't cry,' but before tonight, neither of us had nightmares either.

"Clove," I sit down next to her and shake her shoulder, "Clove, wake up."

I can see her almost coming back to reality, still thrashing against whatever's in her dream, but becoming aware of the real world around her.

"Clove?" I say again, shaking her. What happens next almost goes to fast for me to comprehend. One second I'm sitting on the side of her bed, trying to wake her, the next, she's sitting bolt upright next to me with a knife in my face.

I jerk back to avoid the blade, almost falling off the bed, and when she see's who it is, she smiles sheepishly and drops her weapon. "What're you doing here?" she asks me.

"I heard you from my room," I say, "Wanted to make sure you were alright." I regret the words as soon as they leave my lips. The effect they have on her is instantaneous.

She glares at me, the hint of a smile completely gone from her face, "Of course I'm okay," she spits, "Why wouldn't I be?"

"I had a nightmare too." I say it before I even realize what it means to admit, but her cold expression softens just a little bit.

"Really?" she asks skeptically, and I nod, staring at the ground.

She smiles a little, and then losses the facade completely. "What if I die, Cato?" she asks me, "I don't want to die."

It's a horrible fear, especially to tell me, because we both know that at least one of us has to die. But seeing her so small and breakable looking just makes it so much harder to say. So much harder than when she's dressed up for training with knives in her hands and a smirk on her face. So even though we both know it's a lie, and that in a few days, the Gamemakers will make our lives a living hell, I just try for a smile and say, "You won't Clove. It was just a nightmare."

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